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Girl Scouts of Nassau County 2014 Gold Award Recipients


GSNC's Gold Award Recipients


Girl Scouts of Nassau County (GSNC) - Girl Scout Gold Award Since 1916, Girl Scout’s highest and most prestigious award has stood for excellence and leadership for girls everywhere. The Gold Award focuses on the interests of individual Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts. Each girl chooses and thoroughly researches an issue she cares about, designs her action plan, builds community collaboration, and takes the lead in implementing the project. Gold Award distinction is recognized by a number of college-scholarship opportunities, and by an immediate rise of one rank in the U.S. military branches.

At our 2014 Gold Award Ceremony, GSNC honored 70 young women who earned the highest award in Girl Scouting. As a Council, we are proud of what they have achieved, what they have become, and what they will be, as leaders in the 21st century.




Pollyana Andrews
TROOP 1265

Pollyana’s project, “Teen Safety Driving,” educated the community, particularly teen and student drivers, about driving safety and the consequences of careless, inattentive or impaired driving. Her project stressed the responsibility of drivers and the effect their actions have on others. Through her project, Pollyana was able to make a difference in her community and as a result is more assertive and able to speak up for what she believes.

Pollyana is finishing her freshman year at Molloy College. She attended Sacred Heart Academy where she was a member of the Catholic League, Chorus, National Honor Society, Campus Ministry, and Drama Club. Outside of school, Pollyana volunteers for Youth Ministry and teaches religious education in her parish, belongs to Midnight Runs, volunteers in various parish activities and enjoys helping out within her community anywhere she can.



Monica Anzalone
TROOP 1024

Monica’s project titled, “Adopt Don’t Shop” addresses the issue and seeks to educate people about animal cruelty in puppy mills. Monica has given public presentations, distributed posters and pamphlets, and created a website and Facebook page, to educate her community on the benefits of adopting a shelter dog instead of buying from a breeder. Her goal was to give people more of an incentive to adopt a shelter puppy and save its life. Monica learned that when she wants to accomplish a goal, she must put her heart into getting it done.

Monica is a senior at Sewanhaka High School where she is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America and the varsity swim team. Outside of school, Monica volunteers at the North Shore Animal League.



Christina Ayvas
TROOP 9026

Christina’s project, “Community Service Website Link” reflects her devotion to volunteerism by encouraging her peers to spend some of their spare time volunteering by showing them how their service will benefit their community. In addition to delivering presentations on the importance of community service, Christina created a website listing various volunteer opportunities that will remain a valuable resource for students at Oceanside High School. Christina feels that her Gold Award project helped her develop practical life skills.

At Oceanside High School, where she is a junior, Christina is a member of Habitat for Humanity Club, Recycling Club, and the World Language National Honor Society. She is also a summer volunteer at day camp and youth activities at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Paul.



Casey Barrett
TROOP 2271

Casey put her artistic and creative talents to use in her project, “Food Allergy Awareness.” She addressed the issue of food allergies in the school setting is a fun and expressive way. Casey created safe snack boxes for the classrooms to ensure that there will always be snacks available that are allergy friendly. Because Casey experienced the struggles of having allergies throughout her childhood, she understands the stressful feelings both a child and a parent can experience. By informing parents, teachers, and other students within the Lynbrook School District of the life threatening harms caused by food allergies and offering a positive way of dealing with this issue, Casey was able to raise awareness and thereby alleviate some of the concerns of students, parents and teachers.

A senior at Lynbrook Senior High School, Casey will attend Binghamton University in the fall. She is a member of the varsity swim team, Athletes Creating Excellence Club, and National Honor Society. Outside of school she is a volunteer lifeguard at Rolling River Day Camp.



Sabrina Brennan

Sabrina’s project, “Everyone’s Been Bullied” tackled the topic of the isolation felt by children who are victims of bullying. Through her project, she was able to bring these children together to help them realize that they are not the only ones facing this problem. Sabrina led group discussions that raised and answered questions about bullying. As the children shared their stories they began to realize they were not alone in dealing with this issue. Their self-esteem soared as they realized they could help each other. Sabrina created a book with excerpts of stories that were shared during meetings for other children facing bullying to use as a resource.

A senior at Paul D. Schreiber High School, Sabrina will attend the University of Southern California in the fall. She is a member of the Drama Club, Art Club, Science Honor Society, and National Honor Society. Sabrina also enjoys tap dancing.



Samantha Brescia
TROOP 3069

In her project, “A Team of Mentors (ATOM)” Samantha was able to directly impact children who are battling medical or physical illnesses. Many children will never experience or be a part of an athletic team because of their physical or cognitive challenges; Samantha’s program gave these children the opportunity to be on a High School Varsity team. Through structured matching of children with athletic teams to ensure a successful experience and meaningful bonds, Samantha was able to cultivate relationships between the children and athletes. While she was able to improve the quality of life for these children facing life threatening, medical, or physical illnesses, Samantha was also able to fulfill their dreams of being a team member.

A senior at Farmingdale High School, Samantha will attend the University of Massachusetts, Amherst to study Animal Science in the fall. She plays lacrosse, basketball, soccer, and is a member of the National Honor Society. Outside of school she is a member of several lacrosse teams on Long Island, and is an active volunteer for the “Pay It Forward” Foundation.



Sarah Chyriwski
TROOP 2271

Sarah’s project, “Easy Meals From a Can” addresses the lack of variety in food pantry donations and offers nutritious options for families who are dependent on these donations. In order to generate more and healthier donations to the food pantry, Sarah launched an informational campaign within her community of Lynbrook through the distribution of flyers, as well as speaking at local churches and PTA meetings. As part of her project, Sarah created a cookbook for families who depend upon the food pantry as a valuable resource on how to use canned goods to make healthier meals for their families. She found that through her project, she gained leadership skills and confidence while being able to benefit the lives of others.

Sarah is a senior at Lynbrook High School where she is on the varsity lacrosse team and a member of Student Government, National Honor Society, and Key Club. Outside of school, she is a member of the Turf Island Oilers Travel Lacrosse Team. In the fall, Sarah will attend the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



Elizabeth Davoli

Through the project “Restoring the Oyster Population to Help Clean the Bays,” Elizabeth’s goal was to reduce water pollution by gardening oysters and creating a self-sustaining oyster reef. She encouraged her community to take part in gardening oysters while also educating the community about the use of oysters in the cleaning of bays, how to raise oysters, and the essential role oysters play in the ecosystem. This project raised awareness in Elizabeth’s community and taught Elizabeth the importance of cooperation and team building.

A senior at Rockville Centre’s South Side High School, Elizabeth is a member of the National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, Spanish Club, and the varsity swim team. Elizabeth is also a member of her High School’s Video Club, CTREE and GSNC’s Media Girls and volunteers as a tutor for her fellow students. Elizabeth will be attending the University of Miami.



