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Girl Scouting at Home

When girls take the lead, great things happen! Even though your girl’s daily routine may have changed, there are many ways she can still participate in Girl Scout activities and earn awards, even at home!

Below you'll find more information on how girls, their families and troop leaders can continue to participate in Girl Scouting at home or virtually until we are able to meet again in person.

Wondering how to talk to your kids about coronavirus? Read this Raising Awesome Girls article from GSUSA for tips.

Not a Girl Scout? If you enjoyed this taste of Girl Scouting and are not a member, we invite you to join Girl Scouts today!  


At-Home Programs & Guides

Girl Scouts earn Girl Scout badges, awards and patches right from home with the guidance of an adult.


Please note, this resource is not inclusive of every activity Girl Scouts can do at home. Check out the the online Badge Explorer to understand basic badge requirements.






Earned Awards

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin
It’s never been easier to support your girl as she develops business skills, makes amazing memories, and earns a different pin for her uniform every cookie season. The simple, age-specific guidelines have been tailored for her developing skill set, making success a snap.

World Thinking Day Award
Backed by 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in locations worldwide, World Thinking Day 2020 celebrates the diversity, equity, and inclusion reflected in our global movement. Check out our activity guides to explore this theme—and celebrate being part of the diverse global sisterhood that is Girl Guides + Girl Scouts! Girls can earn this award at anytime throughout the year, not just around World Thinking Day!

Global Action Award
Girl Scouts’ Global Action award calls for girls to address the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, or SDGs for short, by discovering, connecting, and taking action in their communities and beyond. In 2020, girls will explore SDG 5 (Gender Equality) to earn their Global Action award.

My Promise, My Faith
The Girl Scouts My Promise, My Faith pin invites girls in grades K-12 to experience a faith journey through exploration of the Girl Scout Law and teachings from their faith. Girls can earn this national pin each year.

Highest Awards - Bronze, Silver, & Gold
Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors—are you ready to start earning your Bronze, Silver or Gold Award? Visit our GoldSilver, and Bronze Award webpages to learn more about these awards and get started on your highest awards.

Council Patch Programs
GSNC Council Patch Programs

Council Patch Programs allow girls to explore a wide range of topics and have unique learning experiences that might not be available through the traditional badge work. Council Patches can be completed as an Individual Girl Scout. Simply download the activity booklet and evaluation form for the patch you wish to work on.

Girl Scouting at Home Patch Program. Looking for your first Patch Program to work on, try our new Girl Scouting at Home Patch Program, created to to commemorate our new
Girl Scouting at Home program!  

For a complete list of GSNC's Council patch programs, and details and requirements for programs, please visit GSNC's Council Patch Programs page.

Girl Scout Week

March 6-12, 2022
Challenge yourself to complete as many activities as you can from this year’s Girl Scout Week calendar.
View the 2022 Girl Scout Week Calendar.

Black History Month Patch Challenge

The 2022 Black History Month theme considers what steps can be taken to improve your health and wellness. It’s important to our health and wellness to find positive ways to deal with stress and understand how we can eat in a healthy way that is good for our well-being.

Complete three out of the five following activities to complete the challenge.

Black History Month Patch Challenge - Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors>>
Black History Month Patch Challenge - Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors>>


Winter Bucket List Challenge

Hey there, Winter! Complete 10 activities by March 19, 2022, to earn a patch.

Winter Bucket List Challenge.

The Winter Bucket List patch can be purchased in the shop for $1.00 using the following link:

Gratitude Patch Challenge

Let’s welcome the season of faith and gratitude together. Faith is a strong belief in a higher power, a spirit or being that has great strength and influence on a person’s life. Gratitude is the process of
giving thanks or appreciation for things you already have. The act of gratitude often includes the desire to return kindness.

Complete all the activities by December 8, 2021 to earn the patch.

View Gratitude Patch Challenge>>

To purchase the patch for $1.00 at the shop, go to

(Please note the activities for this patch challenge are for all Girl Scout levels unless specified.)

