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What is a Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sale?


GSNC Cookie Program booth salesA Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sale is when a Troop sets up a table or booth at a public location and displays and sells boxes of Girl Scout Cookies directly to customers, allowing them to eat Girl Scout Cookies right away. Any direct in-person sales event can be a Booth sale, including Walkabouts and Railroad sales.


Here are some Cookie Booth location suggestions that you can do right in your own town:


Get Creative with Booth Display

Bundle up boxes of Cookies and attach a Cookie Card.

GSNC Cookie program gift card

Make a Walking Poster or a Concession Box



Why do a Booth Sale?

GSNC Cookie Program booth salesGirls enjoy doing Booth sales because it's fun!! They get to interact with customers, make change and express their individuality by decorating their booth. Encourage your girls to sing songs and practice what they'll say to customers beforehand.

Booth sales are the second phase of the Cookie sale. After the order taking phase in January, Booth sales begin in February. They are a supplement to the regular Cookie order taking to help your Troop achieve its goals.


Booth sales are a great way to:

Earn additional funds for Troop activities

Reinforce teamwork

Boost the girls' cookie count

Make lots of people happy

Proper planning will ensure a successful and fun booth sale.

"Good Booth, Bad Booth" - a fun teaching tool for girls>>



Booth Sleuth Program

GSNC Cookie Star patch pinGet ready for a "Booth Sleuth" at your next Booth sale. There will be volunteers going around to the different Booth sale sites in Nassau County from February through March checking for the following:

Check List

If the girls fulfill 4 of the 5 above, and they have followed the "Two Important Booth Sale Qualities" below, the Booth Sleuth will give each girl working at the booth a Cookie Star patch pin. If a pin can't be given out, they will give the adult at the booth a "certificate" noting areas needing improvement.

Two Important Booth Sale Qualities

Is the booth sales area neat and clean with no food, drinks or chewing of gum?

Are the girls polite when asking for a sale, no shouting or screaming?



Cookie Booth Brigade (Brownie through Ambassador)

During the Council Cookie Booth Program, Council receives last minute cancellations and new opportunities for Corporate Booths.  If you become a “Booth Brigade” Troop, your Troop should be “on call” during the Corporate Cookie Booth Program.  Booth brigade troops will be notified by email when a last minute booth becomes available.  When you sign up, include an email address that you check daily, so you don't miss out on an opportunity! 

Booth Brigade Sign-up Form>>




Booth Sale Resources for Troop Cookie Managers


Booth Sale Resources

   Booth Sale Information for Leaders & Troop Cookie Managers
   Using the Booth Sale app with your smart phone
   Cookie Booth Sale for Parents
   Cookie Booth Etiquette for Girl Scouts

   Good Booth, Bad Booth

Booth Sale Signs to Print Out
  Click here for 7 different signs that girls can hold at a Booth Sale or Walkabout.