Emily de Reyna

Through her project, “Can I Hear You Now?” Emily educated the teachers in her Port Washington school district about the difficulties those with hearing impairments face. Her hope is that all students have a positive educational experience, regardless of impairments. Through a series of presentations given to the faculty, Emily provided educators with information and tips to better accommodate these students. Through the Gold Award process, Emily learned that sometimes, students can be the educator, not just the teachers.

A junior at Paul D. Schreiber High School, Emily plays varsity tennis. She is in the Music and Symphony Orchestra Honor Societies, as well as a member of both the Social Studies and National Honor Societies. Emily volunteers at both church and synagogue and the Village Club of Sands Point. Emily loves to play the violin and ski.



Jennifer Dean
TROOP 2188

The goal of Jennifer’s project, “Safety in the Community” was to create a safer community by addressing risky behaviors among driving-aged teens including distracted driving, texting while driving, speeding and teen car crashes. In order to achieve her goal, Jennifer coordinated a series of assemblies for the Lynbrook community with speakers from the Nassau County Police Department and “Driving in the Safe Lane.” Through the assembly she educated new and soon to be drivers, as well as their parents on the dangers of texting while driving and the importance of having complete focus on the road and wheel while operating a vehicle. To further improve pedestrian safety in her community, she petitioned the Village of Lynbrook to put a crosswalk and children crossing signs at a major intersection near her school. As a result of her project, Jennifer discovered her enjoyment of mentoring teens as well as the importance of organizational skills when working on large scale projects.

A junior at Lynbrook High School, Jennifer is a member of the Leadership Club, Athletes Creating Excellence and cheerleading team. Outside of school, Jennifer does volunteer work with her cheer Club and Canine Companions.



Maria Efstratiou

Maria found that there were no means for teens in her community to pursue their interests in fashion. As a result, she established her project, “Fashion Club” with the goal of starting a new club for students in her high school who were interested in learning about fashion. The Fashion Club now hosts a variety of fashion related events, including a fashion show, and has established a blog where club members can post their fashion projects for the community to view. Throughout her project, Maria was able to improve her leadership skills, as well as make a difference in her community.

A senior at North Shore High School who will attend SUNY Geneseo in the fall, Maria is a member of the National Honor Society and a peer leader. Her fondest Girl Scout memory is when she and her Troop went to Rocking Horse Ranch.



Susan Eichhorn
TROOP 2545

Through her project “A Recipe for a Healthy Lifestyle,” Susan addressed the issue of childhood obesity and the increasing number of children who live unhealthy lifestyles. In order to address these issues within her community, she made presentations that taught children and parents recipes, exercises, and tips on how to make healthy life choices. To continue to raise awareness in her program as well as the rise in childhood obesity, Susan created a Facebook and Twitter page to reach out to a larger audience. While working toward her Gold Award, Susan gained a higher level of confidence in herself and cultivated her leadership skills.

Currently a senior at Sacred Heart Academy, Susan participates in band, Math Team, Math Club, National Honor Society, Music Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and the UN Student Alliance. Outside of school, Susan volunteers at North Shore- LIJ and teaches religious education at Curé of Ars. She plans to attend Cornell University in the fall.



Caitlin Gallant
TROOP 1636

The goal of Caitlin’s project, “The Picnic Project,” was to educate teens and young adults in the Garden City area on the skills and practicalities of woodworking. By conducting woodworking workshops and developing educational pamphlets, Caitlin was not only able to teach a valuable life skill to others, but in the process instructed workshop attendees in the building of picnic tables which would benefit a local homeless shelter.

A senior at Garden City High School, Caitlin is Drum Major for the GCHS Marching Band, Captain of the Fencing team and President of both the Spanish Honor Society and the Music Honor Society. She is also a member of the National Honor Society and Jazz Band. Outside of school, Caitlin takes part in her Church’s youth ministry, soccer, volunteer service and of course, Girl Scouts. Caitlin will attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall.



Kaitlyn Genari

After witnessing the hazards of crossing Hempstead Turnpike, Kaitlyn knew what she had to do for her Gold Award project. The goal of her project, “Making Hempstead Turnpike a Safer Place” was to make Hempstead Turnpike a little safer to cross while also educating students on proper pedestrian safety. Kaitlyn petitioned the local town to increase the amount of time at the pedestrian walk signals at major intersections along Hempstead Turnpike. To further address her issue, she created pamphlets and held presentations on pedestrian and transportation safety for the 5th graders in schools along Hempstead Turnpike and local Girl Scout Troops. As a result of her project, there was an increase in pedestrian walk signals added to major intersections and busy roads. Kaitlyn’s project will be sustained through a Facebook page where she will post videos, tips, as well as answer people’s questions regarding pedestrian and driver safety.

Kaitlyn is a senior at Divison Avenue High School, where she is a member of the Color Guard and National Honor Society. Kaitlyn is also a writer for her school’s newspaper, Dragon Tales. Kaitlyn plans to attend SUNY Oswego in the fall to study broadcast journalism.



Carlye Gilbert
TROOP 1842

When Carlye, a girl with a passion for the environment, learned that John Street School had no recycling program in place, she knew she needed to take action. She implemented a recycling program that will help the environment and teach students about the importance of recycling. After learning that past recycling programs at the school had failed, Carlye developed “A Cleaner Community” which sought to make recycling fun for students by showing them what can be created out of recycled materials. To ensure long term sustainability, Carlye put her leadership skills to the test to garner support for the recycling program from John Street School staff including the Principal and custodial staff, and parents, as well as the local Sanitation Department.

A senior at Kellenberg Memorial High School, Carlye is a member of student government and National Honor Society. Outside of school, Carlye is a volunteer with her local Girl Scout Troop, in her church, and participates in numerous charities where she enjoys spending time helping others.
Carlye will attend Adelphi University in the fall.



Emily Giordano
TROOP 2231

Through her project, “Tackapausha Tots”, Emily addressed the issues of deforestation and the depletion of animal habitats. Knowing that animal habitats are destroyed when deforestation occurs, Emily worked to encourage youth to preserve, protect and promote environmental conservation through the creation of the “Tots” club at Tackapausha Museum and Preserve. Taking her project a step further, Emily built animal habitats which will be housed and maintained by Tackapausha Preserve.

Currently, a senior at Massapequa High School, Emily is a member of the Chess Club, Robotics Club, and SADD. She is also a longtime volunteer at the Tackapausha Museum and Preserve. Emily will be attending the State University of New York at Farmingdale in the fall, majoring in liberal arts and science.



