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For Cookie Entrepreneurs

There's so much more to Girl Scout Cookies than what’s in the box—there’s the magic that is you!

When you sell Girl Scout Cookies, you're doing more than helping your customers stock up on delicious treats (and having lots of fun). You have a goal in mind: to power life-changing programs, experiences, and learning for yourself and your troop all year long. Because no matter what obstacles may come your way, we know that you’ll face them with resiliency and creativity—it’s the Girl Scout way!

When you participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, you’re part of something even bigger than you, your troop, and all the amazing girls nationwide that sell too; you’re part of the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world! Having the opportunity to run your very own cookie business gives you skills essential for success today and in the future.

   Goal Setting

   Decision Making

   Money Management 

   People Skills

   Business Ethics 

You even get to bring meaningful moments of joy to all your customers with every box of delicious treats you sell! How special is that? Very—especially in challenging times like these.

Need help getting started? Check out all the resources that make it easy to sell more cookies this year than you ever thought possible!

Find out more about our cookies, how the cookie crumbles, cookie recipes, and more on our About Girl Scout Cookies page.

Cookie Season Updates
Raspberry Rally Cookie Will Soon Be Available! Digital Cookie Shipped Option Opening Soon!

Girl Scouts who sell online through the Digital Cookie platform sell 50% more cookies than those using only paper order cards. Girl Scouts using Digital Cookie love how it brings even more excitement to their cookie business. Share your link and watch your cookie business soar!

Starting Monday, February 27, 2023 the shipping option will become available on Digital Cookie! Along with their favorites, customers will be able to purchase the new addition to the cookie lineup, Raspberry Rally! A thin, crispy cookie infused with raspberry flavor, dipped in a chocolaty coating. Raspberry Rally is the first Girl Scout Cookie exclusively sold online via direct ship through Digital Cookie®. Councils are assigned a limited number of Raspberry Rally boxes, so spread the word and make sure your customers place their orders before they’re gone!

GSNC’s Cookie Program Has Been Extended!

Girl Scout Cookie Program will NOW end on March 15, 2023! Our Girl Scouts have been anxiously waiting to share the shipping option with friends and family living farther away. With Digital Cookie shipping opening on February 27, 2023 we want to make sure every Girl Scout Cookie boss has enough time to promote to their customers. Therefore, we will be extending the Girl Scout Cookie Program one week, now ending on Wednesday, March 15, 2023!

That means more time to:

  • Promote the shipping option on your Digital Cookie site!
  • Share the news about Raspberry Rally cookie!
  • Participate in booth sales!
  • Have a walkabout with your cookies in hand!

Remember to check your cookie goals daily, share ideas with your sister Girl Scouts and be sure to share your stories with us.

Important Dates

The 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Season is almost here! Here are some important dates for you to know:

December 8, 2022: Digital Cookie set-up begins.
December 14, 2022: In-person order taking begins.
December 15, 2022: Digital Cookie online order taking begins for girl delivery and donation options.
January 13, 2023: Digital Cookie girl delivery option for Digital Cookie closes for initial orders.
January 17, 2023: Initial order taking ends.
January 25, 2023: Girl Scout Cookie cupboard opens.
January 26, 2023
: Digital Cookie girl delivery option reopens
January 28, 2023: Girl Scout Cookie booth sale season begins.
February 27, 2023: Digital Cookie online order taking for shipping option begins and Raspberry Rallies available for purchase online shipping option only
March 3-5, 2023
: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
March 8, 2023: Girl Scout Cookie Program ends for the season.

All dates are subject to change. Please be aware that safety guidelines for in-person activities are constantly evolving. Visit the OLC for the most up to date status and guidelines for Girl Scouts of Nassau County in-person activities.


Want to know about all the benefits of selling Girl Scout Cookies? Looking for a one-stop-shop with the latest safety guidelines, information on earning the Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin, and tips for parents and volunteers working with Girl Scout Cookie professionals? 

Girl Scouts of the USA's Cookie Resources Page 
Here you'll find handouts, posters, videos, and other materials to help you have fun and stay safe as you build your cookie business.  

Tools for Cookie Program Success

Little Brownie Bakers 
Want to make this cookie season the best one yet? Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at Little Brownie Bakers.
Need some pizzazz to make your booth stand out? Download posters, banners, name tags, receipts, thank-you cards, and more at   

GSNC Cookie Program Resources

Additional members-only, Girl Scout Cookie Program information, and updates are available on GSNC’s OLC.

The GSNC Volunteer Resource Center has Badge Kits available to help with some of the badges girls can earn this Cookie Season.

The GSNC Shop has great Girl Scout Cookie Program swag and program support materials available for purchase.

How to Participate

In order to sell Girl Scout Cookies, you must be registered for the current Girl Scout year and you need to complete the Cookie Program Parent Permission Slip.

There are many ways to sell Girl Scout Cookies, and each one helps girls gain different skills along the way. Let girls take the lead in picking how they want to run their businesses. Every girl and troop should participate at the level comfortable to them.  

