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Girl Scouts earning their Bronze Award

Bronze Award Girl Scouts

When Girl Scout Juniors team up to make a difference in their community, they learn important leadership skills, discover new passions, and watch how seemingly small actions make a big difference. It all adds up to the Girl Scout Bronze Award—the highest honor a Junior can achieve. Download the Bronze Award guidelines to find out how.

Each girl needs to use the Bronze Award guidelines to develop their Bronze Award project. Please read over all the resources below for details.

Girl Scout Bronze Award pin
You can pursue your Girl Scout Bronze Award if:

You're in fourth or fifth grade (or equivalent)


You're a registered Girl Scout Junior


You have completed a Junior Journey

Girl Scout Bronze Award Steps


Build your Girl Scout Junior team


Explore your community


Choose your Bronze Award project


Make a plan


Put your plan in motion


Spread the word

Find quick answers to your questions about Girl Scouting's Highest Awards: the Girl Scout Bronze Award. View the Highest Awards FAQ>>



GSNC’s Girl Scout Bronze Award Toolkit
GSNC’s Girl Scout Bronze Award Toolkit

GSNC’s Girl Scout Bronze Award Toolkit is a Junior Girl Scouts' guide to all things Bronze Award. In here, girls and their Girl Scout Volunteer/Leader will have all the information and resources they need to complete their Bronze Award.

This toolkit includes:

  • Steps to earning the Girl Scout Bronze Award
  • Difference between taking action and community service
  • Girl Scout Bronze Award Adult Volunteer Guide
  • The Girl Scout Bronze Award guidelines for Girl Scout Juniors
  • What to do when the project is complete
  • Bronze Award Approval Checklist for Leaders
  • Bronze Award Final Report Form
Bronze Award Training

Bronze Award Training
Learn the ins and outs of what is required to lead your troop through the Bronze Award process. Earning the Bronze Award, Junior Girl Scouts see how rewarding it is to make the world a better place, right at home, in their community! Once girls earn their Bronze Award, they tend to go on and earn all of the three highest awards. Help your troop on this path by completing the online Bronze Award training. This training is designed for GS leaders and adults who will be guiding girls through earning their Bronze Award.

View our Bronze Award Training Video>>

Higher Awards Office Hours

NEW! Bronze, Silver, and Gold Office Hours

Once you have read Your Guide to Going Gold, Silver, or Bronze Toolkits and have watched the training videos, you can sign up for a time slot to have your questions answered.

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