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Support the Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC)

Support the Girl Scouts of Nassau County

Girl Scouts of Nassau County is proud to serve 1 in 5 girls throughout all of Nassau County's School districts. The values found in Girl Scouts provide an essential framework for developing character, making sound decisions and fostering strength of conviction.

Girl Scouting is available to every girl regardless of race, religion or financial circumstance because we believe no girl should be denied the rewarding experiences that Girl Scouting can provide.

Now, more than ever, Girl Scouts of Nassau County needs your help.

The need for financial support for Girl Scouts all over Nassau County goes beyond the traditional scope of “outreach” girls who have historically relied on GSNC for financial aid. These are trying times and the countywide need for assistance has increased dramatically -- families of all backgrounds are coming to the Council requesting financial aid for their daughter’s enrollment. From Roosevelt to Roslyn, and Levittown to Locust Valley, girls of all races, creeds, and backgrounds are increasingly seeking assistance for the cost of membership, purchasing Girl Scout supplies, attending camps, events, destinations and troop trips. Through your generosity, girls will grow into active and engaged members of their communities despite the financial hardships they may face at home.

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