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Volunteer Training and Resources

Virtual Resources for Volunteers and Parents/Caregivers

There’s a lot to explore in Girl Scouts and we’re here to help navigate it all! If you are a Girl Scout volunteer or parent/guardian, and you need further support with the Girl Scout program or troop planning, there are specialists available to help you!


Please submit the Training and Resources Help Request Form, and one of our Volunteer Training and Resource Managers will get back to you within 48 hours.

Below you will find all of the courses you need to complete your Basic Leadership training, along with some optional online courses and tips that will help get your Troop started and create the most exciting leadership experience for our girls.

Required New Leader Trainings

A Customer Care Manager will contact new leaders to explain the checklist below and track the completion of the new leader process.

New Troop Leader Start-Up Checklist:

If you are a new leader, the required steps below must be completed by ALL troop leaders, prior to submitting the help request form.

  1. Registration and Background check
  2. New Leader Orientation*
  3. Part 1: What You Need Before Your Troop Meetings Training*
  4. Part 2: How to Run Your Troop Meetings Training*
  5. Completion Form    
  6. Volunteer Leader Agreement

*In total, the trainings should only take two hours to complete!

Step Details
  1. Registration and Background check

  2. New Leader Orientation (40 minutes)
    The New Leader Orientation gets new leaders acquainted with the initial steps of becoming a troop leader and becomes familiar with some of the handy resources that are available to them. Topics include Best Leader Practices, Girl Scout Traditions, Investiture Ceremony info, Girl Scout Program info, and Troop Meeting Preparation.

    View our New Leader Orientation

    Resources mentioned in the New Leader Orientation video:
    Girl Scout Terms Glossary
    Parent/Caregiver Info Sheet

  3. Part 1: What You Need Before Your Troop Meetings Training (35 minutes)
    Part 1: What You Need Before Your Troop Meetings training teaches leaders everything they need to feel prepared before running their first troop meeting. Topics include Best Leader Practices, Girl Scout Traditions, an Investiture Ceremony, the Girl Scout Program, and Troop Meeting Preparation.

    View our Part 1: What You Need Before Your Troop Meetings Training 

  4. Part 2: How to Run Your Troop Meetings Training (5 minutes)
    Part 2: How to Run Your Troop Meetings training teaches leaders how to organize their troop meetings in order for them to run smoothly. Leaders will learn how to structure their troop meetings, know where to go to watch a virtual troop meeting with a Nassau County troop, learn virtual meetings safety guidelines and preparation, and how to schedule a virtual meeting using Zoom software.

    View our Part 2: How to Run Your Troop Meetings Training

  5. Completion Form
    A GSNC Customer Care Manager will send all leaders a link to the completion form, which they are required to submit in order to get credit for completing the Orientation, Part 1, and Part 2 trainings.

  6. Leader Agreement
    A GSNC Customer Care Manager will send all leaders a link to the leader agreement, ensuring they understand the responsibilities of becoming a Girl Scout leader.
Additional Leader Trainings and Resources
GSUSA VTK How-to Videos

A four-part video series about the Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit for troop leaders.

Explore Tab Overview
Schedule Meeting Dates and Times
Customize Your Year Plan
Meeting Plan Overview

Leader Resources

Volunteer Essentials This resource reviews important topics related to safety, managing money, planning trips and working with girls of all ages. Use it as a reference anytime you need it.

GSNC Volunteer Policies 

GSNC Policies, Standards & Guidelines

Blue Book of Basic Documents The Blue Book of Basic Documents contains important information and source documents, including the Constitution of Girl Scouts of the United States of America, bylaws, policies, credentials criteria and standards for councils, our Congressional Charter, and more. Download (PDF) English | Español

Girl Scout University

Connecting Troop Activities to the Leadership Outcomes

Conflict Management There are many decisions to make when leading a Troop of Girl Scouts. Conflict may arise between Troop Leaders, parents and other volunteers due to misunderstanding, perception and emotions. Please take a moment to watch this GSUSA video about Conflict Management. The video contains some very useful tools and tips to use if faced with conflict.