Danielle Haft
TROOP 3499

After touring concentration camps in Poland and Israel, Danielle became increasingly concerned that as Holocaust Survivors passed on, their stories would pass on with them. In her project, “Through the Eyes of a Survivor,” Danielle captured the story of a Holocaust survivor to share with youth in her community. She then created an iMovie, which she presented to students in her local middle and high school, which allows students to gain in-depth knowledge about the Holocaust. Her iMovie was made available to students so that they can continue to tell the story of the Holocaust survivor.

Danielle is a senior at Syosset High School where she participates in the Theatre Club and is a member of the International Thespian Society. Outside of school, she is a volunteer for the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization and enjoys dancing. Her fondest Girl Scout memory was being chosen as a Delegate representing Girl Scouts of Nassau County at the Girl Scouts of the USA National Council Meeting in Houston, Texas in 2011. Danielle will be attending University at Albany-SUNY in the fall.



Genevieve Halka
TROOP 1636

Genevieve created her project, “Girls Get Safe” with the hope of providing teenage girls with useful life skills that would make them feel more confident and empowered. For her project, Genevieve produced a series of workshops for teenage girls in her community that focused on how to become more aware of their surroundings and how to respond to dangerous situations. As a result of her project, Genevieve learned that if she sets her mind to something, she is able to make a difference.

A senior at Our Lady of Mercy Academy, Genevieve is a member of the Windows Literacy Magazine, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and Eden Research. Outside of school she is a volunteer for her local church and tutors children. Genevieve will attend the University of Chicago in the fall.



Jessica Hansen
TROOP 1842

Jessica’s project, “Learn to Sew,” was designed to address the need for children to learn basic life skills. Through her love of sewing, Jessica was able to teach 4th and 5th grade girls and some parents in her community how to do a few basic stitches for repairing clothing, sewing on buttons, and even taught Girl Scouts how to place & sew on patches. She also taught her classes how to sew teddy bears that were then donated to the Ronald McDonald House. Jessica has developed her organizational and leadership skills by learning how to manage her team of volunteers who assisted her with this project. By creating a website Jessica has provided a resource for others to learn the basics of sewing.

A senior at H. Frank Carey High School, Jessica is a member of FBLA and French Club. Outside of school, she is a volunteer for Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish where she is an altar server. Jessica will attend Hofstra University in the fall.



Catherine Hartel
TROOP 3368

Through her project, “Holy Family Tree,” Catherine set the goal of increasing the awareness within the Hicksville community of the groups, functions, and events that take place in her church. By creating advertisements, videos, and presentations that were in the parish bulletin and online, Catherine was able to inform members of the community what each individual ministry actually does. The ministries benefitted from the increased awareness of their groups and the impact they have on the community. Catherine learned that she is able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to, when she puts herself in a leadership position.

As a Senior at Holy Trinity, Catherine participates in the Media and Volunteer Clubs. She is a member of the Music Ministry and L.I.G.H.T. Catherine was inducted into both the Spanish and National Honor Societies. Outside of school Catherine is a lector and member of the Youth Group at Holy Family Church where she is also a youth leader and Eucharist Minister. In the fall, Catherine will attend Quinnipiac University.



Amanda Hartmann
TROOP 2168

Amanda created “Concussed?” to provide young athletes and children with information regarding concussions which included educating participants on prevention and recovery. Applying her own personal experiences and knowledge of sports and sports related injuries, Amanda was able to educate her community using pamphlets, videos, and PowerPoint presentations. During the project, Amanda was able to identify a community issue and used her leadership skills to educate others.

In the fall, Amanda will be a freshman at Providence College. Outside of school, she enjoys community service based activities and is a member of religious based groups and Habitat for Humanity.



Kaitlyn Jablonowski
TROOP 2164

Through her project, “Pet Adoption Day” Kaitlyn addressed the issue of the large number of homeless animals in shelters. For her project, Kaitlyn held an open discussion, where she was able to educate the community about animals in shelters who are in need of adoption. As a result, there was an increase in the number of animals adopted in her community. Kaitlyn learned that good communication and time management skills can improve leadership abilities.

A senior at Sacred Heart Academy, she participates in school-run community service activities. She has previously volunteered at blood drives and helped set up and prepare food for Garden City’s Turkey Trot. Kaitlyn will attend Adelphi University in the fall.



Christina Jonas
TROOP 1024

Christina expressed her concern for struggling families through her project, “Creating a Food Pantry.” With the help of the New Hyde Park community and the Holy Spirit Church, she was able to plan and organize a food pantry so the church has a newly designated space to store food donations. After speaking at Masses to raise awareness, organizing food drives, bake sales, and with generous donations from people, Christina was able to create a new beneficial resource that will continue to be maintained by members within the church. As a result of her project, she was able to address the issues within her community of people who are having trouble providing food for their families. Christina learned that by taking initiative and being a leader, she was able to gain the support of other people.

Christina is a senior at St. Mary’s High School where she participates on the varsity swim team, campus ministry, and is a member of the Yearbook Club. Outside of school, she teaches religious education to 4th and 5th graders has volunteered at soup kitchens, is a member of a swim team, and holds the position of a Eucharistic Minister.



Alyssa Kelly
TROOP 3277

“The Goodwill Garden” was created by Alyssa to provide healthier alternatives to the processed foods that stock the shelves of St. Frances de Chantal Church pantry. Alyssa’s solution to this problem was to establish a community garden that will be maintained by fellow parishioners. She was able to grow and donate various vegetables such as zucchinis, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. The organic garden will remain a sustainable resource for the church, which she hopes will inspire others to make healthier food donations. Alyssa also created a website that instructs people on how to start their own backyard garden. Her hope is for others to recognize that home gardening is possible for anyone.

Alyssa is a senior at Wantagh High School where she is the valedictorian of the class of 2014. She is a member of the marching band, band council, and the volleyball team. Her fondest Girl Scout memory is cooking and serving meals for the families at the Ronald McDonald House which made her feel pleased about volunteering her time, and seeing how happy she made other people. Allysa will attend Georgetown University.



Christine Kelly
TROOP 3069

Christine’s “Tiles for Dignity” project was created to address New York State’s, The Dignity for All Students Act. Her project promoted the importance of creating and maintaining a safe learning environment that promotes respect for one another. Christine was able to do this by giving presentations to the school’s Ambassador Club and the PTA. She created and hung character education street signs in the hallway junctions in Woodward Parkway School to give students visual cues to reinforce good conduct. She also created Dignity Puzzles that are used by the social workers in their work with students.

Christine is a senior at Farmingdale High School, where she plays varsity lacrosse and volleyball. She is also a member of the wind ensemble, marching band, all-county band, National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Business Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, DECA, and Key Club. Outside of school, she is a volunteer for Trick-or-Treat for “UNICEF,” Toys for Tots, Island Harvest Food Drive, LAX for Hope Breast Cancer Tournament, and Students Making a Stand Against Breast Cancer Walk. Christine is planning to attend Bryant University in the fall.