Faith and Gratitude Challenge

This is the season of faith and gratitude. Faith is a strong belief in a higher power, a spirit, or being that has great strength and influence on a  person’s life. A person’s religion is what is typically used to describe and practice one’s faith. Gratitude is the process of giving thanks or appreciation for things you already have. The act of gratitude often includes the desire to return the kindness.

View Faith and Gratitude Challenge>>

Girl Scouts Feed New York Challenge

Did you know that here on Long Island, there has been a 47 percent increase in demand for food assistance since the pandemic began? In addition, nearly 90,000 children on Long Island are living with food insecurity.

Together with our sister Girl Scouts from across New York State, we are hoping to bring meals to those in need through the Girl Scouts Feeding New York Challenge. Help the increasing number of families on Long Island that are experiencing economic hardship while learning about food insecurity and building awareness around the topic.

Girl Scouts Feeding New York Challenge Resource Packet includes:

The Girl Scouts Feeding New York patch is available for purchase at the GSNC Shop for $1.

Fall Bucket List Challenge

Fall is here, my oh my! Complete 25 activities by December 20, 2021 to earn
a patch. Complete the following form to purchase your Fall Bucket List patch:

Fall Fun 2021 Bucket List Challenge>>

All About Pumpkins (Fall Patch Activity)

Complete as many or as few activities as you would like. You must complete five activities throughout the fall to earn your fall patch. Record the activities completed on your Girl Scouting at Home Fall Activity Log.  Bring your log to the GSNC Shop to purchase your fall activity patch.

Activities include:

  • READ IT! History of Pumpkins
  • CREATE IT! From Seed to Harvest: The Growth Stages of a Pumpkin
  • TRY IT! How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin
  • DO IT! Decorate Your Pumpkin The Girl Scout Way!
  • MAKE IT! Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds
Hispanic Heritage Month Patch Challenge

September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the history, culture, and influence of people from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.  The Hispanic Heritage Month Patch Challenge is a great way to learn about famous Hispanic Women and Girl Scouts.  Complete the Hispanic Heritage Month Patch challenge earn a patch and learn about notable Hispanic figures.

Attached, you will find the printable instructions and activities for each level of Girl Scouting. Once you've completed the challenge for your Girl Scout's level, you will be able to order the patch for $1.00 from the shop for curbside pickup. Fill out the following form to order the patch:

Hispanic Heritage Month Patch Challenge Activity Sheet>>

Get to Know Your Town Bucket List

Get to know your town! Complete at least 10 items on one of the lists below to earn the Community patch.

Get to Know Your Town: Town of Hempstead Edition

Get to Know Your Town: Town of North Hempstead Edition

Get to Know Your Town: Town of Oyster Bay Edition

Once you’ve completed the minimum requirements, you can purchase the patch in the GSNC Shop using the patch request form.

Summer Reading Challenge

When you read a book you can, go anywhere, and become anyone and do anything. Books must be read between July 1st, 2020 and August 26th, 2020.

Summer Reading Challenge>>

Summer Reading Challenge - Spanish>>

Summer Bucket List Challenge

It’s the Summer Wrap Up Bucket List. Complete 25 activities by September 21, 2021 to earn a patch. The Summer Wrap Up Bucket List patch can be purchased in the shop for $1.00.

Summer Bucket List Challenge>>

Patch Request Form>>

Spring Bucket List Challenge

Spring is here and we would be remiss if we didn't create the ever-favorite seasonal bucket list!

2021 Spring Bucket List Challenge Worksheet>>

Complete at least 20 activities on this list. Please adjust for current social distancing standards, CDC safety precautions and current NY PAUSE (or your states) requirements.

Once you have done so, fill out the form to order your patch(es). Once the shop is reopened and the patches will be available for purchase in the GSNC Shop for $1.00/patch.

Earth Day 2021: Clean Up Patch Challenge

Let’s make the Earth a cleaner place for everyone and make every day Earth Day!

