The Democratic Process

Members Role in the Democratic Process

The Democratic Process is facilitated participation by all members. You have a voice in how the organization is run and that voice is heard by our Board of Directors.

Role of the Delegates

Delegates are elected by their Association as representatives to the Council's Annual Meeting for a 2 year term.

. Are responsible for electing the officers and members of the Board of Directors, members of the Nominating Committee, and National Council Delegates.
. Ensure quorum is met by securing an alternate in the case he or she cannot attend.
. Vote on proposed changes to the Council's Bylaws and/or proposals.

. Attend Delegate Forums, hosted by the Council's Delegate Communication Committee, where they are given the opportunity to voice the concerns and opinions of their Association to members of the Board of Directors.
. Receive information from the Board of Directors and Board Committees.

. Share information from the Board of Directors with the members of the Association during Association meetings.
. Solicit feedback from Association volunteers and girls.

Role of the Delegate Chair

Delegate Chairs are elected by their Association for a 2 year term. He/she works in partnership with the CAV to ensure the involvement of Delegates and Association volunteers/girls in the decision-influence process of the Girl Scouts of Nassau County. Delegate Chairs hold all the responsibilities of a Delegate plus:

. Convene Association Nominating Committee and monitor its progress.
. Ensure the Association Nominating Committee elects/chooses a Chair from within itself.
. Convene and Chair the Association Annual Meeting.
. Lead and encourage discussion among Delegates.

. Attend Delegate Forums.
. Encourage Delegates and Alternates to attend Forums.
. Provide a voice to the Delegate Communications Committee.
. Attend Delegate Chair Meetings

. Ensure that all Delegates attend Council Annual Meeting or approve an Alternate to attend in a Delegate's absence.