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Trip Application Web Form

Effective August 15, 2020, GSNC troops may meet in person, outdoors when they follow GSNC's guidelines spelled out in Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Volunteers. Please take all reasonable precautions to limit potential exposure for girls, volunteers, and families. GSNC troops are strongly encouraged to meet virtually. In order to meet outdoors, Leaders must submit an Outdoor Troop Meeting Form 10 days prior to meeting (not the Trip Application below).

A Trip Application is required for each activity held beyond the troop meeting place.

A Trip Application is necessary to ensure that the activity is consistent with GSNC Policies, Standards & Guidelines, and with Girl Scout Program Standards described in Volunteer Essentials. Girl Scout insurance is in effect only for activities that meet these requirements. This form should be filled out at least two weeks prior to the trip or event.

For Service Unit events, troop and individual attendance information go to the Event Chair and this Trip Application is not required.

Trip Applications for Extended Trips (3 sleepover nights or more) should be submitted one month in advance to allow for the purchase of additional insurance through Council. For Extended Trips, submit the Trip Application form below indicating Extended Trip in the "Type of Activity" Section. After you submit this form, contact Laura Bissett-Carr to complete additional paperwork and purchase insurance.



  1. Review Safety Activity Checkpoints, Volunteer Essentials and the Adult Coverage Chart for Girl Scout Trips & Events before completing this form.
  2. Be sure that chaperones have read and signed a Trip Chaperone Agreement.
  3. Fill out those parts applicable to the activity your troop has planned. Required fields are marked with a star.*
  4. When you click the "Submit" button, the form will be sent to Council, your Service Unit Trip Application Recipient and your email address.
  5. Remember to save a copy of your Trip Application for your records!

* IMPORTANT: REVIEW THE TRIP APPLICATION SENT TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ACCURACY! Please choose your Service Unit (village or group of villages) from the drop down box carefully, so your Trip Application information is forwarded to the appropriate community volunteer. If there are errors or your trip plans change, please resubmit an "Amended" Trip Application with updated information.


Adult Coverage for Girl Scout Trips and Events

Girl Scout Level

Two (2) Adults for the First…

One (1) Adult for any addition…

Girl Scout Daisy (K-1)


4 or fewer

Girl Scout Brownie (2-3)


6 or fewer

Girl Scout Junior (4-5)


8 or fewer

Girl Scout Cadette (6-8)


10 or fewer

Girl Scout Senior (9-10)


12 or fewer

Girl Scout Ambassador (11-12)


12 or fewer

This online form is processed by your Service Unit and staff in the Service Center. If you have any questions concerning your Trip Application, contact your SUVM or Trip Application Recipient. DO NOT send a paper copy to Girl Scouts of Nassau County.

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