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Junior Ceremonies


Investiture Rededication Ceremony

Junior Bridging Ceremony

Investiture and Rededication Ceremony


Preparing for the Rededication Ceremony

Ceremonies are a special part of Girl Scouting. They are used to honor special occasions, to recognize accomplishments, or simply to begin or end a meeting. Ceremonies should be designed to help girls express feelings. The Rededication Ceremony (usually held early in the Girl Scout Year) is an opportunity for girls and adults to renew their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. If your troop has a girl new to Girl Scouting, this ceremony will be her Investiture. She should be welcomed to the Troop, presented with the Girl Scout Pin and then participate in the rededication.

Ingredients for a Creative Ceremony:
A. Purpose (stated and understood by participants)
B. Theme
C. Thoughts and Feelings (sung or expressed verbally)
D. Creating an Atmosphere (formal or informal)

Essential Elements for a Junior Rededication:
1. Make the Girl Scout Promise
2. Review the Girl Scout Law and what it means
3. Welcome back to Girl Scouting
(Junior Leaders should be aware of a girl new to Girl Scouting – welcoming her and presenting her with the Girl Scout Pin.)

3 or 4 Weeks Before the Day of the Ceremony:
ALLOW FOR GIRL PLANNING. Let girls decide on guests to be invited, invitations to be made, and refreshments to be served. Use the Ceremony Planning Worksheet in Ceremonies in Girl Scouting and Let's Celebrate or this Ceremony Planner. Choose a ceremony from Ceremonies in Girl Scouting, the GSNC Resource Room Browsing Files, or the girls can create their own. Prepare a Kaper Chart to share the work among members of the troop – either by patrol or by work groups. Flags and candle logs are available for loan from the Volunteer Resource Center. Please make reservations in advance - Online Reservation Form. If you have any questions, contact Katie Smith, Volunteer Resource Specialist at 516.741.2550, ext. 244 or


Day of the Rededication Ceremony



Junior Rededication Ceremony

QUIET SIGN – Hand Raised by Caller for the Flag Ceremony.

WAITS for silence.

CALLER: “Girl Scouts take your places.”

WAIT for girls to get in place.

CALLER: “Will everyone please stand.”

Again WAIT FOR SILENCE, then proceed with Flag Ceremony.

After colors have been retired (or posted) CALLER asks guests to be seated and the color guard returns to troop formation.

Troop sings an appropriate welcome song, such as:

Patrol Leaders or Troop Officers welcome guests.

Proceed with the Ceremony as planned.

Girl Scout Promise & Law Candle Lighting Ceremony - girls say the Girl Scout Promise and Law, lighting 3 candles for the Promise and 10 candles for the Laws. Close, adult supervision and safety precautions are necessary. Candle logs and candles are available for loan from the Volunteer Resource Center. Please make reservations in advance - Online Reservation Form. Small, inexpensive flashlights or battery operated candles may be used as an alternative.

Troop sings an appropriate song:

Troop Officer thanks guests for coming and invites them to join the troop in enjoying refreshments.



Junior Bridging

What is Bridging?

“Bridging” is the term used to describe the process of advancing from one level to another in Girl Scouting. Girl Scout Juniors "bridge" to the Cadette level. (When Brownies bridge to Juniors, they receive Brownie “wings” and the bridging ceremony is called a “fly-up” ceremony.) An actual bridge is not necessary to hold a bridging ceremony. The bridge, or crossing over into a new program level, can be symbolized by walking across a stage, walking on stepping stones, walking under an arch, or simply walking from one area in the room to another. Areas in the room can be decorated using flags, banners, streamers, and balloons to represent the two Girl Scout levels involved in the bridging ceremony. Remember to include the Troop in both planning and implementing the ceremony. Let the girls use their imaginations to come up with some other ideas to make their bridging ceremony special.

American flags, Girl Scout level flags, white gloves, candle logs are available for loan. Please make reservations in advance. If you have any questions, contact Katie Smith, Volunteer Resource Specialist at 516.741.2550, ext. 244 or

Don’t forget to visit the Girl Scout Shop at our Service Center to purchase bridging certificates, bridging patches, membership stars, end of year gifts for girls and thank-you gifts for adults.


Junior Bridging Ceremonybridge

Flag Ceremony

Girl Scout Promise

Girl Scout Law

Junior Girl Scout Leader recognizes and presents each Junior Girl Scout advancing into Cadettes with a small gift or token.

(After the Junior Girl Scouts are presented with their gifts.)

Cadette Leader says:

In this, the year of “growing up” new obligations must be met.
You’re ready now to cross the bridge and soon you’ll be a Cadette.
You make the same promise, but new plans will be made.
Your uniform changes and you’ll be glad you stayed.

Then all Cadette Girl Scouts read:

A – means you’re ALWAYS ready to share
D – means DOING a good turn each day
E – is for ENTHUSIASM you’ll have along the way
T – means be THRIFTY, be THANKFUL, and stand TALL
T – means be TRUTHFUL, and be TRUSTWORTHY above all
E – stands for EVERY little thing you do
But more than all these – to your own self be true!

Cadette Leader greets each new Cadette Girl Scout with the Girl Scout handshake and sign.

Ceremony may end with singing “Taps” or any song appropriate for closing.

Presentation of Junior Girl Scout Badges (Court of Awards) can be held on a separate occasion prior to the Bridging Ceremony, or on the same day, immediately before the bridging takes place.