If each Girl Scout from Girl Scouts of Nassau Count picks up just TWO pieces of trash, we could pick up 21,000 pieces of trash for 2021! This activity is divided into three sections: Know Before You Go, Make The World A Better Place, and Reuse Repurpose Restore. Let’s educate others and make our environment a safer and cleaner place for plants, animals, and humans.

View GSNC's Earth Day 2021 Clean Up Patch Challenge>>

This challenge will run from April 22 until December 31, 2021. Once you have completed the challenge, submit your trash count using this Wufoo form.

Brain Dump Activity

Introducing the Brain Dump. What is it, you ask? It is an innovative process to help clear the mind when things are feeling overwhelming or stressful. We've attached the explanation up top and attached the PDF worksheets for Daisies and Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes, and Seniors and Ambassadors. Parents and Leaders, feel free to utilize the worksheet designed for Seniors and Ambassadors, it is helpful for our self care too! Let us know how it works for you and remember, it does take some practice.

**This will satisfy a Try It! element of the GSNC Girl Scouting at Home patch program**

Brain Dump Worksheet>>

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate 101 years of Girl Scouting in Nassau County, here is a list of 101 things for you to find on a walk. Can you find 51 or more? Ask your family to help and then let us know how many you were able to find. There’s no need to collect or touch the items, just find them and check them off your list.

Participating in this scavenger hunt will count as a FIND IT toward receiving your Girl Scouting at Home patch.Remember, the most important thing is to stay safe and practice social distancing while enjoying the outdoors.

Take a picture with your favorite find and send it to us at

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet>>

Para celebrar los 101 años de Girl Scouts en el condado de Nassau,
aquí hay una lista de 101 cosas que puede encontrar en una caminata. ¿Puedes encontrar 51 o más? Pídale ayuda a su familia y luego díganos cuántos pudo encontrar. No es necesario recolectar o tocar los elementos, solo encuéntrelos y márquelos de su lista.

Participar en esta búsqueda del tesoro contará como ENCONTRARLO para recibir su parche, Girl Scouting at Home. Recuerde, lo más importante es mantenerse seguro y practicar el distanciamiento Social mientras disfruta del aire libre.

Tome una fotografía con su hallazgo favorito y envíenosla a

Búsqueda del tesoro al aire libre>>

Learn About Flag Ceremonies

Learn about Girl Scout Traditions! Flag Ceremony Activity

A flag ceremony honors the American flag as the symbol of our country and all the hopes, dreams, and people it represents.

Use the attached flag ceremony video, and worksheets to learn about flag ceremonies, a long-time tradition in Girl Scouts. If your daughter/troop hasn't learned about flag ceremonies yet, this is the perfect way to do it at home. Flag ceremony experts? Awesome! Use the attached resources to teach others about flag ceremonies.

The Flag Ceremony Patch is available for purchase for $1.00. Design may change due to availability.  Patches can be purchased at the GSNC shop once GSNC reopens.

Here's some different ideas:

  • View GSNC's flag ceremony video, complete the attached worksheets, and then talk about it on video chat!
  • View the video and use the attached worksheets to quiz each other on the spot!
  • Create your own creative questions to ask each other after watching the video. Then quiz each other by playing a game of flag ceremony jeopardy on video chat!

View "What Girl Scouts Should Know About Flag Ceremonies">>

For more information about Flag Ceremonies, view our Flag Ceremony FAQs>>

Complete the Flag Ceremony Worksheet>>


Time Capsule

Take some time to fill in these pages for your future self to look back on. Each page is designed for you to reflect on the past couple of weeks. Feel free to add additional pages and information that you feel you’d like to look back on like photos you took, artwork you created, or special memories you've made.

My 2020 Time Capsule Workbook>>

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Patch Challenge

Learn and celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Attached are 3 activities for the girls and their families to work on. The answer keys have been posted as a PDF with the printable copies of the activities themselves. Please decide what level of activity is appropriate for your daughter. Complete the activity and earn another patch that can be purchased in the shop once we are able to reopen.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Patch Challenge>>

Are You an Includer?

