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Games and activities are a great way for your girls to interact and have fun! Here are some ideas to get you started. For more ideas, borrow a games book from the Volunteer Resource Center or look in The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting - Adult Guides for the Leadership Journeys.

Shower Me with Compliments

One girl can change the world; one compliment can change a bad day into a good one! Teach girls what you know about the value of a compliment as they earn their It’s All About Friendship fun patch (patch can be purchased at the shop).

Shower Me with Compliments Printable Worksheet

Travel with Flat Juliette!

As you journey through your Girl Scout year, take Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts with you! Just download and print "Flat Juliette" below. Print Juliette on cardstock, color her in, cut her out and she's ready to go! We'd love to see pictures of Flat Juliette's travels throughout the year. Please email photos with captions about her adventures to Anna Lenz and look for them in future issues of Girlfriends.

Flat Juliette Worksheet 

Trefoil Promise Puzzle

Here is a Girl Scout Promise puzzle to cut out and reassemble. Choose the one with lines to cut on or let the girls get creative and make their own! For durability print the puzzle on cardstock or glue it onto construction paper before cutting.

Trefoil Puzzle 

Introduction Bingo

STEP 1: Make the Bingo Card.

Each girl is given a sheet of paper and folds it four times so that there are 16 squares. This is the bingo card. Girls walk around the room with the cards and collect signatures from the other troop/group members until all sixteen spaces are filled. If you have less than sixteen girls in the troop, include the leaders or allow the girls to fill in "free spaces" (not in a row) or get duplicate signatures on their cards.

STEP 2: Play the Bingo Game.

Each girl writes her name on a small slip of paper and drops it into a paper bag or container. Girls take turns pulling out names. When a name is called, the girl stands up, introduces herself and shares something about herself with the group (age, family, teacher, favorite color, book, Girl Scout activity). Then all the girls cross off her name on their bingo cards. The first person to get four squares crossed off in a row is the winner. Continue playing until all the girls have introduced themselves.

Cut Apart Promise Game

Print the Girl Scout Promise on a large sheet of poster board. Cut the words apart so that each girl will get a word or phrase. Distribute the pieces and tell the girls to arrange themselves in the correct order. Then repeat the Girl Scout Promise.

NOTE: For older girls this activity can be duplicated using the Girl Scout Law.

Girl Scout Law Relay

Print the ten Girl Scout Laws on large index cards. Make one set of cards for each team. Divide the girls into teams. Set up tables or clear a section of the floor for the Girl Scout Law to be assembled. Line up the teams equally distant from the assembly area. Mix up each set of cards and distribute the cards to the team members. Each girl walks to the assembly area, takes a turn placing her law in position and returns to the back of her line. If necessary, each girl may take a second turn, switching only one pair of laws at a time until it is assembled correctly. The winning team will be the first back in line with the Girl Scout Law arranged in the correct order.

NOTE: You can make this relay more challenging by including cards for the Girl Scout Promise and dividing the Girl Scout Law into phrases.

The Story of Juliette Low - An Action Story

Divide the Troop into 8 groups and give them the following group names: Little Girls, Juliette Low, Georgia, Horses, Lord Baden-Powell, London, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts


As the story is read, each group listens for its group name, and stands up making the sound effect and/or action listed below. Before you read the story, practice the sounds and actions so each group understands what to do!

Little Girls.........................Stand and giggle

Juliette Low.......................Curtsey and say "Be My Friend"

Georgia (state of)...............Say “Hey, you all!”

Horses..............................Say “Neighhhhh”

Lord Baden-Powell.............Bow formally and say “How do you do?”

London.............................Sing “London Bridge is Falling Down”

Boy Scouts.......................Make Girl Scout sign and say “Be Prepared”

Girl Scouts.......................Sing one line of “Girl Scouts Together”


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Juliette Low who lived in Georgia and loved to ride horses. After she grew up she went to London where she met Lord Baden-Powell who founded the Boy Scouts. She was fascinated by the work he was doing. She studied with him awhile and decided to found a troop of Girl Scouts for her friends who liked to ride horses in Georgia. So Juliette Low said good-bye to the Boy Scouts in London and came home with the idea that Lord Baden-Powell gave her. She formed a group of little girls, who liked to ride horses and be together, into a troop of Girl Scouts. And they loved it so much that the idea spread and now there are troops all over the world.

Aren't we glad that a (speed up here) Little Girl named Juliette Low from Georgia who liked Horses went to London and met Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, and came home to start the wonderful world of Girl Scouts!

Juliette Low Action Story

Juliette Low and World Friendship - An Action Story

Divide the Troop into 3 groups and give them the following group names: Juliette Low, Scout or Scouting, World


As the story is read, each group listens for its group name, and stands up making the action listed below. Before you read the story, practice the actions so each group understands what to do!

Juliette Low. . . . . . . . . . . . . Join hands with persons on right and left.

Scout or Scouting. . . . . . . . .Smile and make the Girl Scout sign.

World. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stand up, spin around once, and sit down.


In 1912, Juliette Low became interested in Scouting while visiting her friends, Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, who lived in England and who started Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting in their part of the World. When Juliette Low came back to America, she thought Scouting was so wonderful that she decided to start the first Girl Scout troop in her own home town of Savannah, Georgia. This she did on March 12th, 1912, and this first little troop of eight girls was the first Girl Scout troop in this part of the World.

This first Girl Scout troop was so successful that Juliette Low wanted to see Scout troops all over the World because she knew that Scouting would help girls all over the World to become friends and to help build World peace and good will. Girl Scouting grew and grew until now you are not only a member of your own little troop but also a member of the Girl Scouts of the USA which is a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Juliette Low died in 1927 and her friends wanted to pay her a great tribute. They knew that her greatest dream was of World friendship and of World peace and that she hoped to accomplish this through Girl Scouting. So her friends started a memorial fund in her honor and called it the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund and each year Girl Scouts in the United Stated can contribute to this fund which helps Scouting all over the World.

A contribution to the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund can travel to all parts of the World and help Scouts in many ways. Maybe it will help send older Scouts from our country to Our Chalet in Switzerland where Scouts from all over the World get together to exchange ideas and to help build World peace. We have no way of knowing how far contributions may travel. We have no way of knowing in what ways it may be returned to us in new friendships and World peace. But we do know that the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund is helping to fulfill Juliette Low's dream of Girl Scouting and World Friendship.

NOTE: The purpose of the Action Story is to acquaint the girls with our founder, Juliette Low, and should be presented in a respectful and interesting manner.

Juliette Low and World Friendship Action Story

Milk Jug Butterfly Project