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Girl Scout Voices - Make Sure That Your Girl Scout Voice is Heard!


About Girl Scout Voices

Girl Scouts of Nassau County is dedicated to making sure our programs are the best they can be for all our members. In order to make that happen, we need to hear from YOU! Join Girl Scout Voices to participate in a survey to tell GSNC about your Girl Scout experience and how Girl Scouts has affected you.

What is important in your life?
What is important about being a Girl Scout?
How has Girl Scouts affected you as a person?

We want to know!! Register today for Girl Scout Voices by going to (Girls will need a parent/guardian’s help if they are 12 or under.) A few times a year, Girl Scouts of Nassau County or Girl Scouts of the USA will send out a survey asking you about your Girl Scout experience.


The voice of girls is the driving force of Girl Scouts. GSNC is committed to addressing the ever-changing needs of girls. As part of that on-going effort, we look to our girl members and volunteers to share their thoughts with Girl Scouting and other issues affecting today’s girls. These efforts not only support the development of the Girl Scout program but also supply accurate information to funders, community partners, leaders, parents seeking the best ways to help their daughters, and girls themselves. GSNC is fortunate to partner with the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) to listen to our girls and advocate for their needs.