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Girl Scouts of Nassau County Phone Directory

Main number 516.741.2550 - Shop Ext. 202
Our Staff   Ext.
CERAVOLO, DONNA Executive Director/CEO 200
GOLDSMITH, DEBORAH Chief Operating Officer / Director Finance 211
WAGNER, JOYCE Chief Mission Delivery Officer 225
ALBERTELLI, NORA GS Shop Assistant 269
AULMAN-VIOLA, THERESA Director, Human Resources 242
AUCI, DIANNE Fund Development Coordinator 216
BISSETT-CARR, LAURA Manager, Program & Outdoor Services 631.604.2201
BOMPANE, JOAN MVP Director, Volunteerism 245
BORDONARO-LUBRANO, LISA MVP Specialist, Program 253
BOWERS, TARA Girl Scout Shop Manager 205
CARTER, SUSAN MVP Manager, Volunteerism 231
CICCONE, CATHY Business Support Specialist 221
CONWAY, PATTE MVP Specialist, Program 219
D'ALESSIO, LAURA JEAN MVP Specialist, Membership 237
DEAN, MELISSA Business Support Specialist  

MVP Manager,


DELEON, YARI Community Initiatives Manager 272
DIMAGGIO, LORI Executive Liaison & Strategic Projects Manager 204
DONAHUE-BROWN, PATTY STEM Program Specialist 273
DUCKSON-BRAMBLE, LUCILLE Chief Fund Development Officer 208
EFFRON, LUCY Director, Entrepreneurial Programs 265
ETIENNE, JUDITH Graphic Artist/ Production Coordinator 261
FANWICK, MINDY MVP Specialist, Volunteerism 236
FERRY, CHRISTINA MVP Director, Membership 218
FIGUEIRA, JAN MVP Director, Program 217
FORD, KATHY GS Shop Assistant 202
MVP Membership Specialist 275
GARRETT, CYNTHIA Business Support Assistant 241
GEBAUER, MARY Council Registrar 215
GENESI, KIMBERLY MVP Specialist, Program 255
GIBALDI, HARRIET MVP Specialist, Membership 238
GIOIA, VICKI Business Support Specialist 229
HOPPE, ROXANA Accounts Receivable Specialist 203
LANGAN, JAMES Network Administrator 248
LENNON, IRENE Business Support Specialist 239
LENZ, ANNA Graphic Artist/ Production Coordinator 258

Manager, Goal Setting and Solutions

OWENS, MARILOU MVP Specialist Volunteerism 222
OXFORD, SONIA Product Program Coordinator 230
PACHECO, PATRICIA MVP Specialist, Program & Membership 251
PALMISANO, ELLEN Evaluations and Grants Manager 262
PUGLIESE, DOROTHY Business Support Coordinator 213
RIGGINS, LAUREN Receptionist 0
RIVERA-DOWNEY, DONNA Chief Marketing and Communications Officer 260
RIZZUTO, LORRAINE Web Solutions Manager 263
ROWAN, CASSIE Interactive Media Coordinator 210
SMITH, KATIE Volunteer Resource Specialist 244
STOLZ, MARILYN Assistant Director, Finance 206
STRAUBER, VICKY MVP Specialist, Volunteerism 232
SURLESS, JOANNE Bookkeeper 212
TORIBIO-SOSA, KORDULA MVP Specialist Membership 226
TRAINOR-GOMEZ, MELANIE Program Assistant 268
VICENTE, MILAGROS MVP Specialist Membership 227
VORA, RAMA MVP Specialist, Membership 224
ZIPPER, ELIZA Programs and Critical Issues Manager 254
Cookie Cupboard 243 or 246
Hispanic Contact 106
Resource Room 244
GSNC Shop 202
Adult Recognitions 621
Summer Camp Wantagh 620