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For Cookie Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to support your troop’s Girl Scout Cookie Program. Because of you, girls gain important skills that will help them become the leaders of tomorrow. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a great way to help girls of all ages to earn money towards all of their fun Girl Scout adventures… and it's a hands-on, leadership and entrepreneurial opportunity which teaches girls the five skills needed in both life and business.

Top five reasons you should participate in the Cookie Program:

 Life Skills: The Cookie Program helps you and your girls develop leadership skills for life, including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

It’s EASY to participate: Your Troop Cookie Manager can access the Troop Cookie Manager Dashboard on the OLC, eBudde, just-in-time videos, and other resources for girls to track and manage their businesses.

Financial support for fun troop activities: Your troop will earn funds to help offset the cost of activities & so much more! In the process, girls gain skills to be financially savvy.

Girls can earn fabulous rewards: Rewards help girls set goals.

Many successful businesswomen say they got their start selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Thanks to caring volunteers, LIKE YOU, girls who participate in the Cookie Program gain courage, confidence and character to pursue their dreams!

For inspiring videos, resources, activities, clip art and more, go to


Thank You Volunteers!

Girl Scouts of Nassau County would like to thank all families who participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. You have given your children an opportunity to learn about goal setting, decision making, people skills, money management and business ethics by encouraging them to run their own Girl Scout Cookie business. These entrepreneurial skills are a key element of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

The Cookie Program would not be possible without the assistance of 1500+ “Cookie Support Staff”—our Troop Cookie Managers and Troop Leaders. In addition, we appreciate the dedication of our Service Unit Volunteers: Cookie Chairs, Drop Site Coordinators, Booth Site Coordinators, and Rewards Distributors.

Important Dates
Cookie Kickoff

Cookie Kickoffs/Rallies are a great way to get girls excited about the cookie program and help them develop 5 skills essential to leadership, success, and life: goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Whether you’re incorporating games from the Cookie Kickoff Rally Guide or developing your own activities, get creative, keep it simple, and most of all…have fun! Check out activities created by Little Brownie Bakers>>

Coming soon! More information about GSNC's 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Kickoff.

In mid-December, the members of your Girl Scout troop will receive an email from Girl Scouts of the USA inviting Girl Scouts (or the parents of Girl Scouts) to register for the Digital Cookie. Girls can set up their web page, customize it, enter emails for friends and family, and do the awesome interactive activities on the DOC site.


GSNC offers “Cookie Bites” short training videos on different topics for our Troop Cookie Managers. All Cookie Bites training videos can be found on the OLC, in the Awesome Cookies Volunteers section.

Service Unit Cookie Chairs and the GSNC Cupboard Staff are also available to answer volunteer questions.


All volunteer forms and documents, including the Troop Manager’s Manual, Parent Permission Slip, and the Troop Gift of Caring/Operation Cookie Donation Receipt, can be found in the “Awesome Cookie Volunteers” group on GSNC’s Online Community (OLC).
eBudde™—including Help Center for Troop Managers. Quick guides, short videos, manuals, and forms.
Online community (OLC) for Girl Scouts of Nassau County members. Volunteer/Awesome Cookie Volunteers community with resources for volunteers. Program/Cookie Program community for all members.
Girl Scouts can set up their own personalized website, take credit card payments, and market shipped and girl-delivered cookies.
Earn them, wear them—and let the world know all that you’ve learned and achieved as a real-life entrepreneur. Information about the new Girl Scout Cookie Business badges and the Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin.

Items to support your cookie program from badges to cookie swag to bling your booth!

Cookie Cupboard

The Cookie Cupboard is for troop cookie pick-ups for booth sales and additional orders. Customers looking for Girl Scout Cookies should use the booth sale finder app.

For the Cookie Cupboard location and hours of operation, please visit the Cookie Cupboard section of our Location and Hours webpage.

Booth Sales

Booth sales help girls reach more customers and are a great way to increase your troop’s success. Remember, all booth sales must be approved through eBudde™.

Possible high-traffic locations include:

  • Parks
  • Banks
  • Universities
  • Restaurants
  • Garden centers and florists
  • Youth sports leagues
  • Community meetings/events
  • “Lemonade” stand (with or without lemonade!)
  • Neighborhood yard sales
  • Long Island Rail Road (Brownies and older, no Daisies)

Booth Information for Leaders and Troop Cookie Managers
Please be aware that safety guidelines for in-person activities are constantly evolving. Visit the OLC for the most up-to-date status and guidelines for Girl Scouts of Nassau County in-person activities.

Girl Scout Cookie booth sales are a simple way to increase sales by reaching customers who are not at home when girls take orders or sell door-to-door. Booth sales are the second phase of the cookie sale. After the order taking phase in December and January, booth sales begin. They are a supplement to the regular cookie order taking to help your troop achieve its goals.

Girls enjoy doing booth sales because it's fun!! They get to interact with customers, make changes, and express their individuality by decorating their booth. Encourage your girls to practice what they'll say to customers beforehand.

Booth Sale Recorder 
To make it easier to keep track of Booth sales and allocate boxes to participating girls, try using the Booth Sale Recorder app to allocate booth sale cookies to girls, and keep track of all cookies sold at the booth sale. The app ties directly to eBudde, so once you input the information with the app, it will automatically appear in eBudde. Need to make changes, no problem. You can still make adjustments manually in eBudde.

Booth Sleuth
Get ready for a "Booth Sleuth" at your next booth sale. Booth Sleuths are volunteers who randomly visit booth sales in Nassau County. Just like a “secret shopper,” Booth Sleuth’s are looking at the quality of a booth sale.