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Volunteer Training

Welcome, Girl Scout Volunteer! As a volunteer, you'll provide girls with a safe and encouraging environment that introduces them to new WOW-worthy experiences that show them they're capable of more than they ever imagined. Now that you have completed your Volunteer Application and your background check, it’s time to get started—so exciting!

Let’s take a moment to get inspired!  

Below you will find all of the courses you need to complete your Basic Leadership training, along with some optional online courses and tips that will help get your Troop started and create the most exciting leadership experience for our girls.

Which Training are required for me to become a Troop Leader?

Welcome to Girl Scouts of Nassau County
Welcome to Girl Scouts of Nassau County is our online course that introduces you to our Council. At the end of this course, it is important to complete the form so that you can get credit for taking it. *Please note you will be required to complete the following form at the end of the course in order to receive credit.

Access ‘Welcome to Girl Scouts of Nassau County’ Training Course

Girl Scouting 101
Girl Scouting 101 is a Girl Scouts of the USA course. It is a 45 minute self-paced online orientation to Girl Scouting. This course will give you all the basics about Girl Scouting including; different ways to participate as a volunteer, all the amazing things Girl Scouts do, Safety Standards, Girl Scout Cookie program, and more! Just click on the link, complete the information page and go directly to the activity that you are planning! Girl Scouting 101 * Please note you will be required to complete the following form at the beginning of this course in order to receive credit.

Access "Girl Scouting 101" Training Course

I am planning our first Troop trip. What do I need to know?

Plan your trip using "GSUSA's Safety Activity Checkpoints." The checkpoints will help you and your Troop members plan your adventures safely and awesomely! Just click on the link and go directly to the activity that you are planning.

View GSUSA's Safety Activity Checkpoints

Trip Training Course
What is a Girl Scout Trip and how do you get ready for it? The Trip Training course will prepare leaders and trip coordinators to bring their Troops/Groups on any Girl Scout trip or activity. Participants will become familiar with GSUSA Safety Activity Checkpoints, GSNC Policies, Guidelines and Standards, budgeting, timing, transportation and other topics, so that the event is fun and safe for all.

Please Note: Trip Training is a pre requisite for Outdoor Camp Training


Camp/Outdoor Training

Camp Training for 1st Timers

Girl Scouts of Nassau County provides Outdoor Education courses to help Girl Scout volunteers prepare themselves and the girls they work with to enjoy outdoor experiences together. Training will introduce progression in the out-of-doors, review camp facilities and provide basic skills for outdoor program. Under the guidance of trained and enthusiastic adults, girls may take their first hike, build their first campfire and sleep under the stars for the first time. Please Note: Trip Training is a pre requisite for Outdoor Camp Training


Two ways to participate

Option 1:

Two evening sessions and one overnight at camp. You would need to register for: Trip Training (evening one), Overnight Pre-Plan (evening two) and the Mandatory Overnight. Individual classes must be taken in sequence.

Cost: Mandatory Overnight Training fee to cover the cost of food is $20 per adult.

Please Note: Daycare for your school-age children will be available space permitting during the Mandatory Overnight. All children attending will take part in a specially designed camp program during the day, while the adults participate in training. Parents and children will enjoy dinner, evening program and overnight accommodations together. Cost per child is $15.00 and it includes lunch and program fees. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity please register by mail, be sure to include the names and age of the children, and program fees with your registration form. Space for Children is limited and will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

Option 2:

All in one training (Friday through Sunday at Camp). Please note: this course will include Trip Training, Overnight Pre-Plan and Mandatory Overnight and has a fee of $25 per person to cover the cost of food. Daycare is NOT available during this weekend.

Camp Update

Camp guidelines, procedures and programs change. Your camping skills must be updated every three years to enable you to take girls camping. The Camp Update course will review skills, provide up-to-date information on camp materials used, ecology and environmental guidelines.  (Required every three years to keep certification current.)


What other training will help me as GS Leader?

