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Girl Scout Gardeners – Planning Meeting

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Thu Mar 23, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
The Farm at Oyster Bay
Outdoors Camp
Daisy, Brownie, Ambassador Troops, Cadette

Come join in the eighth year of Girl Scouts of Nassau County experiencing The Farm at Oyster Bay. This series program is open to all individual Girl Scouts, whether you are in a Troop or not who want to learn how to tend a garden. The garden manager, Amanda along with the Girl Scout Under Gardeners will guide you through the growing season.  You discover how your food goes from seed to table. Both girls and adults will learn how to sow seeds, weed, do pest control, harvest and collect seeds for the next year’s crop in this organically run garden. In the Girl Scout tradition of community service, all produce will be donated to local food pantries.

DATE: Please note that there has been a date change on this program. The new date is March 23, 2017.

COST: $15 per registered Girl Scout

IMPORTANT: The two most important aspects of this program are communication and commitment. Planning Meeting is mandatory. Troops need to bring only 2 Girl Scout representatives from their Troop to this meeting. They will get all the info needed to become a GS Gardener, so they can report back to their Troop.