The Process Continues

How Many Delegates?

Associations are assigned a number of eligible votes (Delegates) based on the number of girls registered in that Association as of September 30 of the previous membership year. Each Association is given 1 vote and 1 more for every 200 girls registered as well as one for any portion of girls remaining. For example, an Association with 635 registered girls would be entitled to:

1 vote (automatically given to each Association)
3 votes (1 for every 200 girls)
1 vote (one for the 35 remaining girls)

   5 Delegates.


What About the Alternate Delegates?

Alternate Delegates should be willing and able to fill in for Delegates as needed. This means they should:
. Be knowledgeable about the responsibilities of Delegates.
. Read materials received, and visit the GSNC website to keep up-to-date on current events.
. Be prepared to attend the Annual Council Meeting as a voting member if requested by one of the Delegates and authorized by the Delegate Chair.