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Girl Scout Cookie® Program:

Booth Information for Leaders and Troop Cookie Managers


e-Budde is available to Troop Cookie Managers and 01 Troop Leaders (viewing only). Log in using your personal email address and the temporary password on the cover of your TCM Manual (9451@RahRah). Everyone must login using the new Temporary Password, answer 4 security questions and then re-set to a new password. 

Cookie Booth Sales are a simple way to increase sales by reaching customers who are not at home when girls take orders or sell door-to-door.  There are three types of Cookie Booth Sites.  A troop may choose to participate in any or all of these:  LOCAL BOOTHS, RAILROAD COOKIE BOOTHS, COUNCIL BOOTHS. Cookies for all types of Booth Sales may be picked up at our Council Cookie Cupboard.

Need Help? Here's how to Build a Better Booth!

Want more booths?  Find out about the Cookie Booth Brigade!



Local Cookie Booths

January 30th - March 31st

Local Cookie Booths can be arranged by Association Cookie Chairs or even the Troop Leader or Cookie Troop Mgr.  They can take place at supermarkets, shopping plazas, car wash, hardware stores, places of worship etc. within your Association.


Contact your Association Cookie Chair (ACC) to request a Local Booth.  Your ACC will keep a schedule of local booth sales.  Requests should include Troop number, date, time, location requested, name and phone of adult responsible.  You may hold a LOCAL BOOTH in another Association only with permission of your ACC.



Railroad Cookie Booths

For Brownie level and up March 2nd - 27th  Railroad Cookie Booths are held at LIRR stations in Nassau County.


Contact your Association Cookie Chair to request a LIRR booth.  Your ACC will keep a schedule of local LIRR sales.  Requests must be submitted to your ACC by January 20, 2015 and include Troop number, date, time, location, name and phone of adult responsible. Only Brownies and older can participate in a Railroad booth.



Council Cookie Booths



All registered Girl Scouts from Daisy to Ambassador level



COUNCIL COOKIE BOOTHS are held in major shopping malls, universities, and corporate office centers during school vacations and on weekends. GSNC has collaborated with these corporations to provide space for Girl Scout Troops to sell cookies. All arrangements are made through Council and individual Girl Scout Troops should not approach these corporations requesting a cookie booth.  If you need to determine whether a location is designated as a GSNC CORPORATE BOOTH SITE, contact Fran McAllister, 516.741.2550, ext. 249.



Friday, January 30th through Tuesday, March 31st

President's Week, After School & Weekends



Log on to eBudde on January 6, 2015 to see preliminary list of Council Booths (View Only).  Additional booth locations will be added as arrangements are confirmed with our Corporate Hosts. Discuss locations, dates, and times with your Girl Scout Troop to confirm girl and adult availability.  For more information check pages 16-18 of your Troop Cookie Manager's Manual..


SIGN-UP SCHEDULE:  Note: Preview list of booths on eBudde, January 6, 2015



HOW TO SIGN UP FOR COUNCIL BOOTHS: See Troop Cookie Manager Manual page 18

(Remember to preview list on eBudde and discuss locations & dates with Troop.)

When Sign-up Begins, the Troop Cookie Manager logs on to eBudde.  Click on "Booth Sales" at top and ALL "+" SIGNS under NASSAU COUNTY BOOTH SALES to view the list of Corporate sites, dates and times. CLICK on a DATE your Troop is available. Time slots and details will appear on the right. CLICK ON AN OPEN TIME SLOT and then CLICK SUBMIT. 

IMPORTANT! After you submit your sign up, click on "current sign-ups" and print your booth information to share with the Troop. Bring your "current sign-up sheet" to confirm your placement!


NOTE: E-Budde Corporate Booth SIGN-UPS will be MONITORED by GSNC STAFF and your SIGN-UP is an OBLIGATION TO ATTEND THE BOOTH. Our Corporate Hosts will be expecting a Girl Scout Troop at the booth and the Cookie Booth Locator will advertise your sale. If a last-minute emergency prevents you from fulfilling your obligation, contact Katie Smith, 516.741.2550, ext. 244 immediately, so a replacement can be arranged.



Cookie Booth Brigade (Brownie through Ambassador)

During the Corporate Cookie Booth Program, Council receives last minute cancellations and new opportunities for Corporate Booths.  If you become a “Booth Brigade” Troop, your Troop should be “on call” during the Corporate Cookie Booth Program.  Booth brigade troops will be notified by email when a last minute booth becomes available.  When you sign up, include an email address that you check daily, so you don't miss out on an opportunity! 




Build a Better Booth

Before the sale:

cookiePlan on picking up your cookies close to sale date as possible. 

cookieFill out a Trip Application arranging adult coverage in accordance with Safety Activity Checkpoints and Volunteer Essentials. Collect Permission Forms from every girl (even if their parent/guardian is in attendance) and make sure the permission forms are available at all times.

cookiePrint out Cookie Booth Etiquette for each girl and have the girls and their parent’s go over the Cookie Booth Rules of Behavior.


On the day of the sale:

cookieArrive in time to set up display and familiarize yourself with location.

cookieGirls and adults should wear the Girl Scout pin, a uniform, partial uniform, or some article of clothing identifying them as Girl Scouts.

cookieBring a box with lid to store money and $50 in singles.

cookieGirls should arrive in shifts - No more than 4 girls at a time!

cookieRemember you are guests at the booth sale location.  It is important that your girls be courteous to all     prospective customers. You are representing Girl Scouts of Nassau County and of course, we want to be welcomed back in the future.

cookie If you are at an LIRR station - stay off the platforms!

cookie At the end of the booth sale, remove all empty cartons, debris, etc.  Thank the manager of your booth sale location.


 After the sale:

 cookieDeposit all money collected in the Council Cookie Account using the encoded deposit slip provided by your Association Cookie Chair.  Include your Troop # and Association on the deposit slip.

cookieUse the leftover boxes of cookies to fill additional orders, for future booth sales or walk abouts.

cookieOrder booth sale patches on eBudde for girls participating.

cookieDivide the total number of boxes sold among the girls who attended the sale. Enter information in eBudde.