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For Sellers

When you participate in the Mags&Munchies program, you're doing more than just helping your customers stock up on delicious treats (and having lots of fun), you're doing it with a goal in mind. Whether that goal is going ice skating, doing a community project, camping for the first time, or that trip to Texas your Troop has been working towards, you and your Troop know how much product you need to sell to make it happen.

But did you know that you're also part of a business, one that's run by girls just like you all over the country? Even cooler: The Mags&Munchies program teaches you skills essential for success both now and later:

  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Money Management
  • People Skills
  • Business Ethics
How do I qualify to participate in the Mags&Munchies Program?

In order to participate in the Mags&Munchies Program you must be registered for the current Girl Scout year and you need to have your parent complete the Mags&Munchies Program Permission Slip.

How do I get started in the Program?

Your Troop Leader or Mags&Munchies Troop Manager will be handing out the girl envelopes and permission slips in September or early October.

In the meantime, registered Nassau County Girl Scouts can start selling magazines online through their online account as early as August 24. Getting Started Online is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Register for a QSP Account - If you have participated in the program before, use your previous login. For new users be sure to take note of your Girl Scout Online ID# when registering.


2. Customize Your Online Store - Girls can dazzle their welcome page with fun backgrounds and icons, add goals so customers can understand why they are supporting you, and upload a photo or video to make it all her own.

3. Spread the word - Girls can send personalized emails through their QSP account to invite friends and family to shop their online store. Would you like to reach more people than just your email contacts, promote your store link through a parent’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

*Internet safety is important. Adult supervision is recommended for all online activities.

What products are sold through the Mags&Munchies program?

Family and friends can order chocolates, nuts, snacks, magazines, candles, water bottles, tumblers and organic veggie plants from you to help your Troop earn money for Troop trips and activities.

If you have customers that do not wish to purchase unique variety of items available, they also have the option of making a donation to one of our community service programs: Operation: Stop Hunger on Long Island and Project Thank You!

Check out all the products.

Are there rewards that I can earn through the Mags&Munchies Program?

Earning rewards is all about goal setting! First, check out this year’s cool rewards. Is there a reward that looks totally awesome? Write it down. How many boxes or magazines will it take to earn that reward? Write that down too. Now, talk to your parents/guardian and Troop Leader about your goal. Final step… work towards achieving your goal.

Check out the 2018 Mags&Munchies Program Rewards which include adventures trips, exciting items, and fun patches to help you set a goal.

Resources that can help you reach your goals.

Parent Permission Form - In order for girls to participate in the 2018 Mags&Munchies program, the Parent Permission form must be signed by a parent or guardian and given to the Troop Leader or Mags&Munchies Troop Manager.

Girl Business Card - TOP SELLER TIP:  Give people your business card and ask them to visit your online store to support your business. Make sure to write in your name, troop number, and Online QSP ID Number.   

Looking for other items that will help you reach your Mags&Muchies goal, visit GSNC’s Online Community (OLC).

How can I safely sell Mags&Munchies products?
  • Show your Girl Scout Spirit - Show off your Girl Scout Vest or Sash when selling Mags&Munchies… not only does this tell your buyer you are actually a Girl Scout, but it shows them all the activities they will help you take part in by buying Mags&Munchies from you.
  • Buddy Up - Just like in your Troop meeting, always bring a buddy! It's not just safe, it's more fun.
  • Partner with Adults - Adults must be present when girls are taking orders, selling or delivering product.
  • Be safe when walking your neighborhood by Planning Ahead - Map out what houses on the block you plan on visiting and avoid walking around with large amounts of money. Only bring enough cash to give change to customers.  Hand in the money you’ve collected to the Troop Mags&Munchies Manager as soon as possible.
  • Do Not Enter - Never enter the home or vehicle of a person when you are selling or making deliveries.
Be A Reader Program

The 2018 Be A Reader poster is only available online in the OLC. The girls in the Troop who complete the Be A Reader program qualify for a free Be A Reader patch. Find a new Be A Reader evaluation form for 2018 on the OLC. Troop Leader brings the completed evaluation form to GS Shop to get a Free Bee patch for each participating girl.  Evaluation forms must be turned in by November 16.

Mags&Munchies Program: Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I get the Mags&Munchies Program materials?
Does Mags&Munchies accept coupons?
Are checks acceptable payments?
Does the customer get a receipt?
When do we collect the payment for magazine, nuts and chocolate?
What if my Friends and Family Don’t Want to Purchase Mags&Munchies for Themselves?
How do I earn a Share Patch?
Who do I call if I have a question?

For questions about forms and deadlines contact your Association Mags&Munchies Program Chair. For subscription related questions, contact Customer Service directly at 1.800.678.2673. They are more than willing to assist with any subscription concerns that may arise. For questions about nuts/snacks call 800.284.6887.