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Girl Scouts of Nassau County publishes two publications for its members – Girlfriends and Possibilities.


GirlFriends is a publication of Girl Scouts of Nassau County, Inc. which provides Girl Scouts in Nassau County the opportunity to hear about the outcome of past events, while also hearing about future events within the Nassau Council.  Look for a new issue every six to eight weeks.

We welcome photos and stories of your troop activities, as well as suggestions of how we can continue to make GirlFriends better.

Find out how your troop can be featured in Girlfriends.


Girl Scouts of Nassau County’s Possibilities is a semi-annual program booklet packed with fun and exciting program opportunities and trip options in which troops can participate.  Providing a wide variety of activity themes including auto mechanics, science, fitness, spa, health, business, and art, girls can choose to participate in programs that allow discover more about themselves, connect with their communities, and take action to make the world a better place.

When you meet with your troop, use Possibilities as a tool to help plan your year. Girls should indicate what activities are of interest to them. Your troop should develop a budget, incorporating dues, family partnership rebates, and goals for rebates earned in the Mags&Munchies and Cookie Programs.

Possibilities is a semi-annual program booklet that reaches the 2,000 Troop Leaders who lead the 18,500 registered Girl Scouts in Nassau County. Bring your program to these registered Girl Scouts by promoting it in Possibilities today!

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Camp Guide

Girl Scouts of Nassau County Camp Guide

If you’ve ever camped before, you know first-hand the positive effects the camp experience has to offer—plus, it’s just so much fun! Camp is a place for girls to try new things and be themselves. Whether it’s Sleep Away Camp, Day Camp, or Camping with her Troop, there’s always tons to choose from. Explore the possibilities today.

Annual Report

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