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DID YOU KNOW there are awards and emblems girls and adults in Girl Scouting are eligible to earn?

While Girl Scouting does not endorse any specific religion, Girl Scouting does foster and support an inclusive environment in which girls develop respect for people of all faiths. Girl Scouts recognizes that religious instruction is the responsibility of parents and religious leaders. Each girl is encouraged to become a strong member of her own religious group.

Religious groups offer a variety of recognitions programs to encourage girls and young women to grow stronger in their own faith. Girls earn the recognitions by completing specific requirements appropriate for their Girl Scout program level. The Girl Scouts of the USA recognizes these programs and allows the recognitions to be worn on the official Girl Scout uniform, but each religious group develops its own program. Placement should be on the badge sash or vest below the membership stars or on the right side of the uniform, level with the membership pin.

For information about the religious recognitions for girls and adults of the various faiths, and/or to obtain a copy of the curriculum guide for the program,

* Check with your Girl Scout's leader. Each Girl Scout Troop/Group received a copy of the "Interfaith Quick Reference Chart" at the beginning of the Girl Scout year that lists the recognitions available and the appropriate contact person.
* Ask to see the chart in the Resource Room at the Girl Scout Service Center.
* Visit P.R.A.Y.'s interfaith website:


How can we as adults help ALL girls grow stronger in their own ability to plan and work in multi-faith environments?
We can reach inward to learn as much as we can about the practices and days of religious observance.
We can reach outward to houses of worship in Nassau County to let all girls and adults know that Girl Scouting is for girls of ALL faiths.
Together we can make extra effort to plan and carry out meetings, trips and programs in ways that are respectful of the needs of girls and adults of ALL faiths.
Help girls develop plans that respect the religious celebrations of all in the group. The Interfaith Calendar web site contains a listing of dates that will help you and the girls you work with avoid scheduling trips, special events or ceremonies that conflict with religious holidays