Governance vs. Operations

Governance and Operations (or Management) both play key roles in ensuring Girl Scouts of Nassau County is effectively meeting the Girl Scouts of the USA [GSUSA] Criteria for Effective Girl Scout Councils. However, they are responsible for different functions.

Governance is concerned with long term direction setting, establishing priorities and the stability of the organization. The Board of Directors, Delegates, Delegates Chair and members of the Nominating Committee are key players in the governance of the Council. They set policy and long-term direction for the Council (strategic goals), and rely on those in operational roles for implementation.

Operations is responsible for the day to day management of the Council and is the most familiar to members. The Chair of Association Volunteers, members of the Service Team, leaders, other volunteers and staff are key players in the operations of the Council. They carry out the day-to-day work of the Council, and provide feedback to the governance arm on progress and future needs.

GSNC Organizational Structure

Girl Scouts is based on a democratic process, which encompasses all levels of the Girl Scout organization. The democratic process ensures that:

· The membership (volunteers) has opportunities to influence decisions and activities in areas of governance (policy).
· The membership has access to those responsible for decision-making.

The organizational structure chart and information following shows the relationship between the governance and operational areas of the Council