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The Amazing Human Body: For Sign Language Learners

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Sat Oct 21, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
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Daisy, Brownie
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Certified Signing Time Instructor Jessie Berrins will take you on a journey showing you how your senses work together to experience the world around you. Learn about Girl Scouts’ founder, Juliette Gordon Low, a member of the deaf community and her inclusivity of girls of all abilities. This class includes an introduction to deaf culture, a lesson in how to read Braille and how to communicate using American Sign Language only. Explore how the loss of one sense influences the role and the strength of remaining senses. But that’s not all...using their newly acquired sign language skills, girls will learn how the human body works, inside and out. Discover how different systems, organs and senses work together to support life.

Program Link: Daisy Respect Myself and Others Petal, Brownie Senses Badge

Important: 2 Leaders free; Additional adults (not participating) are free; $10 per Tag-Along ages 5 & up; Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom