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An Important Message from GSNC's CEO

Dear Girl Scout Family-

It has been a tough few months. On behalf of Girl Scouts of Nassau County, I want to offer comfort to all of our families that have lost someone due to the COVID-19 virus and to families that have experienced difficulties due to the virus. We know in addition to the physical health impacts of this crisis, many of you are also struggling with other challenges including financial and emotional. I applaud all of you for “keeping Girl Scouting going” through these times. You embraced Girl Scouting at Home and pivoted to meeting virtually all while still making the world a better place. The service that the girls and volunteers have done for the community will be remembered long into our future. The community thanks you. I thank you.

In addition, to the global health crisis we are dealing with, we are also witnessing the worldwide response to injustice and racism. Our mission takes on even greater importance now. As you know Girl Scouts has a long history of inclusion and diversity. For over 100 years we have prepared girls to lead with courage, confidence, and character. The Girl Scout Leadership Program gives girls the strength to know what is right, what is wrong, and how to take action. We stand on the ideals of our founder, Juliette Gordon Low and we will build on the work of the next generation. We, as Girl Scouts of Nassau County will continue to be advocates for all girls and provide a safe space for all girls. We will continue to encourage our girls to tell their stories, to speak up and speak out and arm them with the courage, confidence and character they need to make our world a better place, and as adults, we will continue to listen. And as Girl Scouts, we will continue stand against racism and hate. Please continue to check the OLC for additional resources on how to talk about current events with the Girl Scout in your life.

As we continue to navigate this new normal, I will need your help.  In order for our legacy to continue I ask that you to do the following:

  • TELL OUR STORY – Tell everyone Girl Scouts is here for good!
  • ENGAGE – Share what you know with fellow Girl Scouts and others!
  • GIVE BACK – Help make connections secure to improve our funding in these tough times!
  • RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP – Membership makes us stronger!
  • BELIEVE – Continue to believe in the power of Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouts of Nassau County Policy & Reopening Update
I know many of you have been asking questions about when in person Girl Scout activities and meetings can resume. Girl Scouts of Nassau County will continue the suspension of ALL in person Girl Scout activities, indoor or outdoor, including those sponsored by the council, service units, and troops through August 15, 2020. 

No meetings, gatherings, planned activities, events or trips are permitted for girls and volunteers during this time. This decision is for the health and safety of all of our girls and families.  
Girl Scout Liability Insurance will not cover activities that are not approved by council and prior to the lifting of the suspension. If you hold an unsanctioned event, you are liable for any injuries to persons or property that might occur at that activity.  

We are finalizing our “reopening” plan and will notify the membership when our offices will reopen and when it will be permitted to meet in person again. We continue to offer services and programs remotely.

No one leads alone and together we will do our best to navigate through these unusually trying and tragic times.

I have always been moved by Mr. Rogers quote, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”  As the CEO of Girl Scouts of Nassau County, I am committed to being a helper and modeling the leadership, respect, and compassion needed for the Girl Scout movement to remain strong.

Be well!

Yours in Girl Scouting & Service,

Rande Bynum
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of Nassau County