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Why Camp

If you’ve  ever camped before, you know first-hand the positive effects the camp experience has to offer—plus, it’s just so much fun!

On the other hand, if you’ve never had the opportunity to camp as a child, you may be wondering exactly what the benefits are, and what your child will gain from the experience.

Let’s take you through it!

Science shows that being outdoors makes us happier and healthier, helping to improve  mental health, physical health and social skills—amazing.


Mental Health Benefits:

Fresh air, movement and detaching from technology brings Increased concentration and creativity, and significant reductions in stress and anxiety. There is no WiFi at camp, which allows girls the opportunity to find a deeper connection; with themselves and with others.


Physical Benefits: 

Stronger heart, lungs and muscles as well as increases in body awareness and confidence are all tied to outdoor experiences. Through activities like swimming, boating, hiking, archery, stand up paddle board, and more, she’s sure to have tons of fun while tackling new challenges.


Social Skills: 

It’s cool to try new things at camp, and although it may be overwhelming at first, she’s got this! New experiences build resiliency as girls learn to manage risks and embrace both success and failure in a supportive environment. Girls learn to support one another as they cheer each other on during new adventures. Girls also gain independence, improve communication skills and make connections; lifelong friendships are often made at camp!