Danielle Kertyzak
TROOP 2028

Danielle’s project, “Creating a 3D Garden: One Flower at a Time” was designed to educate the Massapequa community on how to use their garbage in a more creative and environmentally friendly way. Her love of nature and the environment is what inspired her to create a 3D Garden at a local senior center. Danielle educated the public on how to reuse items, thus eliminating garbage from the land fill. She did this by teaching the community how to turn trash into flowers at clinics she ran on Earth Day and also at her town’s Street Fair.

Danielle is a senior at Massapequa High School where she is a member of the SADD Club, Science Club, National Honor Society, and Vice President of her student government. Outside of school, she is a volunteer for the Saint Rose Respite Program, Young People’s Cultural Arts Program, and enjoys dancing.



Cara Lee
TROOP 2170

Through her project, “The Reading and Math Improvement Programs” Cara’s goal was to improve the reading and math skills of the children in the Long Beach community, particularly those whose parents were unable to read in English. With the help of volunteers, Cara set up tutoring classes at St. Mary of the Isle Church and Community Center to work with children. With a parent survey that Cara created, she was able to see that the children who attended improved in their schoolwork. Throughout her project, Cara was able to share her knowledge with others while learning how to be a good leader and instructor.

A junior at Kellenberg Memorial High School, Cara is a member of the Service Allegiance Leadership Teamwork Club, History Club, Crafts Club, and Yearbook Club. She is also a volunteer at St. Mary of the Isle Church and at her local Library.



Krista Longobardi
TROOP 1056

Krista’s project, “Pick Your Pet” incorporated her love of animals into teaching children ages 5-12 the benefits of owning a pet. Krista advocated for pet adoption because it not only benefits a family, but the animal as well. She was able to teach her community the adoption process, what
pet best suits the family, and most importantly how it can save an animal’s life. Krista strengthened her communication skills as a result of her project; through her research she gained knowledge and with that knowledge she gained confidence to speak in front of community leaders and her peers.

Krista is currently a sophomore at Floral Park Memorial High School where she is a member of the varsity field hockey and lacrosse teams. She is also a member of the Honor Society and has participated in school functions such as Heart for Fashion Show, and Leader Corp.



Caeley Looney
TROOP 3670

Caeley used her Gold Award project, “Science Fair and Expo,” to address the lack of importance placed on STEM subjects in elementary and middle school education programs in the Farmingdale community. Her solution to this problem was to host a Science Fair and STEM Expo at her high school for the younger students in the school district to attend. Caeley showed over 250 students that science could be fun and has given her district’s science director a packet of information on all the details for running this event in the future.

Caeley is a senior at Farmingdale High School, where she is a member of Robotics, Science Olympiads, Key Club, National Honor Society, and Italian Honor Society. She is also a member of the pit orchestra, marching band, pop band, and symphony orchestra. Outside of school, she is a member of a Girl Scout Robotics team, Girl Scout Media Girls, and a volunteer for Students Serving the Community. Caely will attend Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University in the fall to study Aerospace Engineering.



Ashley Lo Presti
TROOP 2403

In her project, “Art Heals the Heart,” conducted at Winthrop University Hospital’s Pediatrics Department, Ashley helped young patients who lack a creative outlet to release their emotions during the course of their illness. To address this issue, she spent time working with the children on arts and musical crafts in order to help them relax and forget about their problems while channeling their emotions through art. Ashley’s project will be sustained through a blog site she created to show others what she has done and how they can help. Through her project, Ashley learned leadership skills and dedication.

Ashley is a senior at St. Anthony’s High School where she is a member of the foreign exchange program and Respect Life Club. Outside of school, she is a member of the Massapequa Soccer Club.



Alyssa Lo Re
TROOP 1669

Alyssa created a club within her school to promote female leadership through her project, “Mock Trial Team at Sacred Heart Academy.” Her project addressed the issue of learning the importance of peace and justice in the nation’s court system through a high school mock trial team.
Participants in the club learned critical thinking and problem-solving skills, effective communication techniques, and benefited from working as a team as they grew their leadership skills. They also worked to find solutions to real world injustices. Her project will be sustained by the younger grades in her high school who want to become future members of the Mock Trial Team. Alyssa learned how important it is for females to have strong leadership qualities, and ultimately, she became a stronger leader herself.

A junior at Sacred Heart Academy, Alyssa is a member of mock trial, speech and debate, the newspaper, National Honor Society, and Sodality. Outside of school, she is an altar server, volunteer, and a one-on-one faith formation teacher at St. Anne’s.



Kellie Maguire
TROOP 3670

Kellie’s project, “Daleview Days” provided socialization and interaction between the seniors at Daleview Care Center and Kellie’s own Troop members. She chose this project because the isolation of senior citizens is detrimental to their well being. The importance of activity and a connection to others is significant for seniors’ quality of life. By promoting her project within the Farmingdale community, Kellie was able to gather a group of volunteers who will continue to spend time with the seniors in the future and promote intergenerational connections. Kellie hopes her project will inspire and motivate younger girls to work with the elderly and help them to realize the importance and impact the older generation has had on the community.

A senior at Farmingdale High School, Kellie participates in the Olympics of Visual Arts program. Outside of school she plays basketball and soccer. Kellie will attend Farmingdale State College in the fall.



Sarah Maley

Sarah’s “Multi-Cultural Story Time” was developed to enhance the activities within the Port Washington community that celebrate diversity for young children. Through her project Sarah brought children of different cultures together to celebrate the diversity within the community and gain an appreciation for one another as they interacted and learned different languages. Sarah learned the importance of setting a good example for children because they are the future leaders of their community.

A senior at Paul D. Schreiber High School, Sarah will attend a manger for the boys varsity team, and has participated in Relay for Life. Outside of school she volunteers at the Senior Center, is a lifeguard at Manorhaven Pool, a religion teacher at St. Peter’s Church, and a swim instructor for Long Island Swim, Providence College in the fall. Sarah is on the varsity swim team, organized classes where children heard books read in Japanese, other School. Sarah’s favorite Girl Scout memory is of a camping trip she took with her Troop in fourth grade.



Sarah Massoni

Sarah set out to tackle the problem of childhood obesity through her project, “Operation Healthy Eating.” Through the use of presentations at public events, Scout meetings, and organized classes at North Bellmore Library, Sarah was able to educate children on what constitutes a healthy diet, and how to make healthier food and snack choices. While this benefitted children who participated in her classes, it also showed Sara how to successfully handle her goals with confidence and creativity.

