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Operation: Stop Hunger on Long Island

The Mags&Munchies Program provides a fantastic opportunity to teach girls life skills through business. They learn the “Save, Spend, Share” model that helps them develop into good citizens and ethical business people. Girls discover the joy of giving back to others through the Operation: Stop Hunger on Long Island Community Share Programs.

This program has grown over the years. Our girls feel proud when they encourage their family and friends to support Long Islanders in need through Mags&Munchies donations that go to local food pantries.

About Operation: Stop Hunger on Long Island
For each $6.00 donation through Operation: Stop Hunger on Long Island, GSNC will deliver a nut/snack item to food pantries on Long Island!

How can you support this amazing program?

Donate through a Girl Scout in your area on her online site or on her order card. Check the “Care to Share” item box for your donations to go to "Operation Stop Hunger.”