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Invest In Girl Scouts

At Girl Scouts, we believe that when girls succeed, society does too.  That’s why we provide girls  a safe, encouraging place to discover their passions, find their voice and inner WOW, and make a positive impact in their communities—they’re building a better world for all of us!

You can help us ensure that every girl in Nassau County develops the confidence that Girl Scouts nurtures. An investment in Girl Scouting is a commitment to the next generation of self-sufficient and capable women who stand to accomplish amazing things.

Girl Scouts of Nassau County is proud to serve 1 in 5 girls throughout Nassau County.  Girl Scouting is available to every girl regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical or intellectual ability, language spoken or socio-economic status—Girl Scouts is for every girl!

Your support makes all of this possible.  Please consider an investment in Girl Scouts’ commitment to ensuring every girl reaches her fullest, brightest potential.