Policy Influencing

Policy influencing may not be dramatic and exciting to everyone, but it is important. While the Board of Directors has the ultimate decision making authority, they are elected by and accountable to Delegates. Whenever it is practical, the Board of Directors seeks input from the policy influencing members. It is important to understand that the Board is not obligated to act according to the will of the policy influencing members. They act for the broader good of the entire Council and its future.

How Can I Influence Policy?

  • Attend Delegate Forums.
  • Become informed about Board activities - read the Board meeting minutes on our website.
  • Be sure that your Delegate Chair is attending Delegate Chair meetings. If they can't, offer to be their substitute.
  • Offer an informed opinion.
  • Remember that the Board must deal with the Council as a whole, with the interest of the current and future organization in mind. Consider the big picture.
  • If you do not fully understand something - ask. The Delegate Communications Committee (DCC) will provide you with answers until they make sense.
  • Volunteer for one of the Standing Board Committees, which are made up of Board Members and non-Board Members. These committees include: the DCC, Community Relations, Finance, Human Resources, Fund Development, and Strategic Planning.