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Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) Girl Scout Daisy Ceremonies


Daisy Ceremonies


Daisy Investiture Ceremony

Daisy Bridging

"D is for Daisys" Investiture Ceremony


DAISY INVESTITURE CEREMONYIn preparation, write letters D,A,I,S,Y,S on construction paper or on center of large paper daisies. Place speaking parts, for example, “D is for Daisy…” on the back. The first girl holds up her letter for the audience to see and recites the line alone or with the help of the leader. Other girls follow suit until the word “DAISYS” is completely spelled.

CALLER (Girl or Leader) for the Flag Ceremony GIVES QUIET SIGN & WAITS for silence.

AND SAYS: “Girl Scouts take your places, everyone please stand."

CALLER WAITS for silence and then proceeds with Flag Ceremony.
The Flag ceremony should include the Pledge of Allegiance and a patriotic song/reading.
Colors should be retired or posted.

CALLER SAYS: “Please be seated.”

TROOP SINGS “Hello Song”

LEADER: Welcome to our Investiture Ceremony. The girls have attended several meetings and have learned the Girl Scout Promise. Please listen as they spell out the word “DAISYS.”

D is for Daisy - the nickname of Juliette Low, the Founder of Girl Scouts of the USA.

A is for America - the wonderful land we live in.

I is for Interesting - we will do many interesting things together.

S is for Skills - we will have fun trying new skills.

Y is for Yes - to the promise we say.

S is for Sisters - we will now become sisters in Girl Scouting.


LEADER: We will now make the Girl Scout sign and say the Girl Scout Promise. (Large copies of the GS Promise & GS Law may be posted for decoration & information.)

LEADER: Girls, please line up on my right. As I call your name, I will pin on your Daisy Girl Scout pin.

(LEADER pins the Daisy Girl Scout pin on each girl in turn and gives Girl Scout Handshake (make GS Sign with right hand and shake hands with left)


(Name of Girl), I welcome you as a member of Daisy Girl Scout Troop #________.
May you wear this pin proudly, and always over your heart.

LEADERS and GIRLS SING Make New Friends, Sandy's Girl Scout Daisy Song, or Amazing Daisies

LEADER thanks guests for attending.

Ceremony ends with another song, friendship circle, and/or refreshments.



Daisy Bridging Ceremony


What is Bridging? gsncbridgeceremony

“Bridging” is the term used to describe the process of advancing from one level to another in Girl Scouting. As girls move from one level to the next, they may earn a Girl Scout Bridging Award presented at their Bridging Ceremony.

An actual bridge is not necessary to hold a bridging ceremony. The bridging or crossing over into a new program level, can be symbolized by walking across a stage, walking on stepping stones, walking under an arch, or simply walking from one area in the room to another. Areas in the room can be decorated using flags, banners, and balloons to represent the two Girl Scout levels involved in the bridging ceremony. Remember to include the Troop in both planning and implementing the ceremony. Let the girls use their imaginations to come up with some other ideas to make their bridging ceremony special.

If your Daisy Troop is interested in constructing a bridge, the Resource Room has directions for making a simple bridge out of a large cardboard box. American flags, Girl Scout level flags, candle logs and music are also available for loan. Please make reservations in advance - Online Reservation Form. If you have any questions, contact Katie Smith, Volunteer Resource Specialist at 516.741.2550, ext. 244.

Remember to visit the Girl Scout Shop at our Service Center to purchase bridging certificates, Bridging Awards,membership stars and end-of-year gifts for girls and adults.


Daisy Bridging Ceremony

The Daisy level bridging ceremony should be simple and fun for the girls. Include an opening flag ceremony and the Girl Scout Promise. The Girl Scout Law may also be incorporated in the ceremony or simply posted on a wall. If possible, invite a Brownie troop to the ceremony. The Brownies can form a Brownie Ring on one side of the bridge or room, and welcome the new girls into the ring. Read the following poem and present the girls with their membership star, bridging certificate (purchase in our Girl Scout Shop) and Bridge to Brownie Award (requirements also in The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting). End the ceremony with a song. .


The Daisy is a flower,
As pure and white as can be.
Juliette Low was called Daisy,
She started Girl Scouts you see.
And now the time is near,
Daisys will bridge to Brownies,
for another Girl Scout year.

Leader presents girls with membership star, etc.
Girls cross bridge, walk on stepping stones or pass through arch.


Brownies you’ll be for two short years
Make the most of each day that goes by.
Be cheerful and helpful and do a good turn,
And greet each Girl Scout with a “HI”.
Our Daisy years were lots of fun.
Now it’s over and Brownies has begun!

Sing "Make New Friends" or "Brownie Smile Song" or Troop's favorite song.

End with another song, friendship circle and/or refreshments.