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Girl Scouts of Nassau County Fall Products Program - Mags&Munchies


The Mags&Munchies Program

Reach New Heights...

GSNC MAgs&Munchies program theme Reach New Heights...

Reach New Heights with the GSNC Mags& Munchies Fall Products Program.

You can earn money for your  Troop while actively learning Financial Literacy, Business and People Skills that can help you in your daily life.

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How can I help my Troop earn money?

How Can Girl Scouts Sell Mags&Munchies?

What if my Friends and Family Don’t Want to Purchase Mags&Munchies for Themselves?

What are the Girl Rewards?

Safety Tips for Selling Mags&Munchies

Are there any tips or resources that can help me reach my goals?

What are the Five Skills and how can they help me in the future?

Be A Reader Program

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How can I help my Troop earn money?

Participate in the Mags&Munchies and Memories Program. There are many different ways to help your Troop earn proceeds to do fun and fabulous things this Girl Scout year.

Just by filling out 8 cards in the Reach Out Address Booklet you can earn $2.00 for your Troop and a great patch for yourself.                      

You can do a little more and ask your friends and family to purchase nut/snack products, magazines or photo keepsakes either online or through the paper catalog in your sales envelope.

And don't forget to use your business cards, also in your sales envelope. Customers can go online and purchase when it's convenient for them. They pay with a credit card and have their purchases shipped right to them.

Whatever you decide to do, you'll be supporting your Troop and earning great rewards for yourself!



How Can I Sell Mags&Munchies and Memories? 

Ask friends and family to order magazines and/or buy nut or snacks from you to help your Troop earn proceeds to Troop activities and programs. Daisy and Brownie Troops can earn 10% of their sales. Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Troops can choose to earn 10% Proceeds plus Rewards, or 15% Proceeds with patches, but no Rewards. Use your Ordercard to keep track of in-person sales.

To get started with your very own online store, register first, then send out emails to your friends and family. Or you can walk around your neighborhood, with an adult, and give out your business cards with your online ID number.


Magazines – GSNC’s Mags&Munchies Program offers over 600 magazine titles that are sold through a magazine catalog or through a girl's virtual store. There are even digital titles to choose from.

Nuts and Snacks - There are catalog and online selections available for ordering, including Gluten Free and Fat Free options. Each item is delicious, high quality and reasonably priced. .

To Remember This photo keepsake items. This new product line contains photo albums, greeting cards, posters, calendars and more. They make excellent gifts for anyone and everyone.                                            

Don't forget to ask for donations for Operation Stop Hunger and Project Thank You. A $5 donation to Operation Stop Hunger will help send a can of nuts/snacks to Island Harvest and a $5 donation to Project Thank You will provide a magazine subscription to our local National Guard or military personnel.


What if my Friends and Family Don’t Want to Purchase Mags&Munchies for Themselves?

If your friends and family aren’t interested in purchasing Mags&Munchies for themselves; ask them if they would be interested in donating to Operation Stop Hunger or Project Thank You!


Earn the Share Patch for collecting $5.00 donations for either Operation Stop Hunger or Project Thank You. Make your own collection container using a recycled container and Operation Stop Hunger donation box artwork or Operation Stop Hunger donation can artwork; Project Thank You donation box artwork or Project Thank You donation can artwork. It's a great addition for your booth sale. Keep track of your donations using your in-person girl order card.


GSNC MagsnMunchies donation programOperation Stop Hunger - A $5.00 donation to Operation Stop Hunger sends a nut/snack item to Island Harvest for a family in need.

Project Thank You - A $5.00 donation to Project Thank You provides local military/veterans with a magazine voucher that allows them to select a publication of their choice.





What are the Girl Rewards? 

This year there are many different ways for Girl Scouts to earn rewards for selling Magazines, photo keepsakes, nuts/snacks and a combination of all three. Rewards are cumulative and you will receive all rewards up to the amount you have sold.



Safety Tips for Selling Mags&Munchies




Are there any tips or resources that can help me reach my goals?


Business Cards

GSNC Girl Scout with Mags&Munchies business cardPrint out Business Cards that have your personal Online ID number for customers to use when ordering their magazines online.  Make sure to write in your personal Online ID # on your business cards.NEW for this year, there will be an additional link to an online Nut/snack and photo keepsake store. Customers will be able to order nuts, candy, tins and photo keepsakes and have them shipped to themselves or give as gifts.






What are the Five Skills and how can they help me in the future?

Goal Setting - Girls learn how to set goals and meet deadlines.

Decision Making - Girl Scouting teaches girls how to use research to develop a plan and work as a team.

Money Management - Girls learn to make change, plan and budget their funds.

People Skills - Girls gain confidence learning how to deal with different types of people.

Business Ethics - Girl Scouting teaches girls to be honest, trustworthy and reliable.

Girls who have learned these skills will be poised for success in their personal and professional life.  Employers look for candidates who have abilities in these areas.




Be A Reader Program

GSNC QSP Be A Reader Program patchThe Be a Reader Program is designed to engage girls in learning and earning activities which focus on goal setting, money management and entrepreneurship that tie in with the Mags&Munchies theme.