Who are the Other Key Players?

Association Nominating Committee
: The five members of this committee are elected for two year terms and are responsible for choosing members to be elected to association governance positions such as Delegates, Delegate Chairs, and future Association Nominating Committee members.

Council Nominating Committee: This group recruits nominees to the Board of Directors, Members at Large, Board Officers, the slate for National Council Delegates, as well as its own members. They review all referrals and determine who will be interviewed. Finally, the committee develops a single slate for the Delegates to vote on at the Council Annual Meeting.

Delegate Communications Committee: This standing committee on the Board of Directors is made up of both Board and non board members. They oversee the governance of GSNC, act as the liaison between Delegates and the Board of Directors and are responsible for reviewing and maintaining GSNC's policies and standards.

Board of Directors : The Board consists of anywhere from 19 to 27 members at large and is run by a team of 7 elected volunteer officers. They work together with the CEO to develop strategic plans, council policies, and engage in fund development, along with providing financial management and oversight. The Board ensures that the Council remains in compliance with its GUSA charter and state and federal law.

Council President: Named the Chief Volunteer Officer of the board, she/he is responsible for the leadership of the Board and, working closely with the CEO, ensures that the work of the Board is being done.


National Council Delegates: Every three years, GSUSA hold a National Council Meeting to elect the National Board of Directors, its officers, and members of the National Nominating Committee. National Council Delegates vote on proposed changes to GSUSA's Constitution and receive reports from the National Board on its work.




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What Happens When?

May - Council's Annual Meeting is held * Delegate Forums and Delegate Chair meetings are scheduled as needed and may occur more often or less often than cited.