At Kellenberg Memorial High School, Sarah is a senior who is a member of stage crew, the school newspaper, Latin Club and General Student Organization. Outside of school she is a volunteer at St. Martin’s after-school recreation and tutoring program. Sarah will attend Emerson College.



Ashley McAuley
TROOP 1580

Ashley’s project, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” had the goal of teaching both students and parents the effects of bullying. Using presentations, posters, videos, and skits Ashley was able to inform people of the negative impact bullying has on children. Ashley taught the audience how to become more aware of bullying and how to prevent it from happening. Through her project, Ashley gained a better sense of herself while developing her leadership and critical thinking skills.

A senior at Valley Stream Central High School, Ashley is a member of various clubs, sports teams, and academic teams. Outside of school, she is a volunteer at a food pantry. Ashley’s fondest Girl Scout memories are when she went camping as a Girl Scout Brownie and a Girl Scout Junior.



Bridget McFadden

Bridget shared her love of reading and writing through her project, “World of Words.” Her goal was to help address low literacy rates by motivating children to be more interested in reading and to view writing as a reflective process that teaches you about yourself as well as helps you grow as a person. To accomplish this, Bridget offered 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students the opportunity to attend her Summer Writing Course at the Rockville Centre Public Library. By putting forward her leadership, interpersonal, organizational, and planning skills into action; Bridget was able to build a team, make lesson plans and assignments for the children to help improve their writing skills and inspire students to embrace writing.

Bridget, a junior at South Side High School, runs track and cross-country track and plays basketball. She is a member of Peace, Love and Joy, a community service organization and the photography club. Bridget is a member of the Academic Honor Society. Outside of school, Bridget plays CYO basketball, is a basketball score keeper, soccer referee and life guard.



Melissa Medici

To address the issue of cyber bullying, Melissa’s goal was to create awareness though her project, “Cyber Bullying Prevention.” This program was presented to her community through several PowerPoint presentations. She also designed a pamphlet for parents that contained Internet safety tips and ways to set ground rules for computer use with children. Melissa learned leadership skills that have helped her leave a long-term impact on her community by making them more aware of the problem.
Melissa graduated from W.C. Mepham High School last year, and is currently a freshman at Mount Saint Mary College. Outside of school, she is a volunteer for CCD, Vacation Bible School and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Melissa tutors and enjoys bowling.



Erin Mitchell

Erin’s project, “Run 4 Fun,” addressed the issue of childhood obesity caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Many children would rather play video games than participate in daily exercise. The “Run 4 Fun,” program encouraged children to participate in track and field as well as other physical activities. Erin was able to educate her audience on how physical fitness can be fun, exciting, and beneficial to their lifestyle. The event was so successful she plans on running it again next year and making it bigger and better. She learned that she can achieve anything if she puts her mind to it.

Erin, a senior at Paul D. Schreiber High School, is captain of the Track & Field team and a coach for Relay for Life. She will attend George Mason University in the fall. Erin’s fondest Girl Scout memory is when she and her Troop had a sleepover at the Long Island Children’s Museum.



Noor Nanda

“A Better Me” taught children in grades 2 through 5 that teenage drinking and drug use is not cool. To address this issue, Noor used presentations, posters, and fl yers to educate the children in Manhasset Elementary Schools about the dangers of drinking and drug use. Because children are beginning to abuse these substances at earlier ages, Noor’s goal was to educate them at an early age so they would learn how and why to avoid them in the future. Noor was able to ensure that the children understood the material, by quizzing the students after each presentation. Through the course of her project, Noor learned that her communication skills were better than she thought.

A senior at Manhasset High School, Noor is a member of Green Club, Key Club, and the school literary magazine. Outside of school, she is a volunteer for Saturday Series, Adventures in Learning, and participates in charity runs, walks, and other events. Noor will attend Pace University NYC in the fall.



Grace Ohanian

The goal of Grace’s project, “Confident Girls in Math and Science,” was to address the global issue of low female representatives in STEM careers. Her project targeted girls in third through eighth grades living in the Rockville Centre community. Through fun hands-on activities in math, science, and engineering, Grace was able to encourage female participants to have a better attitude towards STEM subjects and realize the value in learning about them. As a result of this project, not only did Grace help increase girls interest in STEM, she also increased her confidence and problem solving and critical thinking skills, all of which will come in handy in the future.

Grace is a senior at South Side High School where she is a member of the Mathletes Club, Pit Orchestra, Cross Country, National Honor Society, Music Honor Society, Math Honor Society, and the Foreign Language Honor Society. Aside from being a Girl Scout, Grace is a violin tutor, a summer program teacher’s assistant at South Side Middle School, plays in the South Shore Symphony Orchestra and she plays soccer. She will be attending Muhlenberg College.



Alannah O’Rourke

Through her project, “Walkway at Wilson” Alannah was able to address the safety issues of the kindergarten students at Wilson School, where she once was a student. With the help of family and friends, Alannah installed a brick walkway from the auditorium doors of the school to the sidewalk, which provides students with a safer route to walk. Through the use of her organizational, creative, and leadership skills as well as her physical ability, Alannah was able to create a new resource for her community that will remain useful for years to come.

Alannah is a freshman at Salve Regina University. When she attended Southside High School, she was a member of cross-country and track and field and a volunteer at Mercy Hospital. Outside of college, she is an ocean lifeguard for the Town of Hempstead.



Clarissa Palmer

The goal of Clarissa’s “Tech Helpers” project was to address the generation gap in technology. To achieve this goal, she taught open lessons at her local library to help her target audience, the older generation, become more connected with technology. Clarissa took her knowledge of technology and her love of giving back to her community and created a new learning tool that will continue to be used at the Rockville Centre Library. As a result of this project, Clarissa learned the responsibility of managing a project on her own as well as improved her communication skills.

A senior at South Side High School, Clarissa is a member of the basketball and track teams and an avid volunteer with the Shop Club, a club which helps the elderly do everyday tasks. Outside of school Clarissa works and volunteers at her public library. In the fall, she will attend James Madison University.



Tashila Peter
TROOP 1652

Tashila’s project, “Wireless Weekdays” addressed the lack of socialization among school-age children. By taking action and instilling the “no device” rule at an after school program at St. Francis Preparatory School, Tashila was able to create an environment that allowed the children to socialize and connect with one another without the distraction of electronics. While the children greatly benefitted from the stronger friendships they were making, Tashila also learned that she can successfully lead a group toward a combined goal.

A senior at St. Francis Preparatory School, Tashila is a member of the National Honor Society, Literary Arts Journal, and percussion ensemble. During her free time, she also volunteers at her youth group at her church, is the captain of her church’s Handbell Choir and tutors children.