Have you ever felt left out and not included? It doesn’t feel very nice, does it? This month is about including everyone, appreciating everything that makes us unique and loving us all the same. It is important to always try to be an Includer. What is an Includer? An Includer is someone who welcomes everyone, especially if they are alone. Includers thinks of others and celebrates our differences.

Let's join together in the spirit of inclusion and complete this challenge!

Includer Activity>>

Pre-Order Your Are You an Includer Patch>>

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course
From 1776 to the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence with festivities like fireworks, parades, and barbecues. Start preparing your celebratory obstacle course by drawing it on paper. Girl Scouts are always prepared. Be prepared to challenge family and friends with a creative course!

All you need is chalk and space on the sidewalk or driveway. Using all of the “must haves” listed below, create an obstacle course path for family and friends to follow. Inspire a summer of fun challenges!

Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course Activity Sheet>>


Sometimes, we can get overwhelmed by the challenges we face throughout the day. It can feel like our responsibilities are piling up and our brains feel jumbled up and cloudy. In times like these, practicing mindfulness can help us clear our minds and teach us to take things one step at a time.

View our Mindfulness activity>>

World Kindness Day Challenge

World Kindness Day is observed on November 13th and was created as part of the World Kindness Movement. World Kindness Day is celebrated all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. The purpose of World Kindness Day is to emphasize the unifying power of kindness. To celebrate World Kindness Day complete at least 10 activities.

View World Kindness Day Challenge>>

National Take A Hike Day Challenge

National Take a Hike Day is Tuesday, November 17. Now’s a great time to celebrate the outdoors with your family by spending some time outside, hitting the trails.

View National Take a Hike Day Challenge>>


Virtual Experiences

Virtual Troop Meetings

You want what’s best for your girls, and with the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, you’ve probably made the tough decision to cancel upcoming troop meetings. But maintaining a sense of normalcy is so important right now for girls and their families; how do you keep the Girl Scout spirit going strong when your troop can’t actually meet face-to-face?

Tips for Staying Connected With Your Troop>>

Tips for Running a Virtual Girl Scout Meeting>>

Tips for Incorporating Girl Scout Traditions Into Your Virtual Troop Meeting>>

During your frist virtual troop meeting, we recommend discussing the GSUSA's Internet Safety Pledge with your Girl Scouts and parents/caregivers.

Below is a list of free and low-cost tools troops and service units other councils are using for virtual meetings. While we cannot endorse or support specific online meeting tools, we encourage you to look at these and alternative options and discuss with parents and girls to determine what the best solution is for your troop or service unit needs.

While all of these options have a free version, please note you may be prompted to consider their upgraded versions for a subscription fee.

  • Zoom - FAQ
    • Note: Meetings durations maximum of 40 minutes in free version
  • Skype - Support
    • Note: Up to 10 participants free
  • Webex – Help Center
    • Note: Limited file and content sharing in free version
GSNC Virtual Programs
Blue Bay on Your Block Outdoor Badge Workshops

Blue Bay will be continuing the journey to your block, by offering virtual badge programs for troops!

Included in your registration is our awesome badge kit of program supplies, a leader guide, activity instructions, camp surprises, and so much more. Badge opportunities will be offered for all levels. Parts of the badges will be done live on Zoom with our camp staff and some will be done off-screen. Leaders are welcome to participate, but it is not required.

Badges Offered:

Girl Scout Daisy*: $20 per Girl Scout
Girl Scout Brownie-Ambassador: $30 per Girl Scout (includes the cost of shipping)
*For the Daisy Badge there will be two live Zoom sessions and for all other levels, there will be three live Zoom sessions. Attendance in all sessions is required to earn the badge. 

Schedule a Badge Workshop:
If interested in scheduling an individual badge workshop for your troop, please contact Aisling Green or Kirsi Moseman

There must be a minimum of 8 girls interested. Please include your preferred meeting times in your request.

