Characteristics of Daisy Girl Scouts

Text Box: Emotional, Physical, Social, and Intellectual Characteristics

Emotional Characteristics

•Wants to do things herself to bolster independence

•Needs approval and support of adults & peers

•Is learning the power of her words

•Is curious about people and the world around her

•Can understand rules and tries to conform

•Sometimes blames others for her own mistakes

•Is usually cooperative

Physical Characteristics

•May still need help in dressing

•Better control of large muscles than small

•Uses “restroom”, sometimes has accidents

•Developing eye-hand coordination

•Plays in one place, changes positions

•Has cyclic burst of energy

•Cannot sit for long periods of time

Social Characteristics

•Likes to play with peers

•Likes to work in small groups

•Has a strong link to caregivers

•Wants to try everything

•Likes to please adults

•Can engage in group discussions

•Likes rules and routines

•Capable of compromise


Intellectual Characteristics

•Knows letters and numbers

•Can learn a daily routine

•Can count to twenty by ones

•Asks “Why?”

•Ideas are self-centered but begins to see other points of view               

•Wants to try everything

•Senses space and time as here and now

•Can print some letters, numbers, and words

•Not interested in money

•Learns by doing

•Likes to be competent