Elisa Pittella
TROOP 1241

Elisa addressed the elderly’s lack of computer knowledge, and strengthened their connection to the world outside the Arbors of Westbury, through her project, “Digital World Connection.” Elisa taught the elderly residents basic computer skills to help them better connect with their loved ones. She gained confidence in herself, improved her communication skills, and learned the importance of time management. Elisa’s most rewarding outcome of her project was teaching the elderly how to do something that will benefit their lives.

Elisa is a member of the Students Helping Students Leadership Program, Latin Club, Italian Club and fencing. She is currently a junior at Garden City High School.



Kaylee Polinsky

Kaylee’s project, “Dogs Who Help,” provided a resource for the Rockville Center community that educated them on the importance of guide dogs. Through the use of PowerPoint presentations and pamphlets, distributed at Pet-Co, Kaylee was able to inform people about the very significant role guide and service dogs play in aiding those with disabilities. Throughout the course of her project, Kaylee became more assertive, gained confidence and enhanced her speaking skills. She applied these qualities while becoming a better leader.

Kaylee is a senior at Southside High School where she is a member of the Spanish Club, Peace, Love and Joy Club, Video Club, plays various sports and is a member of the Honor Society. Outside of school she is on the basketball team, swim team, a member of PIT Orchestra, takes piano lessons, and is a classroom assistant at a Summer Camp. She will attend Marist College in the fall.



Lily Pollard

“The Scrapbook Connection,” was created to start a tradition at Sunrise Day Camp, a camp for children with cancer. The project encouraged the campers to engage in arts and crafts to create scrapbooks to connect with other children, both with and without cancer, their families and friends. Lilly created her project so children with cancer would feel less isolated. This permanent project allows children to make their own scrapbooks filled with memories as well as look at others that have been created.

Lilly is a junior at South Side High School. She is a member of SADD, Youth Decide, the National Honor’s Society, Centre Stage, and runs track in the winter and spring. In the fall, Lily will attend Tulane University.



Samantha Ponzo

Through her project, “Smart Summer Fun” Samantha educated families in the New Hyde Park community on affordable, fun, and educational activities they can participate in over the summer. With the growing use of technology contributing to the breakdown of families, Samantha’s vision was to get families out of their homes and to spend more time together doing enjoyable things. During Samantha’s presentations she educated parents as well as answered their questions about low cost entertainment. This taught Samantha to be a stronger and more confident leader while addressing a community issue.

A senior at Great Neck South High School, she is a member of the varsity tennis team, photography club, and the band. Outside of school, she is a volunteer at St. Gregory’s as a classroom assistant in a religious education class, Queens College Saturday program, and works at Parkville Recreation Programs. In the fall, Samantha will attend SUNY Cortland where she plans to major in Elementary Education.



Emily Quigley
TROOP 1636

Emily’s project, “Sports Done Different Fair” addressed the stereotype that handicapped people are unable to participate in sports. Through her project, Emily was able to host a fair for her community to present information on the different activity options for disabled people, as well as inform people about volunteer opportunities. In addition to the fair, Emily solicited donations of sports equipment for Garden City’s Camp Abilities.

A senior at Garden City High School, Emily is a member of the varsity softball and soccer teams, Peer Aids Educators, Quizbowl and is a Freshman Orientation leader. Emily will attend the University of Connecticut in the fall.



Lynne Rader
TROOP 3459

Through her project, “Empowering You With Environmental Education” Lynne addressed the issue of global pollution and waste by educating children about the impact their actions have on the environment. She created a video that addressed which items should be recycled, how to recycle, why recycling is important, and the ongoing use of the items that are recycled. The video she created is now a tool that will be used to educate the Plainedge School District, and the greater community through YouTube. From this project, Lynne learned how to inspire others to believe her messages and that with hard work, she can accomplish anything.

Lynne is a senior at Plainedge High School where she is President of the Science Honor Society and is a member of the National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Ben Franklin Honor Society, Science Honor Society, National Beta Club and Math Honor Society. She is also a member of the Art Club, Mathletes, Robotics and Drama Clubs. She will be attending Adelphi University in the fall.



Emma Grace Regan
TROOP 3739

Emma Grace’s project “Environmental Awareness Through Butterfly Gardens” expressed her concern about the environment and her belief that people need to treat our planet with respect. To raise environmental awareness, Emma Grace built a butterfly garden at her local church, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. By building this community garden, Emma Grace was able to educate young children about gardens, butterflies, and the importance of keeping our environment healthy. The butterfly garden will remain at the church and serve as a learning tool for campers and church school members to learn about the life cycle of butterflies and the benefits of maintaining a garden.

A senior at Long Island Lutheran High School, Emma Grace will be studying nursing at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut with hopes of pursuing a career in travel abroad nursing. She is a member of the junior and senior bands, varsity soccer and lacrosse, the Forensics Club, the Spanish Club, and the Fashion Club. She is in both the Junior and National Honor Societies and Star Honor Roll. Her fondest Girl Scout memory was going to Hershey Park and bonding with her Troop.



Sabrina Rodgers
TROOP 1339

Through her love of soccer, Sabrina established “Kids Kick Back” to provide the special athletes of New Hyde Park TOPSoccer program with additional practices during their fall and spring seasons. This encouraged fitness and improved the participants current soccer skills; ultimately helping build their self-confidence. Through the use of flyers and word of mouth, Sabrina attained a large group of volunteers to help her conduct these practices to benefit the players. Sabrina’s project created a valuable resource for special athletes to better their soccer skills and prepare for games. The time spent with the kids was a gift to Sabrina and she was thrilled to see her project get so much support from various volunteers.

Sabrina is a senior at New Hyde Park Memorial where she is a member of the Academy of Finance, varsity soccer team, Future Business Leaders of America, and National Business Honor Society. Outside of school, Sabrina is a TOPSoccer volunteer, premier soccer league player for Massapequa Stars, and an altar server and volunteer at St. Anne’s church.



Erin Rostkowski
TROOP 1056

Erin’s “Kids in Motion” project was created to target children in grades 1 through 3 that lacked confidence and had low self-esteem. To address this issue, Erin set up classes at Floral Park Youth Center to teach student’s yoga and calisthenics as a way to relax, and build confidence, and self-esteem. During the course of the project, Erin was also able to educate them on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep active, and have fun.

Erin is now attending Saint Thomas Aquinas College. She attended Floral Park Memorial High School, and while there she was a member of the Foreign Language Club, Future Business Leaders of America, and varsity district gymnastics. As a member of Girl Scouts, she enjoyed volunteering to feed the homeless.



Laura Rostkowski
TROOP 1056

As the creator of “What Do You Know About Computers?” Laura’s project specifically targeted children who are beginning to learn how to use computers. Because children are using the computer as a gamming resource as opposed to an educational outlet, Laura’s goal was to teach kids how to use a computer in more beneficial ways. Through setting up classes and presentations in the Floral Park community, where she taught her students how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and much more, Laura was able to demonstrate how to use these tools in fun and educational ways.

