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Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC)  Fall Products Program - Mags&Munchies



Welcome to the 2015 Mags&Munchies Fall Products Entrepreneurial Program!

Reach New Heights with the Mags&Munchies Program!                        GSNC MAgs&Munchies theme Reach New Heights.

Through Girl Scouts of Nassau County's (GSNC) Mags&Munchies Program, Girl Scouts begin to develop life skills which they can use in the years to come. Girls who learn goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics will be poised for success in their personal and professional life.

* Goal Setting - Girls learn how to set goals and meet deadlines.

* Decision Making - Girl Scouting teaches girls how to use research to develop a plan and work as a team.

* Money Management - Girls learn to make change, plan and budget their funds.

* People Skills - Girls gain confidence learning how to deal with different types of people.

* Business Ethics - Girl Scouting teaches girls to be honest, trustworthy and reliable.


By participating in Girl Scouts of Nassau County's (GSNC) Mags&Munchies Fall Products Program, Your Girl Scout will learn how set goals and strive to achieve them through solid decision making, money management, people skills and good business ethics.



When your Girl Scout has learned these skills she'll be ready for success in her school, career

and life. When employers interview job candidates (including part time, after school jobs) they

all look for the same things. They want someone who...

    honest, trustworthy and reliable.

             ... works well with others.

             ...can set goals and meet deadlines.

             ...understands customers and can deliver good customer service.

             ...can influence others (leadership qualities).




Mags&Munchies... and Memories! Online Program

GSNC MAgs&Munchies online program patch

Get ready for the 2015 Online program. Register your Girl Scout, get her ONline ID and help her create her own virtual online store and sell by sending emails to family/friends.


Support Your Girl Scout



Safety Tips for Selling Mags&Munchies

Show you're a Girl Scout - wear your uniform, membership in and/or Girl Scout clothing

Buddy up - use the buddy system at all times. It's not just safe, it's more fun.

Partner with adults - Adults must be present when girls are taking orders, selling or delivering product.

Plan ahead - avoid walking around with large amounts of money or keeping it at home or school. Hand it in to the Troop Manager as soon as possible.

Do not enter - Never enter the home or vehicle of a person when you are selling or making deliveries.

Be safe on the streets - follow safe street pedestrian practices.

Be Net wise - take the GSUSA Internet Safety Pledge before going online. Girl Scouts cannot collect money online.



Where does the money from the Mags&Munchies Fall Products Program go?

* Proceeds generated from Mags&Munchies activities help to support Girl Scouting in Nassau County.

* 10%-15% goes to your child's Troop

* 45% goes to our Council to help develop even more girl programming

* Girls receive patches and rewards (prize incentives)

* New for this year, Associations can earn $.05 per item sold (additional criteria apply)



Where do I get the Mags&Munchies (Fall Products) Program materials?

Your Troop Leader or Mags&Munchies Troop Manager will be handing out the girl envelopes and

permission slips in September or early October.



I don't want to sell anything, how else can our family participate?




Mags&Munchies Resources and Documents Library



For any questions you may have, please view the Fall Products FAQ page or contact your Association's Fall Products chair. If you still need assistance, you may contact Fran McAllister or Sonia Oxford here at the Council Service Center.

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