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Ambassador: Think Like an Engineer Journey - Mobility Device Design Challenge (Virtual)

Thu Aug 20, 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Girl Fee:

In Conjunction with GSUSA and Dell, join Girl Scouts of Nassau County for this virtual nationwide webcast on Thursday, August 20th at 4:15pm!

*Please note date change* If you signed up for the July 29th date, please go back and re-register for the new August 20th date. GSUSA needed to change the date.

For this challenge, you've been hired as a rehabilitative engineer to prototype a new piece of mobility equipment for an amputee. What can you design to help them to move from place to place?

Through the Design Thinking Process, engineer a prototype of a new piece of mobility equipment for an amputee. Your equipment will need to help them to move from place to place. Mobility equipment is technology that has been designed to help people with mobility impairments move from place to place. It gives users greater independence and control over their day-to-day lives by providing them with freedom of movement. Mobility equipment includes mobility aids like crutches and wheelchairs as well as artificial limbs and prosthetics. A prototype is a quick way to show an idea to others or to try it out. The Design Thinking Process are the steps engineers go through to solve problems. They: identify the problem, brainstorm and plan, build, test, and improve.

This program is for Ambassador Girl Scouts, Grade 11-12th. This event is open to all girls so please invite your friends, near and far!

Materials Needed: 1 large piece of cardboard (2 x 3 ft. or more), 1 roll of string, 2 sheets of felt or another medium-thick fabric, 5 rubber bands, 4 brass fasteners, 1 sheet of poster board, and 5 cardboard tubes, duct or packing tape, scissors, paper, and a pencil to help you with planning and building.
If you’re missing a material or have another idea for something that might be useful, free feel to test them! For example, if you don’t have cardboard tubes, you could roll poster boards or stack sturdy cups and if you don’t have brass fasteners you can be substituted with tacks.

Please note that the timing for this webcast is 4:15pm eastern to 5:00 pm eastern and is approximately 45 minutes long.