Virtual Tours and Field Trips

Check-out all these virtual/online resources that you and your kids can enjoy from the comfort of your couch. Included are virtual versions of book clubs,  virtual field trips, STEM experiments, food & fitness, and first aid. 

Virtual Book Clubs
Mighty Girls & Women Books
A Mighty Girl's collection of both fictional and biographical stories about remarkable girls and young women.

Virtual Field Trips
Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips
Join us live for our new Virtual Field Trips or watch them on demand later.
Each no-cost Virtual Field Trip comes with a companion guide packed with standards-aligned, hands-on learning activities!

Cincinnati Zoo
Join us for a Home Safari Facebook Live each weekday at 3 p.m. EDT where we will highlight one of our amazing animals and include an activity you can do from home.

Georgia Aquarium
Live views from the Georgia Aquarium for a variety of sealife.

National Parks
Take a virtual tour from the comfort of your own home of dozens of national parks throughout the US.

You can take a virtual tour through 12 famous museums in the world: Guggenheim Museum (New York City), British Museum (London), National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C.), Musée d’Orsay (Paris), National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Seoul), Pergamon Museum (Berlin), Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam), The J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles), Uffizi Gallery (Florence), MASP (São Paulo), and National Museum of Anthropology (Mexico City). 

Google Arts & Culture
Goodle Arts & Culture teamed up with over 2500 museums and galleries around the world to bring anyone and everyone virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world. Google Arts & Culture’s collection includes the British Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Guggenheim in New York City, and literally hundreds of more places where you can gain knowledge about art, history, and science.

Your Health, Food & Fitness
Skills for Health Living (PBS)
You will find here skills for healthy living that will help students take steps to live a healthier life, physically and mentally. The site offers a wide array of resources aimed at elementary, middle, and high school students.

The Human Body and Social Emotional Learning (BrainPOP)
BrainPOP is here to help you and your curious learners stay informed and on-track with free access during school closures.

Our Free Being Me & Action on Body Confidence (WAGGGS)
Imagine a world where no-one is worried about the way they look. The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and Dove work towards this incredible vision. Our Free Being Me and Action on Body Confidence programs boost body confidence and support children and young people to advocate on body confidence issues in their community.

First Aid/To Be Prepared
Fire Department Virtual Tours (Lake Oswego, OR)
Fire Station Field Trip Video (PBS)
Sheriff's Office Field Trip Video (PBS)

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
PBS's SciGirls Stories are short, exciting videos of diverse young professionals sharing their experiences as STEM superstars. These role models offer real talk about their challenges and triumphs in the science workforce, encouraging girls to explore STEM study and career pathways. 

Learn serious coding while having fun. Create your own animations, games, websites, and more. 

Girls Learning Environment and Energy (GLEE) is a joint effort between Stanford University and the Girl Scouts of Northern California to teach Girl Scouts and their families about the environment and energy conservation.

Smart Girls DIY!
Amy Poehler's Smart Girls organization is dedicated to helping young people cultivate their authentic selves. Here is a free collection of online DIY videos that explores STEM as well as lots of artsy and outdoors projects too!



Service Project Ideas

As Girl Scouts, we look for ways to serve our community. Now's a great time for your girl to get creative and give back to the community in different ways, while following the other guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and our state officials.

Girl Scouts Give Back National Service Project

Now, with this nationwide mask-making campaign, all girls have the chance to step up to help their friends, neighbors, and frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. And we’ve partnered with Feeding America, a network of local food banks across the U.S., to make it easy for your girls to amplify their efforts.

  1. Ask your girls (and their friends!) to make masks for adults and kids. Use the instructions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If your troop chooses to make masks for other kids, use 7.5” x 9” cloth instead. 

  2. When you are ready to send your masks, you can include a letter like this (PDF).

  3. You can safely distribute masks where you see the greatest need in your community (check out these ideas). Through our partnership with Feeding America, your troop can easily donate (PDF) masks to your local food bank staff and families that rely on food bank services.   

