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While Girl Scouts provides girls with quality programming at a low cost, many of the programs are subsidized by the council to make them more affordable for every girl. The Council also offers resources and training for our volunteer leaders and maintains camp properties and equipment for use by Girl Scouts at very reasonable fees. In Nassau County it costs approximately $253 to serve one girl for one year. We are grateful for the support of the community and especially to our Girl Scout families that give so generously.

Help us reach our goal! This year’s Family Partnership goal is $175,000!


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Double your Donation through Matching Gift Programs!

Many companies have Matching Gift Programs and will match their employees’ donations to any registered nonprofit organization. All the employee has to do is request the "Matching Gift Form" from their employer, completes his/her part, and send it in to Girl Scouts of Nassau County, Inc. along with his/her donation. GSNC will fill in our part and send it back to the company. For example, if you donate $25 to Girl Scouts of Nassau County, your employer matches this amount, and the Girl Scouts receive $50 total! Check to see if your employer is listed here.