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Mags&Munchies Rewards

Earning rewards is all about goal setting! Is there a reward that looks totally awesome? Write it down. How many nut/snack items and/or magazines will it take to earn that reward? Write that down too. Now, talk to your parents/guardian and troop leader or Troop Mags&Munchies Manager about your goal. Final step… work towards achieving your goal.

Girl Rewards

You can earn rewards by selling nuts/snacks and magazine subscriptions during the Mags&Munchies Program. These rewards are based on the items sold both in-person and online. All rewards are cumulative. Girls will receive all rewards up to the amount they sold, unless the Troop has elected to receive more in Troop proceeds by opting out of rewards.

Some rewards are based on nut/snack orders, some on magazine orders, some on combined orders and some on just online orders or donations.  See the rewards panel from the order card for more information on how to earn rewards.

GSNC Mags&Munchies Rewards and Recognitions

The Fit-together patches are Back! Earn them all!



Earn your Personalized Mags&Munchies Avatar Patch

Girls have an exciting opportunity to create their own avatar who looks just like them! This avatar will be used to help sell products through the M2 website, but can also be made into two personalized patches.

To earn the Mags&Munchies personalized patch, girls need to:

  • create an avatar,
  • send 18+ emails through the M2 system,
  • use the “Share My Site” function on M2
  • and sell at least $300 worth of Mags&Munchies products. Once they earn the patch, girls can choose whether their avatar will be in front of an igloo or an expedition ship.

Girls can personalize their patch by choosing from two scenes (paddle boarding or snorkeling) and choosing from two different swim outfits or Girl Scout attire for their avatar. 

  • gsnc_mags-and-munchies-personalized-patch_3
  • gsnc_mags-and-munchies-personalized-patch_1
Cookie Crossover Patch

To earn the Girl Scout Cookie crossover personalized patch:

  • Make sure you log into the M2 site and create your avatar.
  • Send 18+ marketing emails through the M2 system
  • Use the "Share My Site" function in the M2 system
  • Sell 110+ packages during the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program initial order time period.
  • gsnc_mags-and-munchies-personalized-patch_2