Functions of Governance and Operations

Strategic planning: involves direction setting for the organization and community relationships. Governance: The Board of Directors sets increased racial and ethnic diversity as a top priority, and targets increased membership in various under-represented communities. Management: Council staff and key volunteers organize a Hispanic Task Force to give Girl Scouts a more prominent place in the Hispanic Community.

Fiduciary oversight: pertains to the allocation of the Council's resources. Governance: The Board of Directors approves and oversees the Council Budget, is the steward of the Council's assets, and works to ensure that the Council is operated in accordance with the laws of the land Management: Council staff and volunteers plan programs and set program fees to stay within the Council Budget.

Policy setting: can relate to leader training, troop travel or human resources. Governance: The Board of Directors sets the safety of all members and the preservation of the Council's good name as goal. Management: Council staff recommend that the Board adopt a policy on performing background checks for all volunteers to meet this goal. If the policy is adopted, council staff will implement the new background checks.