How to Organize a Girl Scout Uniform*

Girl Scout badges, patches, awards, and other insignia should be presented, worn, and displayed only after Girl Scouts have completed the requirements outlined in official program materials.

Girl Scouts at each level have one required element (tunic, sash, or vest) to display official pins and awards when they participate in ceremonies or officially represent the Girl Scout Movement.

View the Visual Guide for Awards, Badges, Patches, and More.


*As suggested by Troop Leaders

The Virtual Girl Scout Environment

Now more than ever it’s important to be connected with your troop. We’ve created virtual resources to help you safely and successfully lead your troop and ensure they continue to have a positive Girl Scout Experience.

A Virtual Troop Meeting with Troop 3751
Learn about a virtual meeting structure, virtual troop activities, how to set up a virtual meeting in Zoom, virtual safety guidelines, and how to prepare for your virtual meeting.

Tips for Running a Virtual Girl Scout Meeting
Learn some best practice tips for you and the girls in this environment, what planning can look like and parent involvement in virtual meetings.

Tips for hosting a Virtual Bridging Ceremony
A Bridging Ceremony honors and celebrates a Girl Scout’s advancement to the next level. It should be a personalized and memorable event. Get tips for hosting a Virtual Bridging Ceremony, including bridging ceremony preparation, bridging ceremony structure, and activity ideas.

Short and Snappy Videos

Being a Girl Scout troop leader involves so many things from planning fun meetings to teaching Girl Scout traditions, to managing finances. Below find some ‘Short and Snappy’ videos that will assist you with many different aspects of leading girls and mentoring the next generation of female leaders.

Our videos have closed caption capabilities.

We are just starting to build this resource library for you, so please check back as new Short and Snappy videos will be added all the time.

If you have any questions or want to see a ‘Short and Snappy’ that you don’t see here, please email us at  

*As suggested by Troop Leaders

How to be Girl-Led

Establishing a Girl-Led Troop at the Daisy Level*
Learn what is ‘Girl-led’ and why it’s important, how to create a girl-led atmosphere, and an example of Troop government at the Daisy level.

Establishing a Girl-Led Troop at the Brownie Level
Learn what is ‘Girl-led’ and why it’s important, how to create a girl-led atmosphere, and an example of Troop government at the Brownie level.

Establishing a Girl-led Troop at the Junior Level
Learn what it means to be girl-led, how important it is, and some examples of troop government at the Junior level.

Establishing a Girl-Led Troop at the Cadette Level
Learn what ‘Girl-led’ is and why it’s so important at the Cadette level, how to create a girl-led atmosphere, and examples of Troop government at the Cadette level.

Traditions and Ceremonies

Girl Scout Ceremonies*
This video details why Girl Scout ceremonies are important, the different types of GS ceremonies, and how to plan and carry out a ceremony with your troop.

Girl Scout Flag Ceremonies
A flag ceremony honors the American flag as the symbol of our country and all the hopes, dreams, and people it represents. Use the flag ceremony video, our FAQs sheet, and our worksheet to learn about flag ceremonies, a long-time tradition in Girl Scouts.

Girl Scout Traditions
This video details several of our long-standing Girl Scout traditions and what they mean to our organization.

Hosting a Bridging Ceremony
Learn what a Bridging Ceremony is, when it happens, different types of Bridging Ceremonies, and creative ideas for bridges.

Troop Management

Building Sisterhood in Girl Scouts
Learn what a Sisterhood is, how you can facilitate it in your troop, and understand how Sisterhood is for you too!

Cooperative Learning
This video details what cooperative learning is, why it’s important, how to get started, and cooperative learning strategies you can use in your troop.

Managing a Multi-Level Troop
Learn the advantages of a multi-level troop, how to make it work, how to ensure girls of all ages are getting the most out of the troop, and using the Multi-Level version of the VTK.

Working with Parents/Caregivers

Hosting a Parent or Caregiver Meeting*
Through this video, you will learn how to introduce parents/caregivers to Girl Scouts, how to build your village, and how to set expectations with the parents/caregivers.  