  4. Inspire others to give back! Snap a photo of your troop’s masks and post to your social networks using the hashtag #GirlScoutsGiveBack. Be sure to tag @girlscouts too!

  5. Don’t forget to come back and log the number of masks you made!

  6. If you wish to recognize your troop’s participation with a patch, we recommend this Girl Scouts Give Back patch.

 Check out some more detailed guidance (PDF).

Learn more about National Service Projects>>

Connect with Seniors at Local Nursing Homes

Make some homemade cards and notes to nursing home residents who are seeing fewer visitors Some organizations may let you video call with residents to help them feel connected! Contact your local senior center to learn what works best for them.


Send Cards to Local Hospital Staff, Emergency Workers, First Responders, and Others
DIY Cotton Masks

We have had inquiries as to where to find patterns and instructions to make useful masks during the health crisis. This is a site that is being used by other Girl Scout councils nationwide and was posted on the Virtual Girl Scout Activities Facebook page. It is called Army of Masks. They will help you with determining where there is need in the community, how to make different types of masks and the best kinds of materials to use. Please make sure that when distributing the masks that it is done with the NY Pause and CDC requirements. We don't want anyone to put themselves or our girls at risk unnecessarily.

How to Make DIY Masks>>

The Town of North Hempstead invites all Girl Scouts from Nassau County to help out their community by sewing cloth face coverings for our local senior citizens. Masks can  be dropped off to the designated drop off box at North Hempstead Town Hall. The collection drive will end on June 15, 2020.



Resources from Sister Girl Scout Councils

While you might not be able to meet with your local Girl Scout friends during this time, you CAN connect with other Girl Scouts across the country! Here are more at home resources, live streams and more our sister councils are sharing:

The Girl Scout Network’s Campfire Chats

Campfire Chats bring together powerful Girl Scout alums and supporters at the top of their fields to educate and inspire people who are striving for a better world. These virtual events showcase a wide variety of topics, from cooking to financial literacy and career advice.

View Upcoming Campfire Chats>>

More At Home Resources
Live Streams

Girl Scouts of Alaska
Visit their website for virtual programs.

Girl Scouts Carolina's Peaks to Piedmont
Visit their Facebook page for a series of live streams.

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland
Visit their Facebook page for a series of live streams.

Girl Scouts of Central Texas
Visit their Facebook page for daily live streams called Trefoil TV.

Girl Scouts of Colorado
Visit their Instagram page (@sky_high_ranch) for daily crafts, STEM projects, and more you can do at home.

Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest
Visit their Facebook page for a series of live streams.

Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia
Visit their Facebook page, Instagram and twitter for badge work, STEM projects, outdoor activities and more that you can do at home.

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
Visit their Facebook page for at-home activities, virtual troop options and online interactions beginning Monday, March 23.

Girl Scouts River Valleys
Check out their Self-Care for Kids During COVID-19 information.

Girl Scouts of San Jacinto
Visit their Youtube Channel for a series of videos.

Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona
Visit their website for virtual programs.

Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas
Visit their Facebook page for virtual troop meeting live streams.

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio
Visit their Facebook page for daily live streams for Daisies through Cadettes. Seniors and Ambassadors can view daily Instagram stories for more.

Patch Programs
Patch Programs from Sister Councils

Did you know any council can create their own patches for girls to earn? Then check out these programs from other councils:


Share Your Story

Girl Scouts have amazing adventures! We want to hear how your girl is using her Girl Scout skills by taking initiative, caring for the community, and Girl Scouting at home.

How are you continuing the fun at home? Caregivers, we invite you to share your Girl Scouting at Home activities with us by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #GirlScoutsAtHome, or by emailing us your photo and story to  


We appreciate your patience in understanding that this is a rapidly evolving situation. We are doing our best to monitor the situation and make decisions based on facts and recommendations from state and federal officials. As things evolve we will continue to communicate updates and necessary changes to our members. If you have specific questions/concerns, please email us and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Please check back regularly for COVID-19 related updates.