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Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) Fall Products Program - Mags&Munchies

Mags&Munchies for Girl Scout Volunteers

online program button linkThe Girl Scouts of Nassau County's Mags&Munchies Program is a fun, quick, and easy way for Girl Scout Troops to earn money for projects, trips, girl programs and so much more. It's easy to earn start-up funds for your Troop! A Troop of 10 girls can easily earn from $200 to over $1000! The key to success is for each girl to participate. For example, if each girl in a Troop with 10 girls turns in a ‘Reach-Out’ booklet, the Troop right away earns $20.00.

By purchasing Mags&Munchies nuts, snacks, magazines, or photo keepsakes; families and friends can support Girl Scout Troops and Girl Scouting in the community.


Mags&Munchies Program Troop Proceeds

Okay Junior Troops and older, it’s time for you to take a Troop vote… Does your Troop want to earn the Girl Rewards or opt out in favor of higher Troop proceeds? Troops at the Junior level and higher can vote to decide whether to take the standard 10% of sales plus the girl rewards or forgo the girl rewards and get 15% back in proceeds. Many older girl Troops vote for more money to fund a big trip or service project.

If your Troop votes in favor of taking the girl rewards, your Troop will earn:

If your Troop (Junior level +) votes to take extra money instead of the girl rewards, your Troop will earn:


Mags&Munchies Program Girl Rewards

GSNC Mags&Munchies Program booth contest for 2013Should your Girl Scouts opt to earn the girl rewards, you girls will have the opportunity to earn an assortment of fun, girl chosen rewards.

Rewards for Magazine/Photo Keepsake Sales
You can earn rewards by selling magazines and photo keepsake items through the Mags&Munchies Program. These rewards are based on the number of magazine subscriptions and/or photo keepsakes sold. All rewards are cumulative. Girls will receive all rewards up to the amount they sold.

Rewards for Nut/Snack Sales
You can earn rewards when you sell Nut and Snack Products. The rewards are based on the number of Nut/Snack items sold. All rewards are cumulative. Girls will receive all rewards up to the amount they sold.


Troop Manager Trainings

All Troop Managers need to attend a Mags&Munchies training this Fall. Mags&Munchies Association Chairs will be hosting trainings in their communities for Troop Mags&Munchies Managers in August and September.

New to Mags&Munchies Workshop
If you've never experienced the Mags&Munchies Program before, you might want to register for the upcoming NEW TO MAGS&MUNCHIES workshops held at the Council Service Center. There is a $5.00 commitment fee for the workshop and you'll receive a free start-up kit and taste our delicious Mags&Munchie treats!


Online Training Videos
New this year, we have a full collection of “How To” videos to help you navigate the Mags&Munchies Program.


Booth Sales Provide an Extra Way to Earn Even MORE

From mid-September through November Troops can hold booth sales to earn even more money.
All level Troops earn 15% of the sales from all Booth Sales! Having a Mags&Munchies booth sale with your Troop can be as easy as contacting your local supermarket, recreation facility or other business in your community and asking about setting up a Troop booth sale table. (Note: Booth Sale quantities do not count towards the totals for girl rewards).

Once you have a location secured, contact Sonia Oxford at 516.741.2550 ext 230 and she can guide you on how to obtain your nut/snack items and how much product you should bring.

GSNC - Operation: Stop Hunger and Project Thank Your Donation Box and Can ExamplesGoing the Extra Mile
To earn extra money at your booth sale bring an Operation: Stop Hunger or Project: Thank You donation box or donation can. Customers who want to support Girl Scouts, but don’t want to make a purchase can donate money to either cause.

Munchies Booth Sale Contest
Get a jumpstart on the Cookie Season and earn a unique opportunity for a guaranteed Mall Cookie Booth Site. The Troop with the highest dollar amount of Nut/Snack Booth sales*, at each level**, will be able to sign up for a Council Cookie Booth Site before they are opened to all Troops in January.

*Only Booth Sales count toward this contest.
**One award at each level: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador


Important Documents and Forms

Frequently Asked Questions
Will you be having a Mags&Munchies Rally this year?
Yes, the Bowling Rally will be at the Sheridan AMF Bowling Lanes on September 26, 2015.

If one girl turns in a completed “Reach Out” booklet and has suggestions for names can she turn in another booklet?
No, we can only accept one booklet per girl. However, if you have a booklet turned in from another girl and it is not completely full you may have the girl with the additional names add her names to that booklet.

Who do I call if I have a question?
For questions about forms and deadlines contact your Association Mags&Munchies Chair. For subscription related questions, contact Customer Service directly at 1.800.678.2673. They are more than willing to assist with any subscription concerns that may arise. For questions about nuts/snacks contact our Service Center office 516.741.2550