  • Order cards. In some councils, these are used before girls have cookies in hand to help them know how many cookies they need to order. Once girls do have cookies in hand, order cards are also handy when girls run out of a type of cookie. They can use the cards to track customers and place a reorder. 
    Cookie pro tip: Always keep order cards in your purse, car, cookie wagon, etc. Running out of cookies or not being able to carry enough packages for all potential customers is never a problem for girls if they bring an order card along.
  • Direct sales. This happens after girls have cookies in hand; no need to keep customers waiting! Girls can go door-to-door, pull a wagon through their neighborhood, and more (all with the help from a parent or guardian).  
  • Cookie booths. Cookie pop-up sales in areas with lots of foot traffic are a fun way for girls to connect with their community and practice their sales pitches with new customers. Booth locations must be approved by councils and facilitated within council jurisdiction. And participants must follow all council guidelines about setting up, running, and taking down a booth. Girls can also host virtual cookie booths to promote their sites where they make their pitches via video and direct customers to their Digital Cookie®  site. A virtual booth guide and additional resources are available at
Digital Sales

Use Digital Cookie to reach customers near and far. Girls can promote their site by emailing friends and family, creating videos to share on social media, and hosting a virtual cookie booth where they make their pitch online. There are endless ways for girls to get creative in spreading the word about their Digital Cookie site. Visit the Digital Cookie section for more information.

Donation Program

Customers who don’t want to purchase cookies or want other ways to support girls can donate a package of cookies to a local hero or cause.  Customers can support the donation program through any of the above selling methods. Visit the Gift of Caring section for more information.

Digital Cookie® is back and better than ever this year! Boost your sales and go beyond the booth with online and mobile channels that make it easy for cookie connoisseurs near and far to support your sale and your success.

You get more ways to participate, more ways to sell, more ways to buy, and more ways to learn—nice! And guess what? Girls who used the platform in addition to traditional sales sold more cookies and reached their goals faster—so amazing.

Plus, on your very own personalized cookie site, you can play interactive games, watch videos, enjoy printable activities, take fun quizzes, and do even more—all while taking your cookie sale to the next level.

Excited to jump in? Get movin’ with the Digital Cookie platform in four easy steps:

Digital Cookie helps to maximize the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Digital Cookie allows you to customize the way you learn and earn, using technology in new and engaging ways, all while earning cool cookie business badges along the way.

Digital Cookie also allows for cashless transactions. Customers pay directly through your site with a credit card. That means no cash for girls or parents to have to track down and collect. Without having to track down payments you can spend even more time focusing on selling to reach your goals!

Registration is simple. Keep your eyes open for the “Register for the Digital Cookie Platform Today” email that will be sent out as cookie season gets closer. Follow the instructions in the email to register.


Now you can take your Girl Scout Cookie business on the go!

You’ll need a Digital Cookie platform login to set up and use the Digital Cookie mobile app. Don’t have a Digital Cookie account yet? That’s OK!

Here's how to request an email to get started.

Once you’ve signed up, you can:

  • Let customers easily order their favorite Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Take orders on your website—or in person with the app.
  • Get important safety advice and cool cookie-selling tips.
  • Accept credit card payments—it's so easy.

You can also use the app to check your progress, and share your site URL via email. Remember: only share with cookie customers you and your family know—safety first!

The Digital Cookie app makes it super simple for customers to order their faves online and pay by credit card to either get the cookies right from you or have them shipped—awesome!

Share your site with relatives, friends, and trusted contacts. Track your goals, get safety tips, find selling pointers. Take orders, accept credit card payments, and more!

These days you can buy almost anything online, and Girl Scout Cookies are no exception. Digital Cookie and virtual booth sales make it easy to sell cookies to friends and family from all over the country!

What exactly is a virtual booth sale? Virtual booth sales are a great way for girls to come together, sell cookies, work towards their goals, and stay safe.

Create a social media event or schedule a live stream on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, and Google Hangouts (with proper supervision). Talk to your audience just like you would if someone was walking up to an in-person booth. Be sure to share what kinds of cookies you’re selling, how your Troop plans to spend their proceeds, and what goals you have. Let customers know what your Digital Cookie link is so they can go directly to your page to place orders.


GSNC’s Key Dates for Digital Cookie
Girls/Guardians will receive an email with the link to set up their Digital Cookie site.      
12/15/2022 Order taking begins for Girl-delivered/in-person and Donated Cookies.
Parent approval of Girl Delivery orders must be completed.
Digital orders must be entered/transmitted by this date to count for the Initial Order Girl Rewards
1/26/2023 Girl Delivery option for Digital Cookie reopens for additional orders.
2/27/2023    Digital Cookie online order taking for shipping option begins and Raspberry Rallies available for purchase online shipping option only.
3/8/2023 Cookie Sale ends.

Girl Scouts from Nassau County who sell Girl Scout Cookies® have an opportunity to earn Cookie Rewards based on the number of packages of Girl Scout Cookies they sell through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. All rewards are cumulative except for some patches. Girls will receive all rewards up to the amount they sold. Girls may also earn Cookie Credits.

Congratulations to the Girl Scouts who achieved their BIG goals.

