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Brownie Ceremonies


Brownie Investiture Ceremony

Bridging for Brownies

Brownie Investiture Ceremony


Brownie Investiture Ceremony Girl Arrangement

CALLER for the FLAG CEREMONY gives QUIET SIGN & WAITS for silence.

CALLER SAYS: "Girl Scouts take your places. Everyone please stand."

CALLER WAITS for silence and then proceeds with FLAG CEREMONY. (Include the Pledge of Allegiance & patriotic song/reading.)

After colors have been retired or posted, CALLER SAYS: “Please be seated.”

The flag bearers & guards close end of horseshoe formation – open end to audience.

TROOP SINGS: “Hello Song” or song of their choice.


LEADER SAYS: "The girls have been learning about the magic of Brownies. The Brownie story tells us that it was a wise old owl in a very special woods that led young people to understand the special magic that comes from helping others. Through Brownie magic, we will take you to the magic woods to see our new girls become Brownies.”

Quietly, new Brownies leave the room with one Leader (leaving beanies, optional).


At the completion of the song, a knock comes on the door (or another signal to indicate that the new Brownies are ready to enter the Brownie woods.)

EXPERIENCED BROWNIES and LEADER: “Who comes to the Brownie Woods?”


EXPERIENCED BROWNIES and LEADER: “What do you want?”

NEW BROWNIES AND LEADER: “We want to become Brownies.”

EXPERIENCED BROWNIES and LEADER: “Then enter and join us.”

New Brownies & Leader enter, take places in the horseshoe formation.

LEADER calls each new girl (one by one) and ASKS THE QUESTION: “Why do you want to be a Brownie?”

After each girl answers, the LEADER places Brownie beanie on her head (optional), and together they say: “Twist me and turn me and show me the elf. I looked in the water and saw (myself).”

LEADER explains that the girls will receive their pins upside down and after doing three good deeds they may turn the pin right side up.

Other Leader (or experienced Brownie) places the Brownie pin on the girl’s uniform and gives the Girl Scout handshake (make GS sign with the right hand and shake with the left). New Brownie returns to her place in the formation.

After all the new girls have received their pins, the ENTIRE TROOP says the GIRL SCOUT PROMISE.

TROOP SINGS: “Whene'er You Make a Promise” or "Brownie Smile Song”

LEADER SAYS: “Welcome to Girl Scouting. It is the Promise we make “to try” that makes Girl Scouting special. Our best wishes to you all as you begin your journey of discovery. As we leave the Brownie Woods, we know that the Brownie magic has just begun.”

LEADER thanks guests for coming. Ceremony may end with another song, friendship circle, and refreshments.



Bridging for Brownies


What is Bridging?


“Bridging” is the term used to describe the process of advancing from one level to another in Girl Scouting. When Brownie Girl Scouts bridge to Junior Girl Scouts, they receive Brownie “wings” and the bridging ceremony is called a “fly-up” ceremony. An actual bridge is not necessary to hold a bridging ceremony. The bridge, or crossing over into a new program level, can be symbolized by walking across a stage, walking on stepping stones, walking under an arch, or simply walking from one area in the room to another. Areas in the room can be decorated using flags, banners, streamers and balloons to represent the two Girl Scout levels involved in the bridging ceremony. Remember to include the Troop in both planning and implementing the ceremony. Let the girls use their imaginations to come up with some other ideas to make their bridging ceremony special.

The Volunteer Resource Center has American flags, Girl Scout level flags, white gloves and candle logs available for loan.  Please reserve materials in advance. If you have any questions, contact Katie Smith, Volunteer Resource Specialist 516.741.2550, ext. 244 or

Don’t forget to visit the Girl Scout Shop at our Service Center to purchase bridging certificates, bridging & fly-up patches, Brownie wings, membership stars and end of the year gifts for girls and thank-you gifts for adults.


Brownie Fly-up and Cross The Bridge Ceremonybridge

Brownies form Brownie Ring on one side of the bridge, Juniors form a horseshoe on the other

side of the bridge. (Open end of the horseshoe should face toward the bridge or the audience.)


Brownies, you are just about
To become a Junior Girl Scout.
Next year you will find
that Junior Scouts are true and kind.
So now I give you Brownie Wings
so you may fly to bigger things.

Leader pins the wings on each Brownie fly-up. Girls say goodbye, step out of the Brownie Ring, and take a few steps toward the bridge.


Hello there!
Who are you all dressed in brown
with such cheerful smiles and not one frown?

We are the Brownies and we like to have fun. Girl Scout Juniors we'd like to become.

By what right do you ask?

By the right of our wings. (Girls point to their wings.)

We welcome you to Junior Girl Scouts.
Please cross the bridge one at a time.

Each girl crosses the bridge and is met by the Junior Leader and a Junior Girl Scout. She is given her Girl Scout Pin by the Junior Leader and brought into the horseshoe formation by the Junior Girl Scout. Junior Girl Scouts speak after all Brownie fly-ups have joined the horseshoe.


Welcome to Junior Girl Scouts,
You’re a Brownie nevermore.
We'll have lots of fun together
as we teach you Girl Scout lore.

All Girl Scouts say the Girl Scout Promise and sing, "Make New Friends"



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