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Volunteer Toolkit

Thank you for participating in the VTK Challenge. The 2021 VTK Challenge has closed, but you can still check out the videos below for some awesome VTK tips.

Need help getting started? Check out our quick training video about the VTK

Select a Meeting

Learn how to log-in to the VTK and how you can select a variety of Girl Scout meetings for your troop!

Add Additional Meetings and Activities

Learn how to add new badge, journey, award and custom meetings to your troop year plan, so you’ll feel confident to use the VTK year-round.

Manage Your Troop Calendar

Learn how to set up the calendar dates and locations for your meetings. 

View Meeting Plan Tools

Learn how to view and print the planning materials that come with each of your meetings, along with virtual meeting tips, sending a parent/reminder email, and a troop attendance tracker!

Customize Your Meeting Agenda

Learn how to customize your badge, award, and journey meeting agenda to fit your troop needs.

Combine Meetings

Learn how to assign the same date and time to multiple meetings.

Replace and Delete a Meeting

Learn how to replace a meeting with another one that has already been added to your year plan. Also, learn how to delete meetings that you no longer want included in your year plan.

Resources Tab

Learn all of the important Girl Scouts of Nassau County Council and GSUSA information you can access in the resources tab.

VTK Girl-Led Planning

Learn how the Award and Badge Explorer can help you empower your troop to take the lead in deciding what they want to do during their troop year. Also, learn how to access a comprehensive list of all badges and awards for your troops level.

Customize Your Year Plan

Learn how to change the order, time, date, and location, to be prepared for those last-minute “change of plans” that may happen throughout your troop year.