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Staff Directory


Deborah GoldsmithChief Operating Officer516.741.2550, ext. 211
Donna CeravoloExecutive Director/CEO516.741.2550, ext. 200
Joyce WagnerChief Mission Delivery Officer516.741.2550, ext. 225
Lori DiMaggioExecutive Liaison and Strategic Projects Mgr516.741.2550, ext. 204
Theresa Aulman-ViolaDirector, Human Resources516.741.2550, ext. 242


Cathy CicconeMVP Volunteer Resource Specialist516.741.2550, ext. 244
Irene LennonAdmin Assistant Volunteerism & Governance516.741.2550, ext. 239
Joan BompaneMVP Regional Director, Volunteerism516.741.2550, ext. 245
Marilou OwensMVP Specialist, Volunteerism516.741.2550, ext. 222
Mindy FanwickMVP Specialist, Volunteerism516.741.2550, ext. 236
Susan CarterMVP Manager, Volunteerism516.741.2550, ext. 231
Vicky StrauberMVP Specialist, Volunteerism516.741.2550, ext. 232


Chris FerryMVP Regional Director, Membership516.741.2550, ext. 218
Harriet GibaldiMVP Specialist, Membership516.741.2550, ext. 238
Kordula Toribio-SosaMVP Specialist, Membership516.741.2550, ext. 226
LauraJean D’AlessioMVP Specialist, Membership516.741.2550, ext. 237
Linda SchurrMVP Specialist, Membership516.741.2550, ext. 228
Lorna de BellegardeMVP Manager, Membership516.741.2550, ext. 207
Mary GebauerSystems Administrator & Analyst516.741.2550, ext. 215
Milagros VicenteMVP Specialist, Membership516.741.2550, ext. 227
Rama VoraMVP Specialist, Membership516.741.2550, ext. 224
Raphaelle ChassagneAdministrative Assistant516.741.2550, ext. 209


Cynthia GarrettBusiness Support Assistant, Program516.741.2550, ext. 241
Eliza ZipperMVP Manager, Program516.741.2550, ext. 254
Grace WaterhouseBusiness Support Assistant, Program516.741.2550, ext. 252
Jan FigueiraMVP Regional Director, Program516.741.2550, ext. 217
Lisa Bordonaro-LubranoMVP Specialist, Program (Council-Events)516.741.2550, ext. 253
Melanie Trainor-GomezProgram Assistant516.741.2550, ext. 268
Patte ConwayMVP Specialist, Program (Council - Awards)516.741.2550, ext. 219
Patty Donohue-BrownMVP Specialist, Program (Council)516.741.2550, ext. 273
RobinAnn McGonigle-PopeMVP Specialist, Program516.741.2550, ext. 214
Sara SicilianoMVP Specialist, Program516.741.2550, ext. 255
Yari DeLeonCommunity Initiatives Manager516.741.2550, ext. 272
Patricia PachecoMVP Specialist, Program/Membership516.741.2550, ext. 251


Laura Bissett-CarrManager Program & Outdoor Services 631-604-2201
Wayne CarrCamp Ranger631-604-2201

Entrepreneurial Programs

Fran McAllisterManager Goal Setting & Solutions516.741.2550, ext. 249
Lucy EffronDirector, Entrepreneurial Programs516.741.2550, ext. 265
Sonia OxfordProduct Program Coordinator516.741.2550, ext. 230


Kathy FordShop Sales Assistant516.741.2550, ext. 202
Nora AlbertelliShop Assistant Manager516.741.2550, ext. 269
Tara BowersShop Manager516.741.2550, ext. 205

Fund Development

Dianne AuciFund Development Coordinator516.741.2550, ext. 216
Ellen PalmisanoEvaluations and Grants Manager516.741.2550, ext. 262
Luci Duckson-BrambleChief Fund Development Officer516.741.2550, ext. 208


Anna LenzGraphic Design and Production Coordinator516.741.2550, ext. 258
Cassie RowanInteractive Media & Marketing Manager516.741.2550, ext. 210
Donna Rivera-DowneyChief Marketing & Communications Officer516.741.2550, ext. 260
Judith EtienneGraphic Design and Production Coordinator516.741.2550, ext. 261
Lorraine RizzutoWeb Solutions Manager516.741.2550, ext. 263


Marilyn StolzAssistant Director, Finance516.741.2550, ext. 206
Joanne SurlessAccounts Payable Specialist516.741.2550, ext. 212
Roxana Hoppe Accounts Receivable Specialist516.741.2550, ext. 203

Business Support

Dorothy PuglieseBusiness Support Coordinator516.741.2550, ext. 213
Lauren RigginsReceptionist516.741.2550, ext. 0
Linda NaumannBusiness Support Assistant516.741.2550, ext. 221
Vicki GioiaBusiness Support Assistant516.741.2550, ext. 229

Information Technology

James LanganNetwork Administrator516.741.2550, ext. 248