Order Card Rewards

Girl Scouts from Nassau County who sell Girl Scout Cookies® have an opportunity to earn Cookie Rewards based on the number of packages of Girl Scout Cookies they sell through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. All rewards are cumulative except for some patches. Girls will receive all rewards up to the amount they sold. Girls may also earn Cookie Credits.  

Cookie Credits

In addition to earning proceeds for their troop and rewards for themselves, girls earn Cookie Credits based on their individual efforts and success. Girls can do great things with their Cookie Credits like go to Girl Scout Camp, troop and Service Unit events/trips, Council sponsored programs/events/trips, and even nationally sponsored Girl Scout Destinations. Cookie Credits can also be used for items in the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Shop and annual registration fees. To redeem your Cookie Credits, fill out the Cookie Credit Redemption Form and return it to the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Service Center.

How do you Redeem Cookie Credits?
Don't let your Cookie Credits expire! To use your Cookie Credits, fill out the Cookie Credit Redemption Form and return it to the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Service Center. If it's a Council-run event, the credits will be applied directly, if it's a Possibilities or other troop trip, a check will be mailed to the Troop Leader. If you have any questions about Cookie Credits, please email them to

Can a family combine sales for Cookie Credits or any other rewards?
At Girl Scouts of Nassau County, we realize that participation in the Cookie Program is a family affair. Therefore, families can combine the Cookie sales of all of their girls living in one household to qualify for Standard Cookie Credits, as well as for the 100+ package Gift of Caring donation delivery reward activities.



The safety of our girls, volunteers, members, families, and staff is our top priority.

Please visit GSNC's Covid Guidelines page for more information about Girl Scout Cookie season Covid safety.

Tips and Techniques for Marketing

Family and Friends Marketing
Contact your friends and family via phone or in-person to ask if they are interested in purchasing Girl Scout Cookies or donating to GSNC's Gift of Caring. Remember to review last year’s order card to reconnect with your reliable customers and practice networking.

Digital Cookie
Girls create customized websites and send emails to people they know asking them to buy cookies. Customers place orders online and pay online.

Promote Your Digital Cookie Link on Social Media
Girl Scouts who share their digital storefronts with social media posts to friends and family can sell 50% more than when using the order card alone.
Important: Girls may only advertise their individual Digital Cookie link on personal social media pages. Community, marketplace, business, neighborhood-type sites are not permitted to promote individual girl sales. Sites with the direct purpose of selling items (such as marketplace, Craig’s List, yard sale type-sites) are not permitted.

Virtual Cookie Party
Hit your goal faster with a Virtual Cookie Party. Invite your friends, families, and all your favorite cookie customers to a party to share your cookie stories, package goals, and dreams. You can customize your pitch with a script and plan fun games and activities.

Booth Sales
Booth sales help girls reach more customers and are a great way to increase your troop’s success.

Lemonade Stand-Style Sale
You may set up lemonade stand-style “standabouts” in front of your family’s private residence to market cookies to your neighborhood. During "standabouts," girls learn how to manage change, cash flow, and cookie inventory in real-time, just like other businesses.

Accompanied by your adult caregiver, walk around your neighborhood knocking on doors and ringing doorbells to market cookies. You may leave door hangers or business cards with your unique Digital Cookie code at homes where there is no reply. Going door-to-door, you learn the benefits of casting a wide customer net and how to build relationships within your community.

COVID-19 consideration: Conduct door-to-door with members of your household only. Find updated safety information at

Workplace Sales
Ask business owners or managers for permission to market cookies at the workplaces during a staff meeting or one-on-one meeting with upper-level management.  

Other Selling Ideas

  • It’s fast and easy to sell cookies by phone. Girls can review order cards from prior years and contact these customers again. Or, once
    cookies are delivered, girls can call customers to thank them for their orders and see if they need more!
  • Take a wagon on a walkabout through your neighborhood! If we get one of those warm early spring days, this is a great way to sell leftover booth sale cookies!
Up Your Cookie Game

Know the cookie varieties. Use this knowledge to convince customers to order more. “Did you know Thin Mints are vegan? We have two cookie varieties with peanut butter: Tagalongs have chocolate, and Do-si-dos don’t.”

Say thank you. Pre-write thank you cards with your unique Digital Cookie link. Customers can use the link to reorder later in the season.

Set a goal. Set small, achievable goals throughout the season to reach your big goal. “Today, I will send three Digital Cookie emails and go door-to-door for one hour.”

Wear a Girl Scout vest. Show your Girl Scout spirit by wearing cookie swag and decorating the supplies.

Promote Gift of Caring.  

Are You New to the Girl Scout Cookie Program?

Participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program is an essential part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experiences (and it's really fun!)

If this is your first time with the Girl Scout Cookie Program you might want to start by checking out the great tips at Little Brownie Bakers website or Girl Scouts of the USA. Girl Scouts from Nassau County can also follow our Cookie Program page on the OLC.

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin

Make Girl Scout Cookie season a family affair!  Earning Cookie Entrepreneur Family pins makes spending time with family easy, fun, and even sweeter during cookie season. Start your collection today, and get ready to rock your Girl Scout pride all season long.

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