Operation Cookie


Operation Cookie is our council-sponsored program for donation of Girl Scout Cookies ® to be shipped to our military personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, and military hospitals overseas and here at home. 


Here's how it works :


  • Ask Customers to purchase cookies that we will send overseas. Ask during order-taking or during booth sales.
  • If they say "Yes, I'll purchase 5 boxes" or "Yes, here's $10 for cookies", collect the money on the spot, and (for order-taking) log the amount collected for Cookies for the Military on your order sheet in the first (blank) column. Checks should be made out to "Girl Scouts of Nassau County".
  • Add the total of money collected for the Cookies for the Military and place the dollar total at the bottom of the first (blank) column.
  • Do NOT add this column into your total boxes sold or amount due columns on the Girl Order Card.
  • You will never have to pick up or handle these cookies. They will be shipped directly from the Cookie Cupboard!
  • Turn in all money to your Troop Cookie Manager, just as you would any other cookie order.
  • Remember that boxes sold through this program count toward your totals for Cookie Recognitions, Cookie Credits and toward your troop cookie rebate.*

  • You may continue to place Operation Cookie orders until the sale ends on March 30 (new deadline) April 20! 

    Goal Maker Sale period from March 31 through April 20 - IMPORTANT - Get the details!- no recognitions or Cookie Credits during the Goal Maker Period - NEW SPECIAL INCENTIVES and ADDITIONAL 2 cent per box TROOP REBATE.

*We would like to include notes from the girls to the military personnel with our cookie shipments. These notes may be brought to the Girl Scouts of Nassau County Service Center at 110 Ring Road West , Garden City. They should be signed only with a first name and troop number.


Check out what you can earn.



> Permission

> Cookie Order Card

> Operation Cookie Receipt

> Operation Cookie Flyer

> Gift of Caring Receipt

> Cookie Pin Order Form


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