Cookie Booths are a simple way to increase sales by reaching more customers. There are three types of Cookie Booths: Local Cookie Booth, Railroad Cookie Booth and Corporate Cookie Booth.  To learn more about arranging Cookie Booths see page 21 in your Troop Cookie Manager's Manual.  Once arrangements have been made, here are some simple step-by-step guidelines to help you have the best Cookie Booth your Troop can Imagine!

Before the sale:

Plan on picking up your cookies as close to the sale date as possible.

Fill out and submit the online trip application, arranging adult coverage in accordance with Safety-Wise.  This online trip application will automatically be sent to your Association Service Team and the Council Service Center.

Collect permission forms from every girl (even if their parent/guardian is in attendance) and make sure the permission forms are available at all times.

Print out "Cookie Booth Etiquette" for each girl and have the girls and their parents sign the "Cookie Booth Behavior Contract"at the bottom of the page.


On the day of the sale:

Arrive in time to set up your display and familiarize yourself with the location. Include a container to collect monetary donations for Operation Cookie. Include this "Operation Cookie" flyer in your display.

Girls and adults should wear the Girl Scout pin, a uniform, partial uniform, or some article of

clothing identifying them as Girl Scouts.

Bring a box with lid to store money and at least $50 in singles and change.

Have the girls arrive in shifts so that no more than 4 girls are present at any time.

Remember you are guests at the booth sale location. It is important that your girls be courteous to

all prospective customers. You are representing Girl Scouts of Nassau County and of course, we

want to be welcomed back in the future.

If you are at an LIRR station, remember to stay off the platforms!

At the end of the booth sale, remove all empty cartons, debris, etc. If possible, thank the manager

of your booth sale location.


After the sale:

On the first working day after the sale, return any unopened cases of cookies with original seal intact to

the Service Center .


Deposit all money collected in the Council Cookie Account using the deposit slip provided by your

Association Cookie Chair. Include your Troop # and Association on the deposit slip. Keep copies

of the stamped deposit slip in a safe place. Your Troop Cookie Manager will need this information

for her records. It is proof that the cookies were paid for by your troop.

Use the leftover boxes of cookies to fill catch-up orders or sell them at future booth sales.

Divide the total number of boxes sold among the girls who attended the sale. Enter this

amount in eBudde and order booth sale patches for the participants.

Cookie Booth sales will have an additional twist this year:

Our Mystery Shoppers will be stopping at Girl Scout Cookie ® Booths around Nassau County to verify that you've got all the elements in place for a great booth sale. Troops who score high on their booth sale savvy will be entered into a drawing for a $100 GSNC gift card.


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Are you looking for ways to add to your Cookie Rebate?  Then sign-up for the Cookie Booth Brigade!

During the Corporate Cookie Booth Program, Council receives last minute opportunities for Corporate Cookie Booths.  If you become a “Booth Brigade” troop, your troop must make a commitment to be “on call” during the Corporate Cookie Booth Sale week, February 16 to 20, and/or weekends from Feb 7 thru March 29.  Booth brigade troops will be notified by email when a last minute cookie booth becomes available.  Include an email address that you check on a daily basis, so your Troop doesn’t miss out on an opportunity.


My troop would like to sign-up for the Booth Brigade!  Please alert us to any last-minute Corporate Cookie Booth opportunities.  I understand that I must respond promptly in order to be considered for placement.




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