Laura is a senior at Floral Park Memorial High School where she is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America. In her free time, she is a volunteer at multiple events during the year such as Liz’s Day, Harvest Fair, Youth Council, Breakfast with Santa, and Mother Daughter Tea.



Megan Rostkowski
TROOP 1056

In her project, “Find Your Voice,” Megan was able to target children who are shy and want to build their self-confidence. Through teaching classes at her local Youth Council in Floral Park, she was able to provide a resource to her community that allowed children to come and participate in singing lessons that ultimately helped raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential by working with others. This program culminated in a talent show where students benefited by feeling confident in themselves and in their voices being heard.

Megan graduated Floral Park Memorial High School last year, and currently attends St. Thomas Aquinas College where she participated in the Urban Spotlight program, and plays volleyball. Her fondest Girl Scout memory is the end of the year trips where she enjoyed spending time and having fun with her fellow Troop members.



Adriana Rubertone

“A Gender Equality Club at North Shore High School” had the goal of addressing the issues of sexism on the North Shore of Long Island and in society as a whole. Because of Adriana’s passion and commitment to gender equality she was able to advocate for a new club during a time when the school budget was cut. She was able to provide her fellow classmates with the tools to have a more positive outlook on gender equality. Aside from this, Adrianna’s main goal was to inspire females to be more vocal in classes and in other situations within the community. Her project will be sustained within her high school after she graduates and will be run by newly elected officers while she will continue to keep in touch to assist them with future plans.

A senior at North Shore High School, Adrianna is the class valedictorian of 2014, and will attend Princeton University in the fall. She is a member of the Gender Equality club, student government, National Honor, Tri M Music and Science Honor Societies, wind symphony band, and symphony orchestra. She interned in Senator Charles Schumer’s office and did science research at NYU’s Structural DNA-NANO technology Lab.



Celeste Samuel
TROOP 2124

Celeste shared her interest in dance through her “Camps ‘r’ Us Dance Camp.” The goal of this project was to provide children from low-income families that attended the Holy Name of Mary Summer Camp, with access to free dance classes. Through advertising, planning routines, monitoring progress, and having the children perform the program for a live audience; Celeste was able accomplish her goal and leave a plan for the camp to follow from year to year. Her project taught her to become a resourceful problem solver, and how to educate and inspire others.

Celeste is a junior at Lynbrook High School where she is an active member of the cheerleading and dance team. Outside of school, she is a volunteer religious education teacher and a Daisy Leader.



Gina Sanchez
TROOP 2403

Gina’s project, “Creating a Safe Haven for Children Everywhere” brought attention to infant abandonment around the world. Because the root of her project was the lack of awareness, Gina reached out to the community of Massapequa, visited several Girl Scout Troops, and created an online blog, which was visited by hundreds of people, that targeted both young and older audiences on the growing issue of infant abandonment. Not only did her project benefit those who she was able to educate, Gina learned that making a strong commitment to a cause while putting in effort can really make a difference in the community.

A senior at Massapequa High School, Gina is part of the Pit Orchestra, Forensics Club, Chamber Orchestra, and National Honor Society. Her fondest Girl Scout memory is her first visit to the New York Hall of Science.



Jenna Sanfilippo
TROOP 1024

Through her project, “A Walk Through the Past” Jenna was able to help Alzheimer’s patients recall important events in their lives. After completing her Silver Award in the Alzheimer’s Unit at LIJ, Jenna discovered her love of working with this population. By working closely with the patients, she was able to help them make forever-lasting scrapbooks that would help with memory loss. This project enabled Jenna to improve the attitude and social skills of the patients as well as bring happiness into their lives.

Jenna is a senior at Sewanhaka High School, and will start a 5-year Physician Assistant program at Mount Saint Mary’s College in the fall. She is a member of the swimming and softball teams, the Future Business Leaders of America, and Class Board. Outside of school, Jenna is a volunteer at the North Shore Animal League, and is a religious education assistant teacher.



Kelly Saronka
TROOP 3277

Kelly established “Spring Into Math” to alleviate the pressures that students in Wantagh Elementary Schools face while approaching mathematics. The project provided students with the opportunity to attend “Math Night” where she and volunteers, tutored students in math while making it fun and exciting. As a result of her project, Kelly was able to make learning math less stressful and more enjoyable. She also learned that she is capable of undertaking a problem in her community and able to propose a viable solution with the support of others.

Following her graduation from Wantagh High School, Kelly will attend Molloy College in the fall. She is a member of the varsity softball team, Model Congress, Spanish Club, National Honor, Foreign Language and Business Honor Societies, and Future Business Leaders of America. Outside of school, she is a volunteer dance teacher, Polar Bear club member, plays softball on the Levittown Athletic club and tutors.



Jamie Schick
TROOP 1512

Jamie’s project, “Growing Up is Hard to do” focused on educating young girls entering middle school with valuable information on growing up. Jamie hosted workshops within the East Meadow community to inform girls of what to expect when entering middle school, tips on how to eat healthy, career exploration advice, and shared information about how to get involved in their communities. Using her leadership and organizational skills, as well as her own wisdom and compassion, Jamie was able to build the self-esteem and confidence of young girls preparing for this next stage.

A junior at East Meadow High School, Jamie is a member of the varsity volleyball team, Pre-Med Club, Key Club, Science, Italian, and National Honor Society. In addition to her Girl Scout activities, she is a religion teacher at St. Brigid’s Parish, and a junior volunteer at Peconic Bay Medical Center.



Maria Schneider

Maria’s project, “Sign Revitalization,” was her way of making her community more familiar with the events that occur within the Bellmore Presbyterian Church. By successfully replacing the old signs and by making a brochure that was available to all guests, Maria noticed an increase in people participating in church functions as well as an increase in new members joining the church. By creating a resourceful tool for her local church, Maria learned that her leadership skills have grown stronger and will benefit her in the future.

A senior at Mepham High School, Maria is a member of the Drama Club where she builds the sets and moves the props around during her schools plays and is expressing her leadership skills as a participant in her class government. Along with being a volunteer for the Girl Scouts, she attends church and helps out during Sunday School. Maria will be pursuing a career in carpentry.



Melanie Sheehan
TROOP 3622

Melanie’s “Ocean Safety Awareness Campaign” was created to address the numerous deaths caused by drowning and high frequency of skin cancer occurrence on Long Island. She created a video that was presented at workshops in her community, as well as posting it on the Internet, to spread awareness about the importance of ocean safety information and tips on how to stay safe. Viewers gained a better sense of the dangers of the ocean and the skills to escape these types of situations. From this project, Melanie learned to think creatively and how to be a leader in her community, and that will help her in the future.