We’re in this together. The next few optional trainings are designed to help you get up and running in your new volunteer role.

Getting Started with Your Troop
Getting Started with Your Troop is an excellent introduction to working with girls in a Troop. Some of the topics include; Troop dues, Tag–a-long insurance, uniform components, having your daughter in your Troop, planning a Girl Scout Troop meeting, plus so much more!

Getting Started with Your Troop Video Training is Temporarily Unavailable.

Getting Started with Your Troop (pdf)

Getting Started with Your Troop In-Person Workshop 
We are also offering in person workshops for Getting Started with Your Troop. No current in-person Getting Started with Your Troop In-person workshops at this time.


Quick Start Guides for Troop Volunteers
Here are some other resources specific to Troop levels!

Quick Start for Daisy Troop Volunteers
Quick Start for Brownie Troop Volunteers
Quick Start for Junior Troop Volunteers

Take Action for the Bronze Award
What does it take for your GS Troop to earn the Bronze Award? Come to this highly recommended seminar to learn the award guidelines, participate in activities that help you understand the difference between Community Service and Take Action projects, and your role as Leader. GSNC wants you to feel empowered to help guide your girls in earning the highest award for Girl Scout Juniors! FOR ALL TAKE ACTION FOR THE BRONZE AWARD DATES, GO TO THE EVENTS LISTING AND CLICK ON “ADVANCED SEARCH” AND UNDER CATEGORY SELECT “ADULT TRAINING.”

Membership Organizer Training
Are you a new Membership Organizer? The Membership Organizer Manual is full of information on Girl Scout Pathways, recruiting girls and adults, forming and registering Troops, and so much more.The Membership Organizer Manual is a required training to be reviewed and used as a reference for all Membership Organizer volunteers.  

Remember, you’re not in this alone. Be sure to stay connected with your Council Membership Specialist so that we can provide the best service for our girls.  If you’re not sure who your Membership Specialist is, contact Lorna de Bellegarde at

Follow the link and complete the form to access the Membership Organizer Manual.

How do I open my Troop’s Bank Account?

Girl Scouts is all about learning, earning and having fun! As a Girl Scout Troop, your Troop will be both earning money through Troop money-earning activities and spending money on fun programs and activities. This means you will need to set up a Troop Bank Account. Follow this helpful guide on how to establish a Troop Bank Account.

Learn how to Establish a Troop Bank Account.

Where can I receive First Aid / CPR Training?

For many activities, Girl Scouts recommends that at least one adult volunteer be First Aid/CPR certified (complete list of recommendations can be found in "Volunteer Essentials” and "GSUSA's Safety Activity Checkpoints."

You can pursue certification through various resources such as local community education, your local fire department or community center or look online for trainings offered by the American Red Cross,National Safety Council,and the American Heart Association.

What do I do if I am having conflict with my Co-Leader, other Troop Leaders or parents?

There are many decisions to make when leading a Troop of Girl Scouts. Conflict may arise between Troop Leaders, parents and other volunteers due to misunderstanding, perception and emotions. Please take a moment to watch this GSUSA video about Conflict Management. The video contains some very useful tools and tips to use if faced with conflict.

Conflict Management

Are there other resources that I should know about as a new Volunteer?

The Volunteer Resource Center located in our Service Center at Girl Scouts of Nassau County is filled with books, browsing files, and program materials to help make your Troop meetings fun!

"Volunteer Essentials” This resource reviews important topics related to safety, managing money, planning trips and working with girls of all ages. Use it as a reference anytime you need it.

Welcome to Journeys gives an explanation of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and the National Program portfolio. This webinar will provide you with information about the Girl Scout Journey books and the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting books.

GSNC Volunteer Policies 
GSNC Policies, Standards & Guidelines 
Blue Book of Basic Documents contains the Constitution, Bylaws and Policies of Girl Scouts of the United States of America.
Girl Scout University
Connecting Troop Activities to the Leadership Outcomes