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Booth Sales for Parents

Why do a Booth Sale?

Booth sales are a supplement to the regular Cookie order taking to help your Troop achieve its goals. Booth sales are a great way to:

Proper planning will ensure a successful and fun booth sale.

How do Booth Sales benefit my daughter?

While selling Girl Scout Cookies®, your daughter learns 5 skills that will help her in her daily life:

How do the sales get divided within the Troop?

The number of boxes sold among the girls who attend the sale is evenly divided. This amount will be added to their individual sales. This may help your daughter achieve higher cookie incentives and higher cookie credits. 

What can I do to help?

First, you can read the “Cookie Booth Etiquette” with your child and help her understand them so she can put them into action. Then sign at the bottom.


You can help your Girl scout practice her communication skills. Together, you can role-play different situations of cookie selling. Pretend you are the customer and have her ask you to buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies®. What will she say? What if you say you are on a diet? What if you don’t like Girl Scout Cookies®? Role-playing these situations will help boost her confidence when it comes to the real cookie selling.

You can volunteer to be one of the adults present at booth sales to insure the safety of the girls.