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Breaking Through the Stigma - Cancelled

Mon Oct 14, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
GSNC Service Center Map
Healthy Living Programs, Centennial Celebration
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador, Volunteer

Let's have an interactive conversation around mental health while addressing stigma, depression and anxiety by sharing three key messages: it's okay to talk about mental illness, there is no shame in getting help, and there is hope.

This presentation is led by internationally recognized mental health consultant, educator, and author Hakeem Rahim. Coupled with his background in psychological counseling, he now shares his journey with bipolar disorder as a tool to eliminate the shame of seeking help for mental health challenges. Topics will include: What is mental illness, signs and symptoms, the importance of seeking help, treatment for self and others, as well as Q&A and discussion.

This is a drop-off event. No Tag-alongs.