How to be a Great Troop Helper
This video will tell you how to be a great troop helper, how important your help is to the troop, and how your assistance is needed and greatly appreciated.

Parent/Caregiver Involvement in Your Girl Scout Troop*
Learn how to overcome common barriers to parent/caregiver involvement and techniques to lay the groundwork for parents/caregivers to become involved.

Entrepreneurial Programs Trainings
Cookie Trainings

Cookies 101
Interactive hands-on workshop for new (or relatively new) Cookie volunteers. Learn the ins and outs of the Cookie Program. You’ll go home with the knowledge, resources and tools to help make the upcoming Cookie season a piece of cake! These are typically held in the late fall/ early winter and specific dates are announced in the fall.  View the available Cookies 101 training dates.  

eBudde Online Training (Making eBudde your Buddy)
If you're new to eBudde or need a refresher, here's your chance to become familiar with the eBudde system. Log onto eBudde and click on the eLearning tab. That will bring you to the eBudde tutorial. These are typically held in the late fall/ early winter and specific dates are announced in the fall. View the available Making eBudde your Buddy training dates.

VIP e-Training Lessons for Troop Cookie Manager
If you missed your Association training or just need a refresher, take the VIP eTraining from Little Brownie and GSNC. To gain access, use the same login information that you use for the eBudde system. Need help logging onto eBudde, contact your Association Chair or Sonia Oxford at

Mags&Munchies Trainings

Troop Fall Products Manager Training
All Troop Managers need to attend a Mags&Munchies training in the fall. Mags&Munchies Association Chairs will be hosting trainings in their communities for Troop Mags&Munchies Managers starting in August.

New to Mags&Munchies Workshop
If you've never experienced the Mags&Munchies Program before, you might want to register for the NEW TO MAGS&MUNCHIES workshops held at the Council Service Center. These are typically held in the late summer or early fall and specific dates are announced in the mid-summer. View all of our New to Mags&Munchies Workshops

First Aid/CPR Trainings

For many activities, Girl Scouts recommends that at least one adult volunteer be First Aid/CPR certified (complete list of recommendations can be found in Volunteer Essentials and GSUSA's Safety Activity Checkpoints.

You can pursue certification through various resources such as local community education, your local fire department or community center or look online for trainings offered by the American Red Cross, National Safety Council and the American Heart Association.

Camp/Outdoor/Trip Trainings

Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) will continue the suspension of ALL in person Girl Scout activities, indoor or outdoor including those sponsored by the council, service units and troops through August 15, 2020. No meetings, gatherings, planned activities, events or trips are permitted for girls and volunteers during this time.

We do not currently have any outdoor trainings available at this time.  Be sure to check back after August 15, 2020 for updated information.

Highest Awards Trainings

Bronze Award Training
Learn the ins and outs of what is required to lead your troop through the Bronze Award process. Earning the Bronze Award, Junior Girl Scouts see how rewarding it is to make the world a better place, right at home, in their community! Once girls earn their Bronze Award, they tend to go on and earn all of the three highest awards. Help your troop on this path by completing the online Bronze Award training. This training is designed for GS leaders and adults who will be guiding girls through earning their Bronze Award.

View our Bronze Award Training Video>>

Silver Award Training
Are you planning to earn the Silver Award? Take our online Silver Award training to learn the award guidelines and discover your inner leader. Complete this training to feel confident as you develop a true Take Action project, that will help your community for years to come! Leaders and adults are welcome to join in, so you are prepared to help Cadette Girl Scouts on their journey to the Silver Award. This training is designed for Girl Scouts who are seeking to earn their Silver Award, along with leaders and adults who will be guiding girls through the Silver Award process.

View our Silver Award Training Video>>

Gold Award Training
Highly recommended for Girl Scouts working toward the Gold Award and their champions. Those who attend a Gold Award Training will learn the award guidelines, what it means to do a Take Action project, important deadlines, the approval process, and what the Gold Award interview will be like.

View our Gold Award Training Video>>
View Go for the Gold - Tips from Gold Award Girl Scouts Video>>