The Ins and Outs of the Council Annual Meeting

All governance volunteers are expected to attend the Annual Meeting. If you know you cannot attend, find an alternate to take your place and notify the Delegate Chair, who will designate the alternate as a voting member for the meeting.

Preparation for the Council Annual Meeting

. The meeting is held in May of every year - so mark your calendar as soon as the date is announced.
. Delegates receive a Delegate Packet (also known as a Call to Meeting) at least 30 days before the meeting. Contact the GSNC Service Center if you do not receive one.
. Review the information in the packet and follow procedure for questions.
. Gather information from the membership of your Association.

What Happens at the Council Annual Meeting

At the meeting, you will:

. Elect members and officers of Board of Directors.
. Elect members of the Council Nominating Committee
. Elect National Council Delegates (only every three years).
. Act on any proposals brought forth. (May include issues that affect a majority of the council membership, represent a major policy change). REMEMBER: All governance volunteers vote informed not instructed . This means Delegates look to their Association to gather information on the opinions and voices of the volunteers. At the meeting they listen to all opinions and vote to what they feel in the best interest of the Council as a whole.

Where do Proposals Come from?

Proposals can be put on the agenda by:
. The Board of Directors
. An individual member, providing that the proposal submitted in writing is approved by the Board of Directors at any of its regular meetings.
. An individual member, providing that the proposal submitted in writing is endorsed by at least one-fourth of the Associations in the Council.

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