A senior at Massapequa High School, Melanie is the class valedictorian and a member of the National Honor Society. Along with her academic achievement she is captain of her varsity swim team, and editor of her school newspaper. Outside of school, she is currently a volunteer tutor at the Rosedale Achievement Center for Girls in the Bronx. She will attend Fordham University in the fall.



Emily Shields
TROOP 3154

Emily’s goal throughout her project, “Sophia’s Garden’s Shed,” was to refurbish the shed located at Homecoming Farms, and give people of all generations the opportunity to plant and grow their own organic food. By raising funds to repair the damaged shed, Emily helped her community rebuild a valuable resource that can be used to produce more available organic and healthier food options, as well as increase the amount of food that is donated. Emily wanted to raise awareness on the forgotten resource within their community and the positive outcomes it can provide, as well as educate people about how they can grow their own healthy organic food, leading to a better lifestyle.

Emily, a senior at Holy Trinity High School, is an active member of Girl Scouts, Venture Crew and volunteers at the Sunrise Senior Living Facility. At school she participates in the Volunteer and Portfolio Club. She will attend SUNY Farmingdale in the fall.



Lauren Shum

The issue of environmental consciousness and sustainability was addressed through “The Environmental Care Operation.” Lauren created an activities cart which was used by visitors to the New York Hall of Science. Lauren designed activities to instill an appreciation for the environment in children, teens, and parents in hopes of encouraging them to develop strong environmental values. From the success of her project, it is now a permanent program at the New York Hall of Science. Lauren will provide assistance in launching future programs at the museum. During her project, Lauren learned that the combination of passion and determination can make anything happen.

Lauren is a graduate of Great Neck South High School where she was editor in chief of the school paper, the captain of the Science Olympiad team, and president of the Music Community Outreach Club. A freshman at Duke University, she is the founder of a sustainable housing development club, a member of various environmental and sustainability groups on campus, and plays the flute in various youth orchestras.



Meaghan Smith
TROOP 1056

Meaghan established her project, “Scrapbooking for Seniors,” with the goal of helping senior citizens in the Harvest House, located in Floral Park, retain their memories even as they advance in age. After advertising her project in the local newspaper, Meaghan’s community began to generously donate scrapbooking supplies. While enjoying the time she spent with the senior citizens, Meaghan was able to assist them in creating their personal scrapbooks. As a result of her project, she learned that using her inner leadership skills can make her highly capable of making a change in the world.

A senior at Floral Park Memorial, Meaghan will attend Iona College in the fall. She is a member of the basketball and volleyball team, and Yearbook Club. Outside of school she is a volunteer for Liz’s Day, Hance Family Foundation, and Harvest House.



Sabrina Spiridigliozzi
TROOP 1024

In her project “Sports Initiative,” Sabrina provided the Summer Kids Interactive Program, Inc. with an organized athletic program that will now be incorporated permanently into the camp. Her goal was to incorporate sports and fun physical activities into the daily routine of the camp. She created lesson plans, activities and adventures for each age group. This program emphasized the importance of exercise, improvements in motor skills, listening skills, and teamwork. Through this project, Sabrina was also able to help the children in her community develop the social skills needed for them to successfully interact with others now and in the future.

Sabrina is a Senior at Sewanhaka High School where she plays on the soccer and softball teams, runs track and field and is a member of the Italian Club, Class Board, Leader Corp, and Honor Society. Outside of school, Sabrina has participated in a number of volunteer activities such as the Jones Beach Breast Cancer Walk, Lupus Walk, and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Walk. Sabrina will attend Touro College (Bayshore, NY) and plans on studying Physical Therapy.



Megan Velsor
TROOP 1024

“How to Use a Computer for Seniors: The Basics” provided senior citizens classes on basic computer and technology skills. The project was open to all senior citizens in Stewart Manor Village. Megan worked closely with Village offi cials to conduct presentations. While working with the seniors, Megan learned the importance of patience since everyone learns at a different rate. As a result of her project, Megan’s students went from asking her how to turn a computer on to successfully emailing her and each other.

A senior at Sewanaka High School, Megan tutors students with special needs in math and reading. Megan is a member of FCCLA, FBLA, plays field hockey and the viola. Megan will attend Adelphi University in the fall.



Caitlin Walshe
TROOP 2168

Caitlin’s project, “Religion Gone Global” addressed the lack of education about the world-wide religions. Caitlin created Power- Point presentations that showed the depth and breadth of religions around the world to students from various schools. Caitlin also produced a blog which she continues to update with new information. During the Gold Award process, she obtained better confidence and leadership skills, and learned that she can achieve anything if she sets her mind to it.

Caitlin attended Sacred Heart Academy, and just completed her freshman year at Adelphi University where she is a member of a sorority.



Brooke Warhurst
TROOP 1331

Child safety is something that everyone thinks about but not everyone knows how to ensure it. Brooke created “Safety and Sanitation for Community Church’s Children” to address the safety and sanitation issues in the Garden City Community Church's crib room. Her goal was to educate the volunteers in the Crib room about the precautions needed when caring for young children, as well as, to refurbish the Crib Room. By speaking at church meetings and through word of mouth, Brooke was able to raise enough money to provide the room with a complete sanitation makeover as well as new toys and carpet. As a result of her project, Brooke made a significant change in the church community that allows congregants to gather without worrying about the safety of their children while they practice their religion.

A senior at Garden City High School, Brooke will attend Villanova University in the fall where she will study chemical engineering. She is a Peer AIDS Educator, president of the Instrumental General Organization, student director of the marching band, and manager of the varsity gymnastics team. Outside of school she is a member of the Youth Board at the Mary Brennan INN, the youth representative and secretary of the Garden City community church’s board of Christian education, a counselor at Camp Blue Bay, and a volunteer at God’s Love We Deliver.



Christine Wong

Christine set out to promote the diversity of the world cultures through her project, “International Outreach.” With the goal of inspiring more students to learn about different cultures, Christine arranged an ‘International Night’ at Great Neck South High School. Students were invited to explore the world as well as to learn about their own ancestral history. Because of the huge turnout, their own ancestral history. Because of the huge turnout, International Night will now be hosted annually by members of other cultural clubs. Working on the Gold Award helped Christine learn the importance of teamwork and gained valuable leadership skills that will benefit her in the future.

A senior at Great Neck South High School, Christine will attend Boston University School of Management to study International Management in the fall. She is the editor in chief of the school literary arts magazine, web managing editor for the school newspaper and a varsity swimmer.
Christine’s fondest Girl Scout memory is when her Troop went to see the Lion King on Broadway when she was in elementary school.