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LET'S MAKE SWAPS!Good deed counter SWAP

Good Deed Counter

Materials needed:

Rattail cording, 22 inches long (any color)

7 pony beads

2 pony bead hearts (any color)

Hot glue

Small safety pin


This SWAP reminds the girls “to do a good turn daily.”  They can keep up with their good deeds for a week.  Take the 22-inch piece of rattail cording and fold it in half.  Tie an overhand knot at the top, using a pencil for a spacer.  Slide both ends through a heart bead.  Tie a square knot close to the end of the heart bead.  Now take the ends of the cording and string through the hole in the pony bead, from opposite sides.  Pull bead up towards knot and tighten cording (but not too tight).  Repeat with the rest of the pony beads.  Leave approximately 1 ½ inches of cording after the end of the beads.  Tie another square knot.  Slide both ends through the other heart bead; tie an overhand knot.  Cut the ends of the cording ½ inch long and hot glue the ends together to form another loop.  Have the girls pin the SWAP on their shirt.  When they do a good deed for Sunday, they slide the bottom bead down to the knot in the cording.  Each day, they repeat the process, sliding the beads down the cording to rest on top of the one from the day before.  By week’s end, all beads should be at the bottom of the pin.  Take off the safety pin, turn the pin over, and start the next week!

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