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The Girl Scouts of Nassau County's Mags&Munchies Program is a fun, quick, and easy way for Girl Scout Troops to earn money for projects, trips, girl programs and so much more. It's easy to earn start-up funds for your Troop! A Troop of 10 girls can easily earn from $200 to over $1000! The key to success is for each girl to participate.  

By purchasing Mags&Munchies nuts, snacks, magazines, candles, waterbottles, tumblers, and organic veggie plants; families and friends can support Girl Scout Troops and Girl Scouting in the community.

Mags&Munchies Program Troop Proceeds

Okay Junior Troops and older, it’s time for you to take a Troop vote… Does your Troop want to earn the Girl Rewards or opt out in favor of higher Troop proceeds? Troops at the Junior level and higher can vote to decide whether to take the standard 10% of sales plus the girl rewards or forgo the girl rewards and get 15% back in proceeds. Many older girl Troops vote for more money to fund a big trip or service project.

If your Troop votes in favor of taking the girl rewards, your Troop will earn:

  • 10% back on Magazine subscriptions and renewals
  • 10% on Ashdon Farms Nut and Snack Items
  • 10% on candles, waterbottles, tumblers and organic veggie plants
  • Patches and rewards for each Girl Scout participant

If your Troop (Junior level+) votes to take extra money instead of the girl rewards, your Troop will earn:

  • 15% back on Magazine subscriptions and renewals
  • 15% on Ashdon Farms Nut and Snack Items
  • 15% on candles, waterbottles, tumblers and organic veggie plants
  • Patches for each Girl Scout participant

Mags&Munchies Program Girl Rewards

Should your Girl Scouts opt to earn the girl rewards, your girls will have the opportunity to earn an assortment of fun, girl chosen rewards.

Check out all the awesome rewards our girls can earn.

Mags&Munchies Trainings

Troop Manager Training
All Troop Managers need to attend a Mags&Munchies training this Fall. Mags&Munchies Association Chairs will be hosting trainings in their communities for Troop Mags&Munchies Managers in August.

New to Mags&Munchies Workshop
If you've never experienced the Mags&Munchies Program before, you might want to register for the upcoming NEW TO MAGS&MUNCHIES workshops held at the Council Service Center. 

View all of our New to Mags&Munchies Workshops

Booth Sales Provide an Extra Way to Earn Even MORE

From September 22 through October 28 Troops can hold booth sales to earn even more money.

All level Troops earn 15% of the sales from all Booth Sales! Having a Mags&Munchies booth sale with your Troop can be as easy as contacting your local supermarket, recreation facility or other business in your community and asking about setting up a Troop booth sale table. (Note: Booth Sale quantities do not count towards the totals for girl rewards).

Once you have a location secured, contact the Cupboard at 516.741.2550 and they can guide you on how to obtain your nut/snack items and how much product you should bring.

Going the Extra Mile 
To earn extra money at your booth sale bring an Operation: Stop Hunger or Project: Thank You donation box or donation can. Customers who want to support Girl Scouts, but don’t want to make a purchase can donate money to either cause. Artwork for Operation: Stop Hunger and Project Thank You Donation Boxes can be found in GSNC’s Online Community (OLC).

Important Dates




Mags&Munchies online registration and online order taking begins


Mags&Munchies Open House

9/7 or   9/12

New to Mags&Munchies Workshops (see training listings for details)


In-Person order taking begins


Council Cupboard Opens for Booth Sales


Booth Sales begin


Bowling Bash Rally


Order-taking ends; Online ordering ends


Last day to pick-up product for booth sale.


Booth Sales End               


Girl Rewards not picked up will be donated to a local charity.

Important Documents and Forms

All volunteer forms and documents, including the Troop Manager’s Manual, will be posted on GSNC’s Online Community (OLC)

Mags&Munchies Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if I have a question?

To check on your magazine order:
Phone: 877.289.6247 or 800.251.1542, Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, Central Time
Online: and click "Check your magazine order." Online data available 24 hours a day.

To check on your nut/snack order:
Phone:  800.284.6887  M-F, 8am -4:30pm Central Time

For other questions contact our the GSNC Service Center at 516.741.2550.