How to Make Your Cookie Booth A Winner!

The most successful sales people will tell you that while a great product is a good start (and what product could be better than Girl Scout Cookies ® ?) there still needs to be attention to "marketing". Marketing means advertising, promotion, and selling - and all are skills that girls learn during our Cookie sale. To make your Girl Scout Cookie ® booth as effective as possible, and to earn an entry into our $100 gift card drawing, just have the following elements in place:

  1. Your booth should be neat, with cookies attractively displayed for sale.
  2. The troop goals and activities should be displayed. For example, a poster of the Washington Monument with a banner that says "Help our troop reach our goal to visit Washington DC "
  3. Girls and adults are dressed appropriately. Girls are wearing a Girl Scout sash or vest, Girl Scout pin, or Girl Scout T-Shirt or Sweatshirt to identify them as Girl Scouts.
  4. No one is visible eating, drinking, chewing gum or smoking at the booth.
  5. Girls are not blocking store entrances or annoying store customers.
  6. Girls are pleasant and enthusiastic, but not LOUD.
  7. Girls are not approaching cars in the parking lot or customers inside the store.
  8. There are no more than 4 girls at the booth at any one time.
  9. Cookies are protected from the weather.
  10. Girls ask customers to make a donation to "Operation Cookie" or Gift of Caring, or have information about either of these programs displayed.
  11. Girls are able to answer age-appropriate questions about the cookie and the cookie sale. (e.g. What is the cost per box? What will the money be used for?)
  12. Girls say "thank you" whether or not the customer makes a purchase.

Remember - "Be Prepared" is our motto, and a bit of preparation